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Tails Adventure

Tails Adventure

Tails Adventure - 1995 EU, US
Tails Adventures - 1995 JP
Genre: 2D - Action - Adventure - Puzzle/Strategy - Platformer
Game System: Sega Game Gear
Developer: Aspect

Story: Everyone should take a little vacation once in a while, even the little two-tailed (sea) fox like Tails. However, instead Tails must defend his island from the "Great Badoru Kuku who`s invading the paceful island to collect his treasures. Tails must fight against Kuku`s bird troops at various locations such as on: land, air, and sea. And get useful items along the way to stop Kuku from taking over the island!
Zones: Tails' House Zone Polly Forest Zone Volcanic Tunnel Zone Polly Mountain Zone Caron Forest Zone Green Island Zone Cavern Island Zone Lake Rocky Zone Lake Crystal Zone Battle Fortress Zone
Cheat Tips: Enter this at the password screen:

All the Chaos Emeralds: A767 AA3A 58A6 ED16
All items and level select: ADE7 AA2A 51A6 6D12
Level Polly Forest complete: D201 44D4 EE11 D6E6
All items with only first stage beat: A2E1 A424 51A1 6D1A
Perfect Password. All items, all stages beat, all bosses beat except final boss (sub-final boss is beaten): ADE6 AA2A 51A6 6D13
Starts a New Game with all Chaos Emeralds: D219 54D4 9EA9 D6EE
FAQs: To learn more on how to beat this game, go to this GameFAQ link here! Please enjoy!

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