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Kevin's a fairly private guy, but this is what I have gathered about him so far. Thanks to Elena!

*Kevin attended Saint Brendan's Catholic School in the Bronx, NY as a child

*He fell off an elavator shaft (!) at three years old

*He also broke his arm while walking on (and falling off) a garage roof when he was twelve

*He's Irish and Peurto Rican

*Kevin's mother's name is Carmen Leon Corrigan. His father is Kenneth Corrigan and he has one brother, Kenny, a security guard

*His mother is an artist, and you can see some of her work. Pay attention to the scene in Walking & Talking where Amelia (Catherine Keener) goes to Bill's apartment. Behind them, next to the door, is a painting by Kevin's mother of the building he grew up in!

*Kevin really does have an "uncle Sam" (the James Woods character in Kicked in the Head)

*He is the godfather of two children

*Kevin, a self-described "nervous guy", is also a habitual nail-biter

*He met his "idol" Linda Blair after making The Exorcist 3

*Other actors and filmmakers Kevin admires that he has worked with include Christopher Walken, Hal Hartley and James Woods

*At one point of his life, he wanted to be a priest

*When Kevin was nine, he was asked to play Jesus in a church production in the Bronx, so he made his own crown of thorns and wore it to be ready for the role... only to discover he was playing the deceased Jesus!

*He went out with Anne Heche before... you know:)

*He was most recently rumored to be dating Natasha Lyonne

*"The Boiler Room", a semi-autobiographical play Kevin wrote at 17, was produced and published by The Young Playwrights' Association. He is also the author of at least one other play, "Imagine", which is about John Lennon's assassination and part of a book of work by many young playwrights entitled Sparks in the Park

*Kevin is a HUGE John Lennon fan, and Lennon's success is partly what inspired him to become an actor. He is also a HUGE KISS fan. Other entertainment preferences of Kevin's include Jimmy Page, Mean Streets and the Planet of the Apes films

*Speaking of "Planet of the Apes", Kevin owns some kind of collector piggy bank

*And speaking of KISS, Kevin grew up in the same neighborhood as Ace Frehley and used to get free posters and such from Ace's parents. He also helped get the KISS movie, Detroit Rock City, into the right hands

*He was trained at the Lee Strasberg Institute like many other successful actors. Kevin found the school in the phonebook:)

*Besides being an actor and writer, Kevin is also an accomplished guitarist. He has played in several New York City bands (cool!), most recently one called "Skooby Douche." The lady who helps get them gigs is the same one who promotes popular folk-rocker Patty Griffin

*Some of Kevin's guitar riffs were used on the Bandwagon soundtrack. (I have HEARD him play the guitar!)

*Jerry Rubin is the first real-life person Kevin has portrayed. To prepare for the role (in the upcoming Abbie!), he watched tapes of Rubin and, because he is quiet, hung around with outspoken people!

*Word has it that Kevin is one of the most in-demand actors of his generation, despite his relative unknown-ness. He turned down a role in Woody Allen's Celebrity to take the part of Eliot in Slums of Beverly Hills

*Kevin watched "Family Ties" as a child but didn't care for the role of Alex P. Keaton because he thought he could play it better than Michael J. Fox

*During the filming of Goodfellas, Kevin carried around a yearbook his father gave him, with a picture of a high-school Martin Scorsese, to amuse Ray Liotta and other castmates

That's it for now. More coming... including a condensed filmography:)

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