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The characters of Light & Sound

THE GOOD GUYS...well sort of...

Richard Chase (as of 2035)

A freelance corporate mercenary. Chase specializes in corporate extractions and occasional wetwork. Despite the work he does, he has a fairly laid back attitude. On the other hand, he has recently discovered the truth about himself and his abilities and is still recovering from it. In addition to his training, Chase possesses an advanced form of nanotechnology that allows him to regenerate rapidly from serious injury and sustain serious damage in firefights.

Jason Chandler

CEO of Metagen International, a company that specializes in computer hardware and high-tech weapons design. Though he is in his mid-twenties, he has proven that he has what it takes to run his father's company. There is some rumor that he organized the events that led to his father's apparent suicide. He has recently hired Chase as a "security consultant". Jason is also a high-level psionic (thanks to the forced experimentation of his late father), but his powers come at a cost: he'll be dead by the time he reaches 30.

The Bad can't have a story without 'em

William Ackerman

The ruthless CEO of Pacific Technologies and head of a powerful cartel known only as the Pacific Consortium. Loves power, money, the use of power, exotic aquatic wildlife, and killing the occasional person who crosses his path. Then again, he's killed people for fun too. Like Chase, Ackerman is nanotech enhanced.


Ackerman's personal toy and pet assassin. This woman is a prime example of bio-engineering. She has no memory of her past and is unswervingly loyal to Ackerman. Loves to torture her targets before she finishes them off. She is also nanotech enhanced.

The Pacific Consortium

The Pacific Consortium is an international cartel formed of four major companies based in the Pacific Rim. The Consortium is currently led by William Ackerman and his company, Pacific-Global Technologies International.