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Rockablock 125 4D

Basement Tapes (West Saugerties, NY); April-October 1967

Tracklist: Lock Your Door, Baby Won't You Be My Baby, Try Me Little Girl, Young But Daily Growin', Bonnie Ship The Diamond,The Hills Of Mexico, Down On Me, I Can't Make It Alone, Don't You Try Me Now, One For The Road, I'm Alright, One Single River, People Get Ready, I Dont Hurt Anymore, Be Careful Of The Stones You Throw, One Man's Loss, Baby Ain't That Fine, Rock Salt And Nails, A Fool Such As I, Silhouettes, Bring It On Home, King Of France, Nine Hundred Miles, Goin` Down The Road, Spanish Is The Loving Tongue, Po' Lazarus, Santa Fe, Instrumental Jam, On A Rainy Afternoon, Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies, Under Control, Ol' Roison The Beau, I'm Guilty Of Loving You, Johnny Todd, Cool Water, Banks Of The Royal Canal, Belchezaar, Belchezaar, I Forgot To Remember To Forget Her, You Win Again, Still In Town Still Around, Waltzing With Sin, Big River, Big River, Folsom Prison Blues, Bells Of Rhymney, I Can't Come In With A Broken Heart, I'm A Fool For You, Next Time On The Highway, Tupelo, You Gotta Quit Kicking My Dog Around, See You Later, Tiny Montgomery, The Spanish Song, The Spanish Song, I'm Your Teenage Prayer, Four Strong Winds, The French Girl, The French Girl, Joshua Gone Barbados, I'm In The Mood For Love, All American Boy, Sign On The Cross, Silent Weekend, Don't Ya Tell Henry, Bourbon Street, Million Dollar Bash, Yea Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread, Million Dollar Bash, Yea Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread, I'm Not There, Please Mrs Henry, Crash On The Levee, Crash On The Levee, Lo And Behold, Lo And Behold, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, Too Much Of Nothing, This Wheel's On Fire, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, I Shall Be Released, Too Much Of Nothing, Tears Of Rage, Tears Of Rage, Tears Of Rage, Quinn The Eskimo, Quinn The Eskimo, Open The Door Homer, Open The Door Homer, Open The Door Homer, Nothing Was Delivered, Nothing Was Delivered, Goin To Acapulco, Gonna Get You Now, Wildwood Flower, See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, Comin' Round The Mountain, Flight Of The Bumble Bee, Confidential To Me, Odds And Ends, Nothing Was Delivered, Odds And Ends, Get Your Rocks Off, Clothes Line Saga, Apple Suckling Tree, Apple Suckling Tree, All You Have To Is Dream, All You Have To Do Is Dream

NOTE: Recent commercial clone of the Scorpio edition of "A Tree With Roots."