Our 6 pups were born 5/30/08! 5 girls, 1 boy.

Here are the pups with their new owners!
We are so sad to see these little ones leave,
but know they will enjoy their new lives and families!
We wish our pups and their new families all the joy in the world!

Carmella is now Camas Creek’s Bella Rosso, or Bella for short.
Her new owner is Alyssa Paxton of West Richland, WA.

Isosoles is now Camas Creek's Sossy, and is Sossy for short.
She has gone to live with the Szabo family of Seattle, WA.

Tippi is now Camas Creek’s Tippi Canoe, still Tippi for short.
Her new owner is Jillian Connolly of Pullman, Washington.

Cookie is now Camas Creek's High Sierra, and will be called Kasey.
Her new owner is Sandra Martin of Pullman, WA.

Camas Creek's Northwest Passage - Trek, and Shane.
Trek is staying with us at Camas Creek!

Camas Creek's Compass Rose - Dora, and Chad.
Dora is also staying with us at Camas Creek.

Big Dog
Fun Agility!

Susan E. Roberts LVT
Pullman, Washington
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