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Meet some of our current students!
(I'm always updating, so check back to see new students as I get them added to the page! ~ Diana)

COMING SOON: Testimonials! If you are a current or past student of Everyday Obedience,
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Cortez is a handsome mixed breed.
He is incredibly smart, and making such
quick progress! Great job, Hannah & Jeremy!

Beemer is an adorable Aussie pup!
He is bringing lots of joy to Andrew.
(This little guy is one of
Merlin's pups!)

Mango is such a darling girl!
This little Chihuahua is relearning
a few manners. She is doted on by Jane.

Faye (the white poodle) and Maurie (the
apricot) are SUCH lucky girls! They are
loved by Trish, Liz and Jim. These clever girls
are making progress in leaps and bounds!

Ranger is such a handsome boy.
He is learning his manners and is
such a smart guy! He is enjoyed by Cam
and his entire family.

Bubba is a handsome Aussie.
He is learning some obedience and agility
to go along with his conformation.
Bubba is loved by Jen and Gail.

Cocoa is Bubba's litter brother.
This striking boy reminds me SO much of Duncan!
He is having so much fun doing obedience and agility!
He is also adored by Jen and Gail.

Cooper is a mini-LabraDoodle.
He is such a smart little man! He loves his
kids so much. He goes everwhere with Alex, and listens
so well to Ellie. He is also loved by Jon and Yuki!

Mac is such a lucky dog!
He was rescued by Anna and Charles from a life
spent entirely in a crate. Now he gets to learn
and play all the time! Mac is an Aussie X.

Joey is a lovely young standard poodle.
He is learning lots about self control, and many other
fun things! Joey is loved by Deb and family.

Vanna is a gorgous springer spaniel puppy.
This wonderful girl has a big future ahead of her!
She will get to do obedience and Rally (and maybe agility!) with
her mom, Terry and conformation with her breeders. Lucky Vanna!!

Benny is an adorable Aussie pup.
He is our Magic's grandson! Very cool!
This smart little fellow is loved by Jim, Andrea and their kids.

Kenya is a wonderful lab puppy.
He is such a nice mellow boy!
He and Skyler are a wonderful team, and are
doing so well as they learn about life together.

Spur is a fun Aussie.
She and Jacquie are training (and competing!) in agility.
We are going to miss them greatly when Jacquie
heads back to Pullman for school!
Lucky Sue gets them back! :-)

Dally is an Aussie/BC mix (Maybe?)
She and Jacquie are having a great time playing agility!
Sue gets Dally back, too, in the fall!

Sumi is an active Aussie (now all grown up!).
She is learning all about obedience, rally and agility.
This little girl is doted on by Joyce and Joe.

Nelson is a young and happy Great Dane,
who always tries his best. He was bred and loved by Joyce.

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