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The Alan Cumming Fan Club

Welcome to the Alan Cumming Fan Club!

Please join the millions (okay maybe a hundred....) of fellow Frinkazoids that worship Alan.

Here are some basic resources to get you started on your Alan Quest:

Alan Cumming Mailing List. This is a discussion list devoted to discussion (and drooling) about Alan, his films & stage performances, and is also a place for fans to meet each other. To join the list, click Here, and follow the instructions.

To get all those burning questions answered, there are two different lists of questions and answers. For just the bare bones, try:The Basic ACFAQ. This attemps to answer your questions such as "How do I contact him?" etc....It's important, so you don't have to ask the mailing list the same question that 35 other people asked. For a more complete list of questions and answers, go read The Complete ACFAQ.

Cumming Attractions is basically the best Alan Page out there. Lovely pictures and more links than you can shake a stick at!

The Alan Cumming Free Picture Gallery This gallery, divided by charector, is for people to take pictures from when they are building an Alan Cumming Website.

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