"The Clan Litter"

We accomplished a breeding St. Patty's Day 2001 with UKC CH Mercedes Snow Angel (Mercy) and UKC GR CH/AKC CH A'Joy's One Lucky Tucker (Tucker) that resulted in another wonderful litter as the one in '98. This litter was whelped 5/16/01 and you can view the litter at The C.L.A.N. Spring Album.

"The Teamster Union #777 Litter"

A breeding was done 6/28 & 7/2 with UKC CH/AKC CH AngelHeart's Crown Jewel Of A-Joy's (Ruby) and UKC GR CH Polar Star's Sikku. Puppies were whelped 8/31/01. Here's a link to their nursery page. Teamster Union #777. ENJOY!

"The Lunar Litter"

A breeding has been accomplished 4/28/02 with UKC CH Wright's Mercedes Snow Angel (Mercy) and UKC GR CH/AKC CH A-Joy's One Lucky Tucker (Tucker). Puppies were whelped 6/25/02 and we have named it "The Lunar Litter"! You can go to "The Lunar Litter" to read up on the litter and take a peek at our new little stars!

"The Blessings Litter"

Our "Blessings Litter" was whelped December 1, 2002. We had five wonderful little "Blessings", three males and two females. All of them have gone on to their new, forever homes. This was a wonderful litter, the parent's temperaments are exceptional. Spirit and Luke are very sweet and loving Eskies and I know that this will be passed on to these puppies. You can go to "The Blessings Litter" to take a peek at our "Little Blessings" and here for "More Little Blessings"

"The Fab Five Litter"

UKC GR CH/AKC CH AH's Crown Jewel Of A-Joy's, "Ruby" had her second litter on 7/16/03. This was a repeat breeding with UKC GR CH Polar Star's Sikku. We had five puppies born, three boys and two girls. All puppies are sold from this litter. We've named this litter "The Fab Five" and their call names are John, Paul, Ringo, Yoko and Linda. You can see pictures of their first litter by clicking on this link... The "Fab Five"

"The Rainbow Litter"

Welcome to the Rainbow Litter! Born June 19, 2004 to Spirit and Luke. This is Spirit's last litter. Because of whelping problems she has been spayed. But she has produced another beautiful litter with UKC CH Crystal Caverns' Windwalker. A repeat breeding that has produced a total of five girls and five boys all of which carry their dam and sire's exceptional temperament and conformation. I look forward to some of these little ones to go on and take their place in the show ring. I will post pictures of this beautiful litter soon.

"The Freedom Litter"

They're Here! Two Boys and one Girl...and what a journey they've had! Named for the month of September in honor of 911 and for the fact that they are wonderful little fighters! Please welcome the "Freedom Litter" born 11/13/04. Dam is UKC CH/AKC CH Crystal-Ah's A Measure of Faith (Faith) and UKC CH Crystal Caverns' Windwalker (Luke). I will be posting ongoing pictures on their photo page. We have a male and a female available, however we are looking for homes that will be interested in showing or at least allowing the breeder to show them. Only serious inquiries please.   Click Here To Visit Their Photos!

"The SweetHeart Litter"

A breeding with UKC GR CH/AKC CH AH's Crown Jewel Of A-Joy's, "Ruby" and Crystal Cavern's Arctic Sun, "Sunny" has been accomplished and puppies are due approximately the first week of April 2005.   We are planning to keep a pick of the litter female from this litter.   This breeding is a very close linebreeding to our lines, one generation away from breeding back to Ruby's gorgeous grandfather. She has been bred to a half uncle to her sire, Tucker, in hopes of creating a wonderful re-creation of his size, head and temperament. Both the sire of this litter and Ruby have a wonderful gentle temperament along with tremendous agility ability. When Ruby has completed her breeding program and finished her international competition we plan to begin her agility competition. She is already a seasoned therapy girl, she visits hospitals and nursing homes on a regular basis. Her tender heart and unassuming attitude in the presence of our seniors and those that are ill and/or recovering is uncanny. Look back for information of our "Sweetheart" litter.  Bred in the month of February and named in honor of "Heart" month. Our girl we are keeping will be named "AH's Sanctuary Of The Heart" and her call name will be "Hope".

Our "SweetHeart" litter was born on April 12th. Three boys and two girls!   We've pretty much decided that the pink girl will be our newest addition while the other girl is going to a lovely home in Mukeltio, WA with a wonderful family that has just adopted a two year old rescue boy named Denali who is waiting for his little sister that will be named Lexie.  Our blue boy has been selected by a sweet family with a pair of exceptional children that are very excited about their new puppy coming home. I think they've decided to call him Snowy. Black collar boy, the one we call Dodge because he was born in the back of the Dodge Caravan waiting for the vet to finish with an emergency surgery, has been adopted by a young man that is looking for a life companion and one that can go to the off-leash parks with him.   And finally, Green collar boy has been chosen by a gentlemen that has just recently said goodby to his Siberian Husky that he raised from a puppy. He's shown an interest in showing him or at least letting me show him and I told him, "If you can raise and live with a Siberian, you can definitely handle an Eskie". The best part about having puppies is not only the excitement of improving our lines, adding quality animals to our breeding program and show agendas, but also meeting the wonderful families that adopt our little ones and provide those forever homes!

All of the puppies from this litter have been placed. We're keeping the pick girl, Hope, and the other four have been chosen by four wonderful families.    Click Here To Visit The SweetHeart Litter Photos!

"The Deja Vu Litter"

We have a brand new litter born April 8, 2006!!!!  This breeding is a repeat breeding from our girl UKC GR CH/AKC CH AH's Crown Jewel Of Ah-Joy's "Ruby" and Crystal Caverns' Artic Sun "Sunny".  Hope was our pick female from this breeding last year and we are excited to have been able to repeat it.   We have four boys and two girls and are accepting inquiries to qualified homes at this time.  Please fill out our Puppy Search Questionnaire if you are interested in one of our puppies.

Here is the first of the baby pictures.  Click on this link Deja Vu Litter ~ 4.8.06 for a first peek of the new arrivals.

Age 1 Week ~ 4.15.06

Age 2 Weeks ~ 4.22.06

Age 3 Weeks ~ 4.29.06

Age 4 Weeks ~ 5.06.06

Age 5 Weeks ~ 5.13.06

Age 6 Weeks ~ 5.20.06

Age 7 Weeks ~ 5.27.06

Age 8 Weeks ~ 6.03.06

"The Third Time's A Charm Litter"

"The Charmer Litter"

We had a new litter born 10.20.06!  This is a third, repeat breeding from our girl UKC GR CH/AKC CH AH's Crown Jewel Of A-Joy's "Ruby" and Crystal Caverns' Artic Sun "Sunny", thus the name of the litter.   We named it the "Charmer Litter" for short.  

"The May Day Miracle Litter"

We had six BEAUTIFUL babies born on May 1, 2009! Out of UKC GR CH/Int'l CH AH's Sanctuary Of The Heart (Hope) and UKC CH Crystal Cavern Snow Dreams (Sam). Couldn't have asked for a sweeter bunch of temperaments in these six babies!

Click Here To View Their Photo Album

Miracle Litter