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The Barbarians Home

Wizards are always fun to cut down to size. Most fighters worth their weight in gold can have a little fun with a Wizard without breaking a sweat. But the real problem with Wizards, is that they never do things for the reasons, you think they do. Always have some hidden agenda. Well enough about damned Wizards, this is a Barbarians Page and hence we should talk about Ronin. Ronin is the quintesential Barbarian. But never-the-less a sophisticated Barbarian, as you will find out for yourself in this site. Please look around and see what is available for you. There will be some construction as I learn how to accomplish this quest of webdesign but I am sure you won't complain...not to my face So take some time and find out what a ronin actually is, as well. Well met travelers....

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Ronin's Imagery
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Barbarian Humour...personal jokes and net ones..
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Stories from the Freehold
Definition of a Ronin....