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Dandelion 108/109 2CD [T-664]

(1) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY); February 22, 1999
(2) Boutwell Auditorium (Birmingham, AL); February 7, 1999
(3) Van Andel Arena (Grand Rapids, MI); February 15, 1999
(4) Broome County Arena (Binghamton, NY); February 19, 1999
(5) Mullins Center (Amherst, MA); February 24, 1999
(6) Civic Center (Portland, ME); February 25, 1999

Tracklist: (1) Gotta Serve Somebody, Million Miles, Maggie's Farm, Tears Of Rage, Silvio, Masters Of War, Boots Of Spanish Leather, Tangled Up In Blue, Times They Are A-Changin', Cold Irons Bound, I Shall Be Released, Highway 61 Revisited, Love Sick, To Be Alone With You, Don't Think Twice, Not Fade Away
(2) My Blue-Eyed Jane
(3) Honky Tonk Blues; Ballad Of A Thin Man [w/Brian Setzer horns]
(4) Friend Of The Devil, Every Grain Of Sand, Everything Is Broken
(5) Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Saviour, I Don't Believe You
(6) Visions Of Johanna

DEEP: A stunning quality presentation of the dynamite Troy, NY show from earlier this year, supplemented by tunes Bob pulled out only once or twice on this leg, and what tunes they are. No need to ramble on about this one, it's simply "mahvelous," both in performance terms and sound.

rmd: The best reason to get this is for the filler, covering the highlights from the February 1999 tour. So you get a great single show in top notch quality, and the best of the rest of the concerts.

rmd: Sound quality is pristine throughout, and performance is about as good as it got during that tour. But it really can't compare to the blistering peaks reached in November during the Phil Lesh tour.

NOTE: The bulk of the filler also appears on the compilation Les Bon Moments.