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Soinc Triple Trouble

Sonic Triple Trouble Sonic Triple Trouble - 1994 EU, US
Sonic & Tails 2 - 1994 JP
Genre: 2D - Action - Platformer
Game System: Sega Game Gear
Developer: Aspect

Story: As the evil genius Doctor Robotink test a ultimate destructive weapon, one of his robot assistants makes a very big mistake. A explosion scatters five of the Chaos Emeralds across the planet Mobius! Dr. Robotink hires Nack The Weasel, a expert treasure hunter and bounty hunter to help get the chaos emeralds back (and maybe even steal it too!) Now, it`s up to Sonic and Tails to stop the evil doctor and Nack from getting the broken emeralds in their hands.
Great Turquoise Zone
Sunset Park Zone
Meta Junglira Zone
Robotnik Winter Zone
Tidal Plant Zone
Atomic Destroyer Zone
The Special Stages - Meet Nack The Weasel!!!

Cheat Tips: Level select: Hold Up while turning on the Game Gear. Continue to hold until Knuckles grabs the third Chaos Emerald in the intro, then press START. You should hear a ring chime.
The Power Ring Paradise: Get to Act 2 of the Sunset Park Zone. Climb up as far as possible after the rollercoaster ride that begins the Act. Head right and fall through the first exploding bridge into an area with nearly 200 rings.
FAQs: To learn more on how to beat this game, go to this GameFAQ link here! Please enjoy!

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