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Wild Wolf 1CD

live tracks 1992-1999 from

Tracklist: Not Fade Away (Troy, NY 2/22/99), Man In The Long Black Coat (Tampa 1/30/99), To Be Alone With You (Troy, NY 2/22/99), Never Gonna Be The Same Again (Tampa 1/30/99), Don't Think Twice (Troy, NY 2/22/99), Visions Of Johanna (Portland, ME 2/25/99), Friend Of The Devil (Nurnberg, 5/31/98), Watching the River Flow (Tallahassee, 2/1/99), Make You Feel My Love (Los Angeles 5/21/98), Tears Of Rage (Troy, NY 2/22/99), Love Sick (undetermined), Señor (Lucca, Italy 7/6/98), I And I (Dijon 7/1/98)

NOTE: By most reports, the Wild Wolf claim to have accessed master tapes is false; the source for this disc appears to be the files. Several tracks are misattributed by the CD packaging, including "Visions Of Johanna," "Tears Of Rage," and "Love Sick." Despite some reports otherwise, these are audience recordings. An identical (and apparently earlier) semiprofessional release circulates as
"The Genuine Internet Series Vol. 1." Another variant of the same set, the Morose Moose fan project, carries a slightly different sourcelist, which may well be more accurate.

DEEP: A 13-track compilation culled from master tape sources, as opposed to website downloads. Only 2 performances overlap "From The Vaults I," and the mixes make both seem different. Overall, most of these versions/mixes seem more "true" and robust, with a smoother, fuller sound. Quality on the tracks here is superb. Altogether, a mighty fine listen and great cover shot of Bob in the studio.

rmd: The quality is astounding, as are the performances, An amazing document of Dylan in early 1999. Essential.