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(c)1998 The Regents of the University of Colorado*

The Condon Report: Re-Examining the evidence

DATE/TIME: AUGUST 3, 1965; 12:57 PM – PDT (Time approximate)
LOCATION: Myford Road, 0.3 miles SW of the Santa Ana Freeway, Santa Ana, California; ENE of Santa Ana USMC Air Facility; within the flight pattern of El Toro Marine Corps Air Station.
TERRAIN FEATURES: Driver heading NE on Myford Road, near flat farmland.
EYEWITNESS: Traffic Inspector, Tech 2, Orange County Road Department
  • Camera Type: Polaroid model 101 Semi-automatic
  • Focal Length (FL) – 114 mm
  • Aperture: Variable from f 8.0 to f 42
  • PICTURE FORMAT: 3 ¼ by 3 ¼ inch
  • FILM SPEED: Unknown, but the camera has a variable speed feature with a built in light meter that can automatically control the speed and aperture of the camera.
  • FILM: Black and white, speed ASA 3000; (color optional) PARTICULARS: Electromagnetic affects, Time/space distortion, MIB, Photographs; radio frequency interference.


    (c)1998 The Regents of the University of Colorado*


    • Radio Frequency: A traffic inspector was surveying the current road conditions on Myford Road. When he keyed up to broadcast his transmission, his two-way unit went “completely dead.” Eyewitness recalls that he was able to broadcast approximately 3 words before the failure of the radio unit. He checked the short wave and attempted a second transmission. The eyewitness “could neither transmit nor receive any signal,” he told investigators, “although the radio panel lights indicated the radio was operational.”
    • His superintendent sat in his own vehicle 0.5-1.0 miles away. He had his radio on also, and he said that he had heard the Inspector get off “three or four words” before there was a “complete, sudden, sharp cutoff. The cutoff, he heard could not have been produced by simply switching off the truck radio.”

    I surmise that the radio had operated on the UHF or VHF frequency, because Investigator Hartmann had reported that: “The Santa Ana FCC facility (had) reported no UHF or VHF interference” that day. (IBID 440)***

    UHF and VHF have determined bandwidths in the electromagnetic spectrum. The range would lie somewhere between 30 MHz and 3,000 MHz, the later UHF operates with frequencies of centimeter wavelengths. Make a note, as military, industry and the public sector use this frequency. It is these types of frequency wavelengths, which effect damage to cereal plants found within crop circles.

    AUTOMOBILE: Although field investigator Hartman doesn’t make an issue out of it, the witness “thinks he restarted the truck before proceeding,” but he does not recall ever having “shut off the engine.” If the motor was reasonably quiet, it could have stalled about the same time that the radio went dead. Many eyewitnesses report that just prior to their UFO encounter, the engine will shut down, and restart immediately thereafter.

    I theorize that the UFOs time warping fields generates this type of engine failure. In affect, this causes the engine to die for lack of spark, as many of the electrons become frozen in their orbits, being induced by this waveform. We could compare this to a form of suspended animation, literally. (See also questions alluding to knowledge of the time/space warping fields of this UFO under “MIB” below).

    (c)1998 The Regents of the University of Colorado*


    • ANGULAR SIZE: 2-degrees .4
    • DIAMETER: Estimated to be 30 feet in diameter.
    • THICKNESS: Estimated at 8 feet deep.
    • DISTANCE: 1/8 mile corresponds to angular diameter of 3-degree .f or, according to NICAP 2-degrees. 6 angular diameter.
    • SOUND: Although the eyewitness said that he hadn’t heard any noise during the time of the sighting, Hartmann would later discover that there were marine helicopters flying in the area at the time of the sighting.

    "The object was sharply defined, with a reflecting surface of ‘dull gray’ color, with the sun ‘reflection from a different portions of it as it wobbled.’ It did not change color. It made no sound…An AF investigation report described the color as ‘silver or metallic except for dark areas which appeared to be either whitish or metallic such as that could indicate light reflection from a slow moving propeller or rotating blade.” – HARTMANN(IBID 442)

    On the base of this unworldly vehicle, there was apparently “a line running from the center outwards at a relative bearing of 280-degrees. G-2 officials at El Toro stated that “the light line was clearly visible in the original (plate 45) (see fig. 9)” In this case, see photo #4 above (which is plate 45). Too bad some of the originals were taken by the government. “Heflen” the traffic inspector (?), “refers to this feature as a ‘light beam’ in an accompanying sketch.” The witness states:

    "'The object then moved slowly off to the northwest. I then snapped the second picture through the right door window (window closed). This is when I saw the rotating beam of light emitting from the center of the UFO on the bottom side...As the UFO traveled, it maintained a relatively level altitude (150-feet) in relation to the flat terrain, however the UFO acted similar to a gyroscope when loosing its stability. The UFO continued moving away slowly gaining altitude, tipped its top toward me slightly.'" –WITNESS TESTIMONY (IBID 440-441).

    According to Hartmann, the eyewitness also reported that the UFO had emitted a “’smoke-like vapor’” and a “’doughnut-shaped vapor ring.’” It was described as being “’blue-black in color and circular in shape, as though it was emitted from the outer ring of the UFO.’” (See McMinneville UFO photo #4).

    "’The only thing I saw on the bottom of the craft was a white beam of light emitting from the center and sweeping in a circle to the outer edge of the craft. The movement of the beam was similar to the sweep of a radar scope beam.’"

    When the eyewitness (Heflin?) was asked if “the UFO appeared to have any type of structures, openings or what might appear to be landing gear housings,” his reply was “No.” The “wobbling” of the craft indicated an “unsteady motion” to the UFO. The object “oscillated and/or wobbled…it moved slowly off to the northwest…’”

    (c)1998 The Regents of the University of Colorado*


    In the classic MIB tradition, an alleged Air Force officer paid a call to the eyewitness “during the period when out own investigation was beginning,” Hartmen writes. The man gave his name as Captain CH Edmonds, and claimed that he was with Space Systems Division, Systems Command. (IBID 453)

    “The man allegedly asked a number of questions, including ‘Are you going to try to get the originals back?’ The witness claims that the man appeared visibly relieved when the witness replied ‘No.’ The ‘officer’ was also assertedly asked what the witness knew about the ‘Bermuda triangle’ (an area where a number of ships and an aircraft have been lost since [the] 1800’s).” – HARTMANN

    The hallmark of a classic MIB encounter is the circumstances surrounding those types of encounters. For example, it was mentioned that the car parked on the street in front of the eyewitness house “had indistinct lettering on the front door.” Stranger still was the figure in the back seat that was bathed in a “violet (not blue) glow.” There wasn’t any mention of the auto’s color, but I would suspect it was black. The witness attributed this to the instrument panel lights. The witness further states that he believed that “he was being photographed or recorded” somehow. Just keep in mind that back in the 60’s, the term MIB was not a household word like that in the 90’s.

    “The significance of this report is still unclear but suggestive.”
    –Hartmann’s Conclusion

    MIB Encounters-An Overview:
    Two parties, one claiming to have been from Boeing and the other from NORAD had approached the eyewitness. Both acted in classic MIB fashion. Hartman does mention these incidents, but doesn’t tie them into the MIB theme. Both cases reflect Men In Black scenarios.

    MIB Encounter #1: One visitor had claimed to be an engineer from the Boeing Aircraft Company out of Los Angeles, California. He had suggested to the witness to keep the incident quiet and that the eyewitness must not use the rep’s name. He then told the eyewitness that it wasn’t a good idea to “talk about the case” with anyone. (IBID 448).

    MIB Encounter #2: The second case involved a visit by a man who claimed to be from NORAD. This person (and/or MIB) had contacted the eyewitness at his home and produced identification, which was similar to ones produced by AR-51 employees. Even the identification is a big secret. The man who showed the ID was in civilian clothes, and the witness said his credentials were “identical (in) appearance to those shown him by the El Toro Marines.

    NORAD of course denied any knowledge of this man, nor the photographs that he had confiscated. They said that the ID he produced sounded like “a gasoline credit card.” The alleged NORAD official(s) took 3 of the original photograph prints, and it is rumored that they were never returned! Yes, the Polaroid prints were taken from the witness and the pictures simply vanished. To this day the witness had insisted that there were two men involved, and there is some confusion about this. Hartmann stated “On 15, January 1968, the witness insisted that there had been two men.”

    When Hartmann had checked into it, he’d found that NICAP had sent a letter to Captain Edmonds from SSD. (This was apparently where the original AF investigator had come). “But (he had) received no reply,” Hartman states. “RJ Low of the Colorado project looked into it and found that ‘C.H. Edmonds’ had worked at SSD, and all were officers of high rank; none of them should’ve been connected to the Santa Ana case anyway.” (Hartmann IBID page 453)

    My question is, if they were rid of UFO investigation, and had turned it over to the Condon boys, then why on earth were they still out there investigating reports? Project Blue Book had concluded that UFOs did not exist…period. If they really believed that, then why are they still poking around, looking for evidence? MIB continue to lurk in the shadows…to this day.


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    1. THE SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS, Dr. Edward U Condon, © 1968 the Board of Regents at Colorado University.

    2. THE CONDON REPORT: RE-EXAMINING THE EVIDENCE; 1999 Christopher Montgomery; Seattle, WA


    *Public Notice: The Final Report of the Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects was originally copyrighted in 1968 by the Regents of the University of Colorado, a body corporate. It was subsequently published in reports of the United States Air Force and other governmental agencies and was published commercially by Bantam Books (currently out of print). 

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