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"They are like dreams, to interrogate them is to force them to lie, to interpret them is to diminish their richness, to explain them is to misunderstand them... Crop Circles are like mouths that speak to us of the strangeness and depth of things -- speak to the heart more than the head, and to the soul more than the heart."
- Patrick Harpur. Crop circles have mystified humans for over thirty years. With the fact that they can’t be explained, many questions are being asked as to why, how, when and where this strange phenomenon occurs.

Crop circles are circles or exact geometric patterns found in crop fields of many countries but mostly England. The formations are also found in every other country except South Africa and Columbia . They have been reported to have been seen in clouds, grass, hay, sand, ice and even snow. When the circles first started appearing they would only come in the form of basic semetrical circles. Today there are many other different forms of crop circles including spirals which are usually mathematically precise pictograms. Even though they have evolved into this level of geometry, simple circles still appear today anyway . They usually appear in forms like arches, triangles and circles but very rarely appear in rectangles, irregular polygons or others . In almost every circle the crop at the bottom has a spiral going from the center to the outside. Genuine crop circles are laid down on the ground, not broken, about one inch from the ground. This fact proves many crop circles real because pushing a crop over would make it break at it’s nodal points. Another fact that proves most real is that some of the circles have been woven like a basket with every plant nested in the correct place. They have also been crested or raised up to a certain height and then spiraled. These features make most of the crop circles irreplaceable.

Evidence of crop circles has been dated back to the year 1678 but physical proof has only been found in modern times. The first proven crop circle was found by the local citizens of Hertfordshire, England in 1966. The occurrences died down until 1973 and this one was also in England. From 1973 forward the number of circles increased every year. The next big event in the history of crop circles was in 1976 when Edwin Fuhr of Langenburg, Saskatchewan witnessed several flying domed-shaped crafts hovering above his crop field. That night, Furh investigated his field and found four circles. The crafts appeared during the next three days and the total number of circles was seven. This strange phenomena earned its name in 1980 when Wiltshire Times first called them crop circles. In 1983 Colin Andrews founded the “Circles Phenomenon Research,” C.P.R. Andrews was a British engineer who is now the worlds best circle researcher. C.P.R. has a record of every circle reported from 1973 to 1997. In Victoria, Australia ninety circles appeared in the December of 1989. During the night before the circles materialized several strange lights and a screaming noise was reported. The first geometric pictograms started appearing in 1990. The best instance of a pictogram is when one formed less then a quarter of a mile south of StoneHenge in 1994. A pilot flew over stonehenge and saw nothing on the ground. The pilot flew back over forty-five minutes later and saw a large geometrically perfect pictogram just south of Stonehenge. This four-hundred forty-five foot formation would have taken days for humans to make.

With so many appearances of perfectly geometrical designs in crop circles people have been wondering how these beautiful designs are made. There are many theories about how these freaks of nature or extraterrestrial formations have been made. Of course there is the hoax theory, where people go out in the field with their bars attached to handles and they push the crop down with it. This theory is flawed because nobody could make the circles that appear now with such accuracy and size. These facts rule out the hoaxing theory. Another is the sound theory, when low frequency sound is focused on an area. Hans Jenny, an English scientist published some work on how vibrations effect physical mediums like plaster, oil, sand, and others. By transmitting sound in the shape of a monitored frequency through these elements he was able to capture on film the exact geometric patterns that sound makes as its vibrations move through substances. If the vibration was changed the shape of the geometric figure would be altered. When a low frequency is send through a dish of water the shape made is a circle encompassed by a ring. If the frequency was increased the number of rings would increase. If the frequency was raised high enough, more complex geometric designs would appear. Many of the low frequencies resembled the simple circles of the eighties. The increased frequency designs resemble the designs found in modern crop circles that consist of pictograms and mandels. Crop circles have evolved into the more complex designs much like a person turning up the frequency for the sound going through the water. At mathematical level, substantial proof concerning the relationship of crop circles to sound has been found time and again by professor Gerald Hawkings. By analyzing the geometry of the certain designs Hawkings has found the frequencies that resemble the musical scale, once again showing more evidence of the circles being made by sound. This was ironic because the Greeks referred to geometry as frozen music. No man-made crop circle has had shared these similarities. Even more proof is that people have heard a trilling noise before a crop circle materialized. The trilling noise has been identified by JPL, it totally destroyed two $50,000 pieces of television equipment while shooting a show about crop circles. Another theory about how crop circles are made is the plasma vortex theory. The plasma vortex theory was developed by Dr. Meaden of England. Meaden says that when highly ionized air high in the atmosphere creates a vortex of plasma. The plasma spins very intense an starts descending to the surface. When the vortex touches ground it emits a high pitched trilling noise and very intense winds. The trilling noise is emitted at 5khz. The high winds are only in a confined area, you could stand next to one and not be effected. But if you were to step inside, you would be blown around severely. Meaden claims to have experienced on such occasion when he saw a vortex come down with high winds. He says there was a trilling noise and near the time it was over, a circle appeared in the crop underneath it. This theory supports the sound theory and the wind theory which says that microbursts or windshear is responsible for the strange phenomenon. The other theory is that aliens create the circles as a way of communication but there is no proof of this. Only 20 crop circles have had UFOs reported near or over them. The possibility of UFOs creating the circles is slim. It is more likely that they are created by sound. The last possibility might be helicopters flown by the British air force. When the helicopters land the downdrafts may swirl a circle in the ground. This theory can only be the purpose for just the simple circles, not the huge computer mandels and other perfectly geometrical designs.

Some people report having different feelings when inside a crop circle or after being in one. People have reported extreme giddiness or nausea while inside and some have even been literally knocked off their feet. New age people claim that healing powers are given to them while they’re inside a crop circle. Crop circles not only effect people, cattle on nearby farms are severely agitated hours before on materializes in a nearby field. The circles have been known to disable electronic equipment near and inside of one. Watches and cameras will sometimes fail to operate when they are around one and if an aircraft overflies one the equipment onboard may cease to work. The circles have an effect on the whole area where they appear, the magnetic structure of the crop is altered, the energy signature is changed and the chromosomes in the crops around and inside of one are severely mutated. The change in the magnetic field keeps compasses from pointing north while inside one. In the morning after a circle appears, car batteries in whole villages fail to work while Geiger counters read extremely high levels of background radiation and voltmeters measure high amounts of energy. This energy signature stays for a long time after the crop has been harvested and reseeded. There is absolutely no way any faked crop circle can effect people and things the way genuine circles do. Some people consider crop circles as a from of art. Circles can bring a deep and profound meaning which is common with most art. Crop circles are normal in England but when they appear in American towns everybody is shocked. In one such instance the town of Paulden Ohio was shocked at an appearance of a crop circle in the September of 1996.