"UKC GR CH/AKC CH AH's Crown Jewel Of A-Joy's"


Sire: UKC GR CH/AKC CH A-Joy's One Lucky Tucker

Dam: UKC CH Wright's Mercedes Snow Angel

"Cerf - Normal" ~ "Optigen DNA - Pattern C" ~ "OFA - Fair"

Please join us in celebrating our first AKC Champion, "Ruby". She finished her title on March 25, 2001 at the age of 2-1/2 years. Not too bad for one not showing on a regular basis! Meet UKC GR CH/AKC CH AngelHeart's Crown Jewel Of A-Joy's. Our first home-bred puppy, shown and finished in "Bred By Exhibitor" class AKC. We are so very proud of our little "Jewel"!  Click Here To View Ruby's Pedigree.

Ruby was always the one that enjoyed going in for her pictures. We had fun with the different themes they had. She was about 3 months old here. Always had a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye!

It's a good thing these guys are a wash and wear breed! Ruby never passed up the opportunity to find a great place to dig. If there was a hole, she would find it, if not, she would make one!

Ruby was about 6 months in this photo and what a fun time she had taking this photo. She was the star of the day at the studio. She is a wonderful composite of her Dam and Sire both in conformation and temperament. We are planning to further her obedience training for future therapy work. She has a constant smile on her face and has already begun her hospital visits. She is a very sweet and special girl

Here is a photo of Ruby taking her first "Best Of Winners" at the tender age of 11 months on July 11, 1999 giving her the second major she needed toward her UKC Champion title. She actually finished her UKC Champion title with a third major, taking "Best Female" on July 24, 1999. She did this on the same day as her Sire taking his first Champion class win, going on to take his first "Best Of Breed" win. It was definitely a Father/Daughter day.

Ruby was my late husband's girl and was so very proud of her. This was her first Champion Class win in June of 2000 just a month before he passed away. I am so pleased that he was able to be there and see his girl place. She was the one that really got him interested in the show scene and he had planned to retire, travel and show the girls after retirement. She went on to make him proud, finishing not only her UKC Grand Champion title but completed her AKC title in "Bred By Exhibiter" class all the way through. I know he would have been proud of his girl!

Ruby has more energy than I've ever seen in such a little package of white fluff! She is constantly on the go but is just as happy to camp out on the fireplace hearth when she finally decides to put all four paws on the ground!

She is my candidate for agility one of these days. She's only 15-1/2" tall but she can clear an eight foot fence in a heartbeat, it's the best way to harness all that energy that these guys have!

I caught a picture of Ruby outside and it really shows her square conformation! Ruby has beautiful movement, a long neck and she's a great single tracker. Unfortunately, she's not the one that likes to show the most and I promised her when she finished her titles that she wouldn't have to show anymore. Maybe she'll forgive me if I put her in Grand Class or Specials Class one of these days, but for now she's just content to hang out and just be a dog.

This photo shows her mom, Mercy, on the left and Ruby, on the right, doing what we call "The Tucker Flop" Her dad, Tucker, taught them both how he enjoys spending his time at home. They are such quick learners...LOL!