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The Alan FAQ

1.How do I contact Alan?

Write to:

Alan Cumming

C/O Kit Kat Klub

124 West 43rd St.

New York, NY 11036

2.Does he write back?

Most people have gotten a signed picture within a few weeks of sending their letter. Due to the fact that the theatre was closed for a while for repairs, it may take a bit longer.

3.Is Alan married/dating anyone?

He was married for eight years, but is now divorced. If he's dating anyone, we don't know about it.

4.Where can I find pictures of Alan?

The Alan Cumming Free Picture Gallery

5.Where can I find links and webpages dedicated to Alan?

SubRosa's Alan Cumming Page

6.How do I get in touch with other Alan Fans?

The Alan Cumming Mailing List

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Do you have a question or an answer? Please let us know by sending mail to Alan FAQ We'll do our best to answer your questions!

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