About the Instructor

Sue Roberts has worked with animals all of her life. She is a licensed veterinary technician. Her experience ranges from private practice, emergency clinics, veterinary colleges, and zoos. She specialized in exotic animals and has practiced at Seneca Park Zoo, Ross Park Zoo and WSU's exotic animal medicine department. She particularly enjoyed working with Eastern Timber Wolves and reptiles.

Dogs have always been a big part of Sue's life, and she began agility training in Gainesville, Florida. She started competing in 2004 with her first agility dog, her Australian shepherd Brumby, who has been her most valuable instructor! As members of Gainesville's "Agilemaniacs" they competed in DACOF, a statewide team agility competition. Sue competes in NADAC, ASCA and AKC agility, Rally obedience, Conformation and traditional Competition obedience. She has put over 40 titles on her dogs. Sue loves clicker training, and is constantly learning and evolving her training methods. She is a member, and former board member of Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers and WOOFF agility. Sue believes first and foremost agility is a game you play with your dog, and it should be fun for both of you!

Sue with (left to right): Dora, Saffie, Brumby, Wicca and Trek

Sue and Wicca earn their ASCA
Agility Trial Championship

Brumby competing in an Agility tournament

Saffie earning her Companion Dog Title

Trek winning a major!

Camas Creek

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