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Sonic The Fighters

Sonic Championship Sonic Fighters Sonic Championship - 1996 US
Sonic The Fighters - Sega-AM2 - 1996 JP
Genre: Action - Fighting - 3D
Game system: Sega Model 2 Arcade, and Nintendo Game Cube (Sonic Gem Collection)
Developer: Sega-AM2

Story: Right after Dr. Robotink`s first "Death Egg" been destroyed he builds up another one. A superior model known as: "Death Egg II". Good news is that Tails` computer discovers and locates this flying danger in outer space, and sends the images to Tails` base. The two tailed fox quickly puts together a spaceship to get to the "Death Egg II". However, the bad news is: the ship requires power from not seven but "eight" Chaos Emeralds to get the ship running, and there`s only one seat. Sonic and Tails goes to the "Floating Island" to see what Knuckles` thought on the best course of action to take. Knuckles points out that there`s only room for one on the Ship, so the strongest one should go. So, the hard headed echidna that Knuckles is, decides that he should go, but Sonic doesn`t like Knuckles` methond. So the two are going to get into a fight about it, and just as they are a about to Tails comes up with an idea. Have a brawl torment, to see who is the strongest to take down Robotink!

Zones: South Island - Knuckles The Echidna
Flying Capet Zone - Amy Rose
Aurora Icefield Zone - Bark The Polarbear
Mushroom Hill Zone - Espio The Chameleon
Canyon Cruise Zone - Miles "Tails" Prower
Casino Night Zone - Fang/Nack The Sniper
Dynamite Plant Zone - Bean The Dynamite
Giant Wing Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog
Death Egg II - Metal Sonic and Dr. Robotink
Cheat Tips: Play as Super Sonic:
Begin a game playing as Sonic, and win against the first eight enemies without being defeated. When fighting against Metal Sonic defeat him in the first round,and in the second round turn sonic in to super sonic by pressing back + Punch+ Kick at the same time. If done correctly sonic will morph in to the invincible super sonic.
FAQs: To learn more on how to beat this game, go to this GameFAQs Link Here. Please enjoy!

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