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Dandelion 059/060 2CD [T-631]

live tracks 1992-1998 from

Tracklist: Visions Of Johanna (Minneapolis 9/3/92); Tight Connection To My Heart, Delia, Weeping Willow (Supper Club 11/17/93); Shelter From The Storm (Roseland 11/19/94); Mr Tambourine Man (Wolf Trap 8/23/97); Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (El Rey 12/16/97); Tears Of Rage (MSG 1/17/98); Born In Time (Newark 2/1/98); Girl From The North Country (MSG 1/20/98); The Man In Me (Syracuse 1/28/98); Love Sick (Grammy Awards 2/28/98); Make You Feel My Love (UCLA 5/21/98), I'm Not Supposed To Care (Anaheim 5/23/98); Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Leipzig 6/2/98); Mama You Been On My Mind (Brussels 6/17/98); Boots Of Spanish Leather (Glasgow 6/21/98); Seņor (Lucca 7/6/98).

DEEP: A collection of 18 of the 30+ tracks that have, at one time or another, resided on the official website. The fidelity of the recordings is incredible. To call the quality of the Supper Club recordings or the "Shelter" from Roseland '94 astonishing would not be overstating the case here; the 3 Supper Club tracks are worth the price of admission. Night and day is an understatement. The rest of the set is peppered with more goodies - some wondrous, some very good, some okay. One constant is the great sound throughout. Nice, colorful package with small booklet/notations for each track.

NOTE: The commercial release of these discs is widely believed to have provoked both the reduction of the number of unreleased recordings available at and the elimination of the site's archives.