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RR 101 [T-488]

(1) Marriott Hotel (Providence, RI); July 10, 1986
(2) SIR rehearsals (Los Angeles, CA); January 23, 1976

Tracklist: (1) You Win Again, I'm A King Bee, Let The Good Times Roll, Earth Angel
(2) One Too Many Mornings, Oh Sister, One More Cup Of Coffee, Sara, Just Like A Woman, Hurricane, Lay Lady Lay, Lay Lady Lay, Oh Sister, Mozambique, Isis, Positively Fourth Street

DEEP: Long available on tape and vinyl since 1986, the Marriott Lounge gig is presented here in exceptionally good soundboard quality. A very enjoyable 30 minute "mini blues- fest," with BD handling most of the lead vocals and playing guitar on all 4 trax. Some serious playing by Etta James' blues band of obviously seasoned veterans, too. A great chance to hear BD sing the blues and a fun 30 minutes. The Rolling Thunder rehearsals have been available before; these have apparently been cloned from Days Before the Hurricane; several songs have been omitted and the order has been changed. The quality here is very good; vocals could be a bit higher in the mix but the sound is all there. Interesting material, and not a bad choice for filler.