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McMinnville UFO Photo Analysis

McMinnville UFO Photo #1
(c)1998 The Regents of the University of Colorado*


By Christopher Montgomery

The McMinnville UFO photographs are amongst the few that have survived the rigors of UFO photograph analysis. We wanted to get these photographs online right away so that you could check them out. A couple of things to note: the image in photo #5 is not asymmetrical, in other words, this UFO is somewhere between our dimensions and the next. The second is that the zig-zag pattern in photo #3 indicates that this object is tacking against the angular velocity of the earth. This is a classic characteristic of UFO maneuvers. “This is one of the few UFO reports in which all factors investigated, geometric, psychological and physical appear to be consistent with the assertion that an extraordinary flying object…flew within sight of two witnesses."- HARTMAN

DATE/TIME: May 11, 1950; 7:45 PM (PST)
LOCATION: McMinnville, Oregon; 0.2 miles S of the Salmon Run Hiway; Approximately 10 miles SW of McMinnville, Oregon on or near the farm of the eyewitnesses; Coordinates 123 19’50” W longitude, 45 06’ 15” N latitude;
ELEVATION: 210 feet above sea level.
TERRAIN: “Rolling farm country.”
WEATHER CONDITIONS: “Dull with overcast at about 5,000 feet”
ABSTRACT: Farmer’s wife initially saw object, she called her husband who took a look also. A camera was located and several photos were taken. (Extrapolation on this case study and photo analysis to follow).

1. The UFO was described as "'very bright…almost silvery.'" Also described as "'brightly metallic, silver or aluminum colored, with a touch of bronze…appeared to have a sort of super structure…like a good-sized parachute canopy without the strings only silvery-bright mixed with bronze.'"
2. "'Silvery on top but with more bronze on the bottom, the bottom being different.'" The estimated diameter was approximately 20-30 feet diameter. The primary witness (farmer’s wife) compared the object to the size of an open parachute canopy.
3. Also added…There wasn’t any noise nor was there any flames, smoke or exhaust visible.


"’There was a breeze as it flew overhead…which died down later’" according to the two eyewitnesses. "They felt a gust of wind, which they thought may have come from the UFO" when the object "tipped up, exposing its underside."

 The primary witness stated that "the wind almost knocked him over;"

 The secondary witness stated that it had "made only a little breeze."

There were some discrepancies between the testimony of the primary witness (the farmer’s wife) and the secondary witness (the farmer). Hartman did not explore the reasons for this. After the object had changed its attitude, it made some sophisticated attitude adjustments before it flew off to the west (see photo #3 above) reference Condon files; plate #25.(Hartmann, page 398)***

McMinnvile UFO Photo #2
(c) 1998 The Regents of the University of Colorado*


The majority of the investigation probably involved locating the negatives and examining the photos for any sign of a hoax. Later, Hartmann would make this statement in his report: "The negatives had not been tampered with," and it was "unlikely that a sophisticated optical fabrication was performed." This was the one case that would have given any serious researcher the drive to continue investigating UFOs. Unless one can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that UFOs don't exist, then the investigation should've remained open. If not for the McMinnville UFO photographs, I would have probably agreed with the Condon committee's conclusions to close the book on UFOs. These photographs remain the best evidence that's ever existed to support the belief that UFOs are real. Is a matter of fact, these photographs have withstood all attempts to debunk them using the most advance photo analysis currently available in the 1990s. The only person that I've ever heard of that has tried to discredit the McMinnville UFO photographs was Phillip Klass. He would discredit anything concerning the subject of UFOs, whether the evidence was genuine or not.

"Atmospheric extinction and scattering, combined, serve to reduce contrast as distance increases, an effect perhaps best appreciated by artists...The shadowed bottom of the UFO in plate 23 [McMinnville UFO photo #1, above]has a particularly pale look, suggestive of scattering between the observer and the object, and if such scattering is detectable, it may be possible to make some estimate of the distance involved." –[Insert mine] (IBID 402)
One thing the Condon Committee didn’t take into account was that this thing generated a field of energy, which dopplerized the particles of reflective and refractive light that was caught by the observer's camera. This affect is really obvious in genuine UFO photographs, where the field is clearly differentiated and visible in an aura surrounding the UFO. This is especially true in cases where UFOs appear in photographs after their developement, which were not visible while the pictures were being taken. I have a theory, that this is due to the fact that the field generation is especially active when the UFO object is traveling at thousands of miles per hour. When something is traveling that fast, the naked eye would not perceive of the event. The unerring eye of the camera would, however, in that it freezes the image in a fraction of the time.

McMinnvile UFO Photo #3
Tacking Maneuvers

(c) 1998 The Regents of the University of Colorado*


Analysis from plate 26 reveals that "the UFO is distinctly asymmetric…and there appears to be a difference in the profiles of the right and left sides (plate 24), the left having a more pronounced notch defining the flange." These were judged to be "physical properties" of the object itself. "The pole is also off center and inclined," Hartmann concluded. It appears for all intents and purposes that this UFO investigator was not seeing the forest for the trees. The study of UFOs was really in its infancy in the 1960s. Modern advances in technology have given us more tools by which to compare this alien technology to. They didn’t have anything to really compare it with at the time...or did they? What this indicates is that the UFO is somewhere between our dimension and the next. It was probably out of phase with respect to our time and space parameters. Bob Lazar, a former employee of Area 51, has popularized the concept of warping, or bending space/time to cross-vast distances in a relatively short amount of time. This equates to very low fuel expenditures, especially if the fuel is renewable.

I theorize that fusion power could use deuterium fuel, which is readily available in ordinary tap water. Through the process of nucleosynthesis, for example, the UFO exhaust would be gamma radiation. We would then see these kinds of environmental affects in the environement, which we do. Gamma radiation counts would be slightly elevated above background levels and this is the norm for most UFO landing sites. But no more than so than what one would expect from the Pons and Fleischman electrochemical cells on a grand scale. Gamma is a common byproduct of UFOs interacting within our environment. If my memory serves me correctly, Los Alamos was also involved in fusion research and I believe that they got the initial concept from back-engineering UFOs.

McMinnville UFO Photo #4
(c) 1998 The Regents of the University of Colorado*

The evidence suggests that the UFO has the ability to warp time and space by bringing its frictionless engines to specific, determined levels of nucleosynthetic reaction. This would also generate the tremendous gravitational fields required to warp space and time.

It also appears from my analysis that the McMinnville UFO emitted a very faint luminescence. Was Hartmann alluding to the low-level radiance that a UFO emits? This low-level radiation is practically invisible to the naked eye during the daytime, but gives the UFO its dynamic glow at night.

I would speculate that the Condon boys were privy to some highly classified material, and that they were told what to look for. They debunked UFOs as they studied them, carefully gleaning whatever information they could for the Air Force…all the while keeping a really tight lid on it. They probably did not understand why military intelligence was asking very specific questions about a subject they were supposed to know very little about.

In an article that I published in Uncensored UFO Reports, the black and white reproductions that were published with the article would tell all. Much to our pleasant surprise, the transition to B&W created an affect that was just enough to bring out the UFO’s faint luminescence. The subtle glow bathed the surrounding foliage with illumination. This was an affect, which was not visible in the color photos. It certainly was not one that I had expected.

I have often suspected John Keel may have had something to do with it. He is an associate editor for the magazine, and very knowledgeable about the types of radiation that a UFO is capable of emitting. This is further evidence that the UFO is definitely displaying the capability to warp space/time.

In the McMinnville UFO photographs, one must also consider the refraction and reflection values of that object. The photographs indicate that the UFO object may be warping space/time due to the fact that it was said that the object did not rotate or spin; One side of the "asymmetrical" object was shaped differently than the other, and indication of the space/time affect.

“The true r is about 0.32 km, and out error is a factor of 4. One can resolve the discrepancy by assuming the barn roof was slightly (7%) darker than the garage roof. (IBID p 403)

"The witnesses referred to a slightly different hue of the bottom side of the UFO: they said it was more bronze than the silvery top side.” – HARTMANN (IBID page 406). See also Condon, photometric analysis, page 402.

] McMinnville UFO Photo #5

(c) 1998 The Regents of the University of Colorado*

One common thread that courses through most, if not all genuine UFO photos is the distortion effect, which is often reported and evident in UFO photographs. The George Adamski photo is one example of this warping affect recorded on film. There are at least three possible scenarios, which we should consider:

1. The UFO in these photographs was enveloped within its own time/space continuum, therefore dopplerizing its image as the refractive/reflective radii passed through the intense gravitational field surrounding the object. When we examine UFOs from this perspective, it is easier to understand its technology. That is one of the reasons why military intelligence does not want any UFO photographs floating around…if they can help it…especially those that display these types of tell tale qualities.

2. The UFO is in a state of constant flux. One thing that becomes more and more evident the longer I study UFOs is the fact that Em energy is distorted when subjected to the UFO field. It is partly of this world and partly of the next; call it a parallel universe, another dimension…whatever. The gravitational lensing that is taking place is evident by the effect that the UFO’s energy field has on cameras…and on the film. A camera stops time in its tracks and gives us a split second look at things that the naked eye might otherwise miss. In the excitement of witnessing a UFO event, the mind could easily overlook what the camera would document on its emulsion.

3. But the camera has other tales to tell. Photographs that have been taken by military personal while a UFO was buzzing their aircraft often will not turn out. The image may be so badly blurred that it is unrecognizable as anything more than a blob or a blur. The film may be way over exposed despite using the correct settings on the camera. The reason is simple. The lens of the camera can further distort the dopplerized energy being emitted by the UFO, enhancing the UFO's time/space distortion affect. The fact is that a UFO has to be in the right time and at the right place to be seen at all, let alone be photographed by a camera.

The Condon’s team of investigators had concluded that "This is one of the few UFO reports in which all factors investigated, geometric, psychological and physical appear to be consistent with the assertion that an extraordinary flying object…flew within sight of two witnesses." (IBID pg 407)


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***THE SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS; 1968, 1998 The Regents of the University of Colorado; Dr. Edward U. Condon; Bantam Books.


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