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Adrian Pasdar's Film Credits

film credits

 1986 Top Gun (Chipper)  *Movie Debut* Brief background scenes

 1986 Streets of Gold (Timmy Boyle)

 1986 Solarbabies aka Solar Warriors (Darstar)

 1987 Made in USA (Dar)

 1987 Near Dark (Caleb Colton)

 1989 Big Time *TV* (Paul)

 1989 Cookie (Vito)

 1990 The Lost Capone *TV* (Richard/Jimmy)

 1990 Torn Apart aka Ahava Asura (Ben Anon)

 1990 Vital Signs (Michael Chatham)

 1991 Grand Isle (Robert Lebrun)

 1991 Shanghai 1920 aka Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (Dawson)

 1992 Just Like a Woman (Gerald/Geraldine)

 1993 The Killing Box aka Ghost Brigade aka Grey Knight (Capt. John Harling )

 1993 Carlito's Way (Frankie)

 1994 The Last Good Time (Eddie)

 1994 Shadows of Desire aka The Devil's Bed *TV*(Jude Snow)

 1994 Great Performances - "The Mother" *TV* (George)

 1995 A Mother's Gift aka A Lantern in Her Hand *TV*(William Deal)

 1995 Beyond Belief  ~Adrian wrote and directed this short film starring Jeffery Wright (Basquiat)

 1995 Slave of Dreams (Joseph)

 1996 The Pompatus of Love (Josh)

 1996 Profit *TV*-series (Jim Profit)

 1997 Ties to Rachel (Boxer)

 1997 Blood Trail (Chase Leonard)

 1997 Touched By Evil *TV* (Jerry)

 1997 Feds *TV*-series (C. Oliver Resor)

 1997 Wounded (Hanaghan)

 1997 A Brother's Kiss (Doper)

 1997 Barbara Taylor Bradford's Love in Another Town *TV* (Jake Cantrell)

 1997 House of Frankenstein *TV* (Det. Vernon Coyle)   INTERVIEW

 1998 The Perfect Getaway *TV* (Colt Erickson)

 1998 (2/20) The Outer Limits "In the Zone" *TV* (Tanner Brooks)

 1998 Touched By An Angel ~Season Finale~ *TV* (Edward Tanner)

 1999 Mutiny *TV* (Lt. Maravich)

 1999 Directed CEMENT

 1999 Directed Charlie Robison's Video "My Hometown"

 1999 We Met On The Vineyard (Tim)

 1999 Desert Son (Driver)

 2000 Dixie Chicks Video "Goodbye Earl" (COP #2)

 2000 Mysterious Ways *TV* -series(Declan Dunn)

 2000 Directed Charlie Robison's Video "Barlight Barbright"

 2001 Big Day (Tim)

 2002 Crossing the Line *TV* (Eric Harrison)

 2002 The Twilight Zone "Dream Lover" *TV* (Andrew Lomax)

 2003 Secondhand Lions (Skeet Machine Salesman)

 2005 Judging Amy *TV* -series (ADA David McClaren)

 2005 Desperate Housewives *TV* -series (David Bradley)

 2006 Heroes *TV* -series (Nathan Petrelli)

Adrian also has quite a theatrical background also including ON THE WATERFRONT, AVEN'U BOYS, and THE GLASS MENAGERIE.

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