We only breed Standard American Eskimos. To better enable us to assist you in selecting the puppy/dog that is best suited for your individual lifestyle, please complete the following questionnaire.

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How long will the puppy/dog be left alone daily and how will you insure that it is toileted, fed and cared for if you are gone during work hours?
Do you have a family veterinarian? If so please list his/her name and phone number as a reference.
We live in Seattle and do not ship our puppies. They are allowed to fly to their new homes 'In Cabin' with their new owners. Are you willing to drive to pick up your puppy and if so, how far are you willing to drive, or would you prefer to fly your pet?
We sell with a contract that also includes a spay/neuter agreement and a puppy return agreement that simply states at whatever age, if you cannot keep the animal it must come back to me for re-homing. It protects my puppies from ever ending up in a rescue Yes
Our contract also requires that you subscribe to our vaccination program, a protocol outlined by Dr. Jean Dodds of California and supported by my local vet of many years. We vaccinate with only Parvo/Distemper at 8 weeks with a booster at 12 & 16 weeks. I ask that Rabies vaccination be held until after 6 months old if possible. No other vaccines are required no others should be given. Our philosophy is 'less is better'. I believe that we are completely over vaccinating our animals to the point of creating our own immune deficiency problems and other related illnesses. Are you willing to agree to our requirements and able to agree to work with us to help insure a healthy well adjusted puppy after leaving our care?
Would Like More Information
If you have questions or concerns regarding our vaccination requirements you may state them here and I will be more than happy to respond to them.
This space is reserved for any pertinent information you would like for me to have that I have not previously asked or to ask further questions you might have of us.

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