"UKC CH Wright's Mercedes Snow Angel"


Sire: UKC CH Wright's Quantum Thunder

Dam: UKC GR CH Wright's Gardenia Of J-Bar

It all began with a little ball of fluff that came to live with us in the spring of 1997. We had been without a dog in our household for 12 years after putting down our last American Cocker female, Tawnie, from abdominal cancer. My husband at the time had said, "No more dogs, it just takes too much of your heart when you have to let them go." After a few years, the children had grown, and we both worked different shifts. The house was so quiet and I had remembered that my husband had said, "IF we ever did get another dog, it would have to be a Spitz." His mother had raised them in the 50’s and he had taken one from their litter and was completely smitten with the breed.

So, for our 20th wedding anniversary I had planned to surprise him with a Spitz puppy. I started researching the breed and found that it was actually called the American Eskimo Dog. Little did I know that it would put me on the journey of excess that we enjoy today! "Ms. Mercy", as we call her, was 14 weeks old when she flew in from Kalamazoo, MI from a breeder that bred from the lines I was interested in. Mercy was to be our foundation female for our kennels. She arrived on a beautiful spring day in May 1997 at the tender age of 14 weeks. The picture to the left is right after we had taken her out of the crate and I had immediately fallen in love with her. It is a love affair that still continues today!

UKC CH Wright's Mercedes Snow Angel is our foundation female, birthdate 1/8/97. Mercy came to us from Wright's American Eskimos in Kalamazoo, MI and it seems as though she has always been with us. She has been a joy to watch as she has matured into the lovely girl that rules our roost. She keeps the others in line but her puppy ways still linger behind her cool reserve. She is foremost a lady and a wonderful companion to have at our side......

Mercy finished her UKC Champion title at the age of 17 months. She loved the ring and had the best show attitude of any of my girls I've shown since. Her first show out at the tender age of 6 months earned her a "Best Of Winners" putting her in the fast track to finish her Champion title. Mercy is the dam to our second UKC Grand Champion, first AKC Champion, UKC GR CH/AKC CH AH's Crown Jewel Of A-Joy's, call name "Ruby" who has gone on to produce our third generation of AngelHeart~Eskies puppies. Ruby has puppies of her own out there now completing their titles and our hope one day is for one of those puppies to become the foundation of yet another wonderful kennel full of American Eskimo Dogs. Ms. Mercy has since been spayed but she will always have a place in our household and heart far beyond her ability to produce puppies. One thing for sure, we will never be without an American Eskimo Dog in our household. These beautiful animals have so much love to offer, are so very smart and ask only for your love in return. It's a win/win situation, to be sure!

Mercy's Day At The Offleash Park!