These seven pups were born July 9, 2011.
2 Black Tri Boys, 3 Blue Merle Females, 2 Black Tri Females

The pups are growing up! They are a year old now. They are maturing so nicely, and we're so proud of all of them.
(All these pups are living in their homes, and are not available.)

Here's a look at "Then" and "Now".


Camas Creek’s Constellation


Camas Creek’s Cowboy Coffee, NA, RATN, CGC

Kiku (Was Story)

Camas Creek’s Sydney Gris

Duke (was Preacher)

Camas Creek’s Priest River


Camas Creek's Campfire Girl (ASCA Major ptd>)

Kona (was Wenonah)

Camas Creek's Magic Noir


Camas Creek's Bonnie Blue Bell

We are so proud of Malee Powell and “Brew” (Camas Creek’s Cowboy Coffee, CGC)!
They competed in Rally Obedience at the Graham Summer Spectacular, on 7/1/12,
and came away with a qualifying run AND first place!
Super job you two!

All Grown Up!

The pups are a year old now! They are growing up so fast! Here are some pictures from our group Puppy Party in June 2012.

S'More & Bubbles racing!

Run for the hills!
(Left to Right): Bubbles, S'More & Brew

Family Portrait
Left to Right: Brew, Saffie, S'More & Bubbles

Brew and Bubbles rest up.

S'More, Bubbles and Brew

Bubbles and Momma Saffie

Resting in the shade
Clockwise from the front: Saffie, S'More, Brew, Bubbles & Brumby

Big Dog
Fun Agility!

Susan E. Roberts LVT
Pullman, Washington
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