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Colosseum/Wild Wolf 7605 1CD [T-211]
Recently reissued on CDR by Head

(1) Bellevue Biltmore Hotel Rehearsals (Clearwater, FL); April 17, 1976
(2) Rehearsals (Fort Collins, CO); May 22, 1976
(3) Bellevue Biltmore Hotel Rehearsals (Clearwater, FL); April 15, 1976
(4) Ram's Horn demo, from "dress rehearsal" preceding (1)

Tracklist: (1) I Threw It All Away, Going Going Gone, One More Cup Of Coffee, Tomorrow Is A Long Time, Mozambique, Lay Lady Lay, Idiot Wind, Maggie's Farm, One Too Many Mornings, Seven Days, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, It Takes A Lot To Laugh, You Angel You
(2) Just Like A Woman, Tangled Up In Blue
(3) The Sun Is Shining
(4) Seven Days

DEEP: A voyeuristic look at the "loose as goose grease" atmosphere of a Rolling Thunder rehearsal. Nice quality with the vocals clear, albeit just a bit in the background, and the music hitting a real groove on some interestingly arranged versions of Dylan tunes. Of particular note is the totally re written and crazed version of "Tangled Up In Blue." Most tunes performed whole, with some fits and starts, and the groove never drags. This one's a straight re-issue of the original Scorpio on Wild Wolf but with a great new front and back cover and, obviously, in the best circulating quality. Highly recommended.

CDG: Slow rehearsals; hard-to-penetrate but interesting.

rmd: Most of the rehearsal stuff is sloppy, loose and unfinished . It's like picking up a canvas on which an artist was drawing sketches. There is decent stuff here, but also material we could live without. Good for academic/hardcore fans, but not high on the list.

NOTE: This disc has been issued under several different labels/matrix numbers.