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UPDATE: 10-24-00

Part Six is done! Yeah, I'll be editing it and correcting any typos I find, but I will not be adding anymore to it. It is finished and I am now working on Seven. As I said, this one is larger than the other parts (about twice the size).

One more thing...I want feedback dammit!!! Use the message board or e-mail me. You have comments, suggestion, flames, death threats...I want 'em! Okay maybe I won't read the death threats and flames, but I will read the others.

Anyhow...It gets a little dark after part six. And shit is going to hit the fan in Seven as we start to wrap this damn thing up! Oh and just to spoil some of you...NO! Priss didn't get killed (as tempting as it was).

Okay, This page is not dead. I am not dead, although I'm sure some of you out there would like to make that possible :-).

Well, with school back in swing and me giving up one of my jobs, I do have some spare time. First thing you've noticed is that this is back to being the Knight Moves page again. Why? Because I wanna' finish it dammit. I had pretty much decided to let it go when a certain gremlin by the name of Craig Wigda sent me some hate mail and demanded an explanation...okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little. Anyway, I will be finishing Knight Moves...just don't know when. But I am going to add some more chapters.

Now, you're probably wondering what happened to Light and Sound? Is it Dead? Hell no. It got moved. As I said before, I was going to break the main story down into smaller stories and add (or delete) more stuff as I continue. You can find it in the WORLDS section on Crashpad-12.

And Speaking of Crashpad-12. This is a project that my buddy Rick Haggen and I are working on. If you guys have any short stories (and yes we will take the occasional fan-fic), head on over to Crashpad-12 and check it out. The link is located down below.

And finally, the Legalese.

BGC and BGC! and the characters of those two productions are owned by Youmex, Artmic, AIC and whoever the hell else has the rights to them. The characters aren't mine, I'm only borrowing them and I promise I will return them unharmed. This is just a fanfic, nothing more.

On the other hand, Richard Chase, William Ackerman, Erika, Jason Chandler and all the other characters from "Light and Sound" are my creation. (c)1994, 1996, 1998 They are mine and I have the orginal L&S stories to prove it. (Gawd, ain't copyrighting grand? ;-)

Okay, that's enough of the Legalese...and on with the show.

Oh...and did I mention that I hate Priss?

Okay, I added a synopsis for each segment.

Knight Moves #1

Meet Richard Chase, Corporate Mercenary and Part-time slacker. Richard is paid two million just to go to MegaTokyo and do aboslutely nothing. Meanwhile, Largo sets plans into motion to eliminate potential rivals.

Knight Moves #2

Quincy is approached by the CEO of Metagen with a unique proposal. Chase has a brief encounter with the Knight Sabers and takes a field trip to ADP headquarters. Linna meets someone.

Knight Moves #3

Erika breaks Miriam Yoshida out of prison.

Knight Moves #4

Chase meets Largo, Chase fights Largo, Chase gets his ass kicked by Largo. Chase gets roasted to a crisp, then has a nice uneventful lunch with Linna and Sylia.

Knight Moves #5

Nothing really exciting...Chase, having been forced to attend a corporate party has decided to max out his company's expense account. And we discover that some boomers are very picky when it comes to drinking coffee.

Knight Moves #6

It's party time. Our hero and his date are stuck at a company function when boomers attack. Klaus and Marcus argue which movie is better: Star Wars or Blade Runner. Erika takes out a Saber and Klaus takes on Chase.

Cast of Characters

New Section- only have the L&S characters listed, but will add the rest of the BGC cast soon.

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