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Wild Wolf 98/99 1CD [T-672]

NOTE: This commercial CD set was cloned from the fan- circulated project Yankee Power (with an error or two added to the sourcelist). Credit for its exceptional quality rests with its anonymous, unpaid compilers rather than the label which appropriated the material.

DEEP: Another smartly compiled compilation providing rarely played material alongside some of the more devastating performances of more frequently played tunes. Terrific quality throughout and nicely selected tuneage. From mountain music, to country, to folk to 50's rockabilly, this set runs the gamut and illustrates the amazing versatility and command that these guys have of all types of sound, with Bob's vocals shining throughout. Another keeper.

rmd: A stunning compilation of live tracks from 1998-99, with terrific highlights. However, nearly half the contents are also used as filler tracks on The Lonely Graveyard Of My Mind.