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Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with CCH Pounder and Adrian Pasdar of House of Frankenstein 1997

October 23, 1997

Nbclive: CCH & Adrian are with us now! Welcome to NBC Live, CCH & Adrian.

Adrian: Hello world!

Nbclive: Thank you for joining us this evening.

CCH: Hello to the chat!

Tv11324 asks: What attracted you to this project? And, what can we look forward to the most on Nov. 2
CCH: Well, I was certainly mislead, because I thought at first I'd be doing a comedy, that's how I read the script, but then when I spoke to the director, I found out they were taking it straight and scary.

Adrian: I thought the same way initially, I didn't think it was a comedy, but at the end of the day it's really a classically structured horror story. That you can really walk down the street of Hollywood Blvd and see these people and not blink an eye. That's what makes this so scary.

Nbcsanjose asks: What were some of the challenges in working on a mini-series like this one?
Adrian: Well it was an 11 week shoot, theres a lot of time lapses between scenes where they connect in the final editing sequence.. One of the tricks of this is to remember where you left off for when you pick up 3 weeks later. And because it was a special effects film we were dealing a lot with computer related images and that's always tough, acting with a blue screen.

Havok276 asks: Was the filming of this movie very taxing, physically on either of you?
CCH: Not for me, I was lucky, I only had 2 or 3 scenes that required a lot of energy.

Adrian: It was at times stressful to be hanging from a helicopter 70 feet above a cement floor, secured only above a cable half the diameter of a dime. All shoots are taxing when they go on for the length of time that this one took. But what makes it less taxing is working with people like CC.

CCH: Oh well, thank you

Tv11324 asks: Does "House of Frankenstein 1997" dip into many goth topics? Goth seems to be the current rage!
Adrian: The traditional ones were explored, in terms of relationships and specific characters in the film, actually CC is the resident genius on Goth

CCH: One of the ways it does plug in is that it is goth now, the idea of presenting the werewolf and the vampire, did seem so farfetched. It's unique because the audience doesn't know if they're looking at a classical thriller or one in modern times. You're looking at a serial murderer which is definitely feasible, which really does blend those three really classic characters. It's a great way of reintroducing the audience to those three topics.

Nbclive: CCH, thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Nbcsanjose asks: Did either one of you watch the original "House of Frankenstein" for reference?
CCH: I didn't

Adrian: I didn't for reference, I saw it afterwards.

Adrian: Very campy, hysterically campy.

ClonedbyNBC asks: how do you choose your roles? they're all so different
Nbclive: What a funny username.....

Adrian: Well, it depends on the core of every story...what are the people involved in making the people come to life. Locations are certainly an element, I love to travel, and one of the first films I did was simply to go to China to film. But most important is the consistency of dialogue and character.

Nbclive: Any special on-location experiences that you'd like to share with us?

CCH: (laughs) The only strange thing I had was that when you're working with creatures you really forget that there's an actor inside. And one night I did find myself playing with a creatures very hairy body, and I forgot that there was an actor inside.

CCH: I remember getting very embarrased when I actually met the actors because I had such a different relationship with the creatures than I did with the actors who played them.

Nbclive: And, we have an international question......

BroncoBilly_99 asks: What is this series about.I'm curious so thst I'm from a brazilian TV network.
Adrian: It's a contemporary version of Frankenstein, Dracula, and a woman with a lithanthropic virus (a Werewolf) A blonde being chased by a guy with really big teeth.

Nbcsanjose asks: CCH Pounder: with your diverse background of projects, is there any show or role that is your favorite?
CCH: My favorite is Brenda in Baghdad Cafe. And my most favorite thing to do is to keep the roles as diverse as possible.

Havok276 asks: Have either of you seen the film fully edited and ready to go, and would you want your children to watch it?
Adrian: I haven't, and it would depend on how old the children were. I remember that I loved being scared as a child.

CCH: I'll second that.

CCH asks: where can we get some of your African Jewelry?
CCH: Call 888-Banji99

Nbclive: Speaking of Africa, would you mind telling us about the museum that you are building in South Africa? And for you, Adrian,

CCH: The museum is in West Africa in Senegal. It's the first contemporary African museum to be offered in that country.

CCH: We hope to nurture emerging artists and have a library film center and celebrate the current traditions before they all are gone.

Adrian asks: which of your movies do you believe is the most inspirational for you?
Adrian: Gosh the experiences are quite different sometimes than the actual movie. I did a movie in Shanghai that the producer was killed 3 days after the wrap of the movie. The film isn't released yet, but I had inspirational experiences throughout China. The film is called Shanghai 1920. That was certainly one of the most inspirational times of my life.

Nbclive: Talking about film...

Brakkus asks: Adrian, I heard you are directing a film in Austin. What's it about?
Adrian: It's contemporary retelling of Othello. It's about emotional violence, a high tragedy cloaked in noir structure. It's a film about betrayal mistrust, jealousy,and greed.

Adrian: It's about emotional violence when people have to go farther than they've ever had to go to get something that they can't possibly hold onto.

Nbclive: When will it be released?

Adrian: Well, hopefully in the fall of 98. We're not filming until the spring- January 12 is our start date.

Nbc_stars: . ..

Nbclive: CCH, what are you currently working on?

CCH: I'm filming a movie called final justice with Mike McKeon, about a woman who kidnaps a man and is attempting to admit her guilt before she has a lawyer. I play her lawyer, who walks her through the judicial system.

Nbcsanjose asks: Do either one of you use the internet? If so, what do you like to do: send e-mail, surf the web, talk in chat rooms, etc.
CCH: I use the internet a lot, mostly Yahoo! looking for things. I use a lot of email, particularly internationally. I'm always trying to find a better way to find a better search engine. And I have a homepage as well:

Nbclive: On a personal level...

Adrian: I use it all the time, mainly for email since I'm always travelling. It's one of the most convenient tools, although I haven't really gotten too much into the technical aspect of all that the internet offers, but I plan to.

CCH asks: you were in Hill Street Blues, LA Law, and Sweet Justice, Do you have any interest in the law?
CCH: No, but it made my mother happy. Finally a lawyer in the family :)

Nbclive: CCH, people are also asking about your medical experience....

CCH: None except the words the writers put in my mouth. But because of that show at least I have a better understanding of what goes on in a hospital.

Nbclive: Well, you certainly do a fantastic job presenting the material.

Tv11324 asks: Adrian, what do you enjoy the mnost -- acting or writing? And, I just have to say you're a terrific actor and you've brigtened many of my evenings! best of luck...
CCH: Thank you, I appreciate that.

Adrian: Thank you very much, that's always really nice to hear, that is the goal I suppose.

Adrian: There's two different mediums to me, I enjoy the immediacy of working with other actors, writing is a much more solitary sport for me. But they're such seperate enjoyments, I'd hate to choose one or the other for fear that one might leave me.

Adrian: And thanks again for the nice words.

Alleycat_1998 asks: Does the movie draw any allusions to the classic novel by Mary Shelley?
Adrian: I think all Frankenstein monsters owe thanks to Mary Shelley, but certain writers take liberties with expressing their point of view. But without question they all owe her. They all owe her descendants a residual also :)

Ro828 asks: Hi, Ms. Pounder, greetings from Texas. Could you tell us about some of your favorite roles on stage?
CCH: I've been really lucky, but most recent was Heda Gabler I played at the old Globe, I had a wonderful time in that one. Also playing the woman in red in For Colored Girls... I enjoy interactive audiences when they forget I'm a character and try to help me out. I've had a lot of wonderful theatrical experiences.

Brakkus asks: Adrian, I really liked that movie Streets of Gold. Did you become a good boxer for that part?
CCH asks: Would you say it is more fun to do drama, comedy, or horror?
CCH: I forgot to mention that you can also find the jewelry on the internet at

Nbclive: Be sure to send in your questions for CCH & Adrian!

CCH: The fun is being able to do them period, and keep diversity in my life so that I"m no longer just CCH Pounder but Jane Doe. I like the audience to relate much more to the characters than to me as a personality. I will do whatever is a great story.

CCH: ...Or if the role holds interest to me

Clift_Note asks: Were there any pranksters on the set? What was funniest thing that happened?
CCH: There were no pranks on the set when I was there.

Adrian: Everything was a bit too dangerous stunt wise, there really was a certain noticable absence.

CCH: It was really a pressurized set.

Adrian: There were lots of little jokes, not anything with props.

CCH: It was all daggers and crosses...

Adrian: "Stop, or I'll hold up my cross!" :)

SoulsOfMischief asks: CCH and Adrian: if you could choose one person to perform with (dead or alive), who would it be?
Adrian: Which is not to say that we didn't have fun. It was a kick to see Frankenstein hanging back with coffee and a cigarette.

CCH: Katherine Hepburn

Adrian: I'd have to chose Spencer Tracy

CCH: Oh, Adrian, that's you and me! We have to do a remake of something!

ClonedbyNBC asks: What obstacles have you faced as a black woman in show business
CCH: Well, there's tons of obstacles if you let them really show up, but I'd like to give this advice to somebody: I never say it's because I'm a woman, I never say it's because of my age, and I never say it's because I'm black. Once I've eliminated those 3 reasons, someone has to come up with a really good reason to not give me a role.

CCH: But the ones when I'm in the running, and I feel I've done a really good job in portraying that role, I try to give them no opportunity to say that I'm wrong for that role.

CCH: But I'm not going to set myself up for the impossible, I'm obviously not going to try to play Pippi Longstocking.

Adrian asks: you had a chance to work with Emmy-winning producer Dick Wolf on "Feds." He has been outspoken on the issue of television ratings. What are your thoughts on this matter?
Adrian: You know I have to agree with him to a certain extent. Television ratings become the responsibility of parents teaching their children the value of values.

Adrian: It's the responsibility also of everyone involved in making television, and I think it's false to think that the responsibility will be taken by putting a label on a show. If they start censoring TV, you know what comes next, it's the newspapers you read, it's what comes through here in the chat line. Then it will come to full governmental control of what can be seen.

Nbclive: Pretty scary. Gearing up for the 31st....

SoulsOfMischief asks: Are any of you guys big horror movie fans?
CCH: Actually I'm not, it's always funny when you get something really unexpected...then you have great fun doing it. I don't usually go to the theatre to see a horror movie. So in fact, this one practically introduces me to them in a way, except for the fabulous black and whites at 2am when you can't sleep. Or fabulously campy black and whites :)

Adrian: I'm not a fan of the movies like Scream, but I've gotta say I like Alien, the difference there is the difference of what I like in a "horror" movie.

Nbclive: The next question is for you, Adrian.

Giant1117 asks: I have two questions. First, when you were writing how did you check for accuracy. And, is directing basically bossing people around?
Adrian: I think the most important element of accuracy in writing is honesty and truthfullness, and that of course residesi n the writer. With directing, the responsibility there is to collect and execute a story properly.

Adrian: If you look at it as a chess game, being a director is being a pawn. Being a king or a queen is more the actors responsibility. Directing involves all the elements of story telling, it's much more fully encompassing, for me, than acting.

Adrian asks: I heard about your short film, where can I go to view it? Is it available to everyone?
Adrian: Well, If you contact you can get a copy there, one can be sent to you. As well, it's on the Sundance channel.

Nbclive: Many people seem to be asking...... What do you like to do to relax from your incredibly busy schedules?

Adrian: Well, I find the schedules themselves to be relaxing when you're in the middle of it. I find that when you're not working is when you get tense. But I spend all my free time in Austin TX.

Nbcsanjose asks: This mini-series broadcasts on Halloween weekend. Do you have a favorite Halloween night memory?
CCH: Hmm...

Adrian: I got one, I remember my sister was sick on Halloween about 20 years ago, and she couldn't go out, so I dressed her up as a pumpkin and took her out, wheeled her in a Radio Flyer wagon around our she didn't have to go walking around and stayed warm. She was gosh, 4, and I was 12, it was one of the best Halloween's I've had

CCH: I grew up in England, so there was no Halloween.

Pooh3040 asks: What is the most rewarding aspect of acting?
CCH: It's kind of a 2 part question for me. Onstage, it's having that immediate interaction with the audience, that's fantastic.

CCH: In film and television there's a kind of wonderment that you think you're great great grandchild can actually have a look at you when you were younger, the idea that if you missed it once you can go back and see it at a later time. Where stage is you and the audience have an experience and then it's over.

Nbclive: Lastly, what advice would you give to an aspiring young actor?

Adrian: Know that you really, really, really want to do it. There's plenty of places in NY or LA or anywhere to develop your craft.

Adrian: I think NY would probably be the best place to start a career. And there's so many elements of this business that attract people, you have to ask yourself if you want to be a star, an actor, or both. Know and believe in your own ability and recognize your limitations, understand fully what you're capable of. And know that it's something you have to do, not just something you want. In a way it chooses you, you don't choose it.

CCH: I'd just like to add is definitely thicken your skin to rejection, and open your mind to keep learning that the fact that you've done 4 years of training it isn't over. You'll keep learning the rest of your life.

Adrian: Copy that.

Nbclive: Thank you very much for joining us this evening, it's been a wonderful chat session. We can't wait to watch "House of Frankenstein 1997," and of course, best wishes for all of your future projects.

CCH: Thank you!

Adrian: Thank everyone very much for your time!

CCH: See you in the movies!

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