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The original appreciation site dedicated to "the bizarre pleasure that is Kevin Corrigan"*

A greeting from Matthew Harrison and Kevin!

Last Updated 5/7/2000

Kevin Corrigan. The general public's response to that name would probably be something along the lines of "Who"? Serious moviegoers, however, will know him as the down-on-his-luck loser Redmond in Kicked in the Head, the spacey assistant cameraman in Living in Oblivion, the Manson-obsessed pot dealer in Slums of Beverly Hills, or, most likely, the video store clerk who stole the film Walking and Talking.

Now if you're unenthusiastically thinking, Oh. Just some boring guy in a bunch of movies I've never heard of, and ready to move elsewhere on the Net...wait just a minute. Besides being far from boring, Kevin is not just any indie flavor of the month; he has also appeared in mainstream action flicks (Kiss of Death), meaningful dramas (The Saint of Fort Washington), family films (Men Don't Leave) and even the critics' favorite Goodfellas. Chances are, you have seen him. (And if you haven't, you'll want to. There's no one who can play so many losers and make us love them like Kevin. Plus, he's Sheila Jaffe and Georgianne Walken's favorite person to cast in movies!) So stick around, visit some (or all) of the links, and learn more about this talented and oddly appealing young actor.Maybe you can even sign the guestbook. And don't forget to email me. Thanks!

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Stay tuned for another Kevin site, created by EveNaive!

Brown's Requiem is on video!! When did this happen? Who knows, as I encountered NO reviews or 'coming soon' announcements. But it's definitely on video! I rented and watched it; Kevin has about four scenes as Michael Rooker's alcoholic cousin Walter. The film also stars Selma Blair and the talented Brad Dourif (in an entertaining cameo.) It's based on a novel by James Ellroy, who wrote L.A. Confidential. Check it out!!

Okay, Kevin has a plethora of films coming out. Here's what I know about each of them:

****American Saint, the latest in a string of films featuring 'American' in their title, co-stars Woody Harrelson as himself, but I know virtually nothing else about it ...****

****Chain of Fools, a crime comedy that filmed in Vancouver last year (no fair, Kevin was in my sort-of area!), will be released later this year and features quite an eclectic cast. Said cast includes: Steve Zahn, Salma Hayek, Lara Flynn Boyle, Elijah Wood, Claudia Schiffer, Jeff Goldblum, Tom Wilkinson, David Hyde Pierce, and Kevin's old pal Michael Rapaport. Kevin himself plays somebody named Paulie; he's billed fairly high, and the foursome of Kevin, Goldblum, Pierce, and Rapaport is intriguing. So I'm looking forward to this one!****

****Broke Even has officially wrapped, and will be debuting at some upcoming film festivals. The film stars Kevin (of course), Michael Lowry, and Amadeus' Elizabeth Berridge. The already acclaimed script was penned by the same man who wrote Detroit Rock City (see below), and direction will be from newcomer David Feldman. I've heard good things about Broke Even, and can't wait to see it! Click here for a brand-new, detailed website about the movie!****

****See Jane Run, described as a sort of druggy, modernized Alice in Wonderland ... will co-star Richmond Arquette, Clea DuVall, and Jennifer Apsen, and it is a comedy, slated for a 2000 release. It's young cast leads one to assume the film will appeal to young people...****

****Abbie! has changed its title to the unusual Steal this Movie. Don't ask me why. Anyway, the film chronicles the life of '60s icon Abbie Hoffman (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Kevin will portray Jerry Rubin, his first "real person" role. That should be interesting! Steal this Movie was supposed to come out in 1999, but has been changed to (supposedly) an August release date. We'll see if that's true!****

**** And Roberta was yet another with an alleged 1999 release date. The film was an official entry in the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. Kevin's the star of this intriguing-sounding story about a successful businessman who takes in a prostitute (the title character)and tries to help her improve her life, ultimately ruining his own life in the end. I already like Roberta because it has Brian Tarantina who was in a scene with Kevin in The Saint of Fort Washington, and was directed by a SUNY Purchase alum, Eric Mandelbaum. Also, Kevin's the star!=)****

****Coming soon is... Coming Soon! Really, that's the title of yet another of Kevin's new movies. It's a romantic (sex) comedy and co-stars Spalding Gray, Gaby Hoffman and Mia Farrow. Kevin plays the leader of some band. Sounds entertaining! (His role, at least.) Look for Coming Soon in 2000.****

I believe that is all the theatrical Kevin Corrigan movies we have to look forward to (for now), but look for Lulu on the Bridge on the shelf at your local video store. After playing in Europe and receiving disappointing reviews at Cannes, the Paul Auster (Smoke, Blue in the Face) film (which features Harvey Keitel, Mira Sorvino, and an all-star supporting cast), oddly, went straight to tape. Oh, well... Kevin only has about two lines in it anyway.=)

Kevin with Natasha Lyonne in Slums of Beverly Hills.

Did you like Kevin and Natasha in Slums? If so, hopefully you didn't miss Detroit Rock City, the movie about KISS, which starred KISS as themselves, Edward Furlong and Natasha, and was directed by Adam Rifkin. (The Chase, Never on Tuesday.) Kevin helped get it in the right hands and even has a cameo! Detroit Rock City played in theaters for about a week this past August, but fear not, it recently became available on video and you should find it (along with Lulu on the Bridge) on your local video shelves. Kevin has the avant-garde character name of "Beefy Jerk."


Join Kevin's fan club at Yahoo!I made it myself and you have to sign up for yahoo (free of course) if you haven't already, but it's a nice extra little place to discuss Kev.=)

Hey, look, it's my IMDB reviews, including several for Kevin's films!

THE LISTENING BOOTH includes music from several of Kevin's films!


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Clips from Kevin's films (Check these out, they're intriguing!)

This doesn't really have anything to do with Kevin, but it's a really cool live picture from the city where he lives, and where many other people live, and where hopefully someday I'll live! Hit Reload to Update!

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Finally, thank you to everyone for your positive feedback.Now go visit these links!! There are a lot of cool indie links, many of which really are new. Also, don't forget to click on the pages at the very bottom of this one, where you will learn much more about Mr. Corrigan.

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