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UFOnetwork Global

The famous Stonehenge crop circle These famous crop circles appeared next to Stonehenge in 1996. It would have taken a person at least 4 hours to create the one on the left. The other was discovered about a year later in the very same field. They both have the signatures of genuine crop circles. The famous Stonehenge crop circle
Crop circle from England. These two crop circles have both occured in July 1998 and both represent rare seven unit geometry. There is no chance that either of these could be fakes. Crop circle from England.
Crop circle from Utah. The Utah crop circles of July 1998, both were declared hoaxes by the local sheriffs but that was changed later when investigators found the signs of a genuine crop circle. Crop circle from Utah.
Crop circle from Virginia. A crop circle that appeared on the campus of the University of Charlottesville on May 15, 1998.
Yet another crop circle from England. An aerial and ground shot of one of the most complex geometrical crop circles that ever appeared. This amazing crop circle is made up of a total of 194 circles. Yet another crop circle from England.