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Gaffomax 1CDR

(1) Bellevue Biltmore Hotel Rehearsals (Clearwater, FL); April 17, 1976
(2) Rehearsals (Fort Collins, CO); May 22, 1976
(3) Bellevue Biltmore Hotel Rehearsals (Clearwater, FL); April 15, 1976
(4) Ram's Horn demo, from "dress rehearsal" preceding (1)

Tracklist: (1) I Threw It All Away, Going Going Gone, One More Cup Of Coffee, Tomorrow Is A Long Time, Mozambique, Lay Lady Lay, Idiot Wind, Maggie's Farm, One Too Many Mornings, Seven Days, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, It Takes A Lot To Laugh, You Angel You
(2) Just Like A Woman, Tangled Up In Blue
(3) The Sun Is Shining
(4) Seven Days

NOTE: Apparently cloned from one or another release of The Days Before Hard Rain, with errors added to the cover slip tracklist.