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The Great Bounty Hunter Stories

Great Bounty Hunter Stories Here, you will find stories of Nack, Nic (Nicolette), and other characters of my and other weasel fans. Plus, if you want to go to the writer`s Fan Fiction site just click on the writer`s name below.

WRITER: Daisy Hunt aka - Lucky_Ladybug

Nack: What a Beautiful Piece of Heartache Nack is having a battle of his life with a vicious enemy. Will Nack survive? (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: Betrayed Bassed on "SonicComics", did Nack betrayed the Chaotix? (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: I Will Always be with You Nack was saved from dangerous death, it makes him reflect on the past, and who saved him... (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: Lost Memories Poor Nack has lost his memory, and winds up working with the FF team for a little while. (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: You Say Yes, I Say No Bassed on "Sonic Adventure 2. Amy thinks Nack took Sonic, but has Nack done it?... Or not? (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: House of Horror Oh-no! Poor Nack is in a real living nightmare, being accused of killing his own sister Nic, and it`s the ghost of Nic doing it too! Noting is What it seems, please read! (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: Out of the Ashies Oh-no! Nack was killed in an explosion, and strange things starts to happen. Was Nack really killed?! (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: Paperback Writer Daisy Hunt has finished one of her Nack stories, and guess who comes in complaining how he treated in the stories... Yes! You guess it, Nack himself! (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: The Christmas Shoes A Christmastime story, and it`s very sweet warm-hearted piece. I`m not going to tell what it`s about, and this is Daisy`s story. Please don`t leave a rude review, if sweet stories are not your type! (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely Nack remembers a very odd case he took on, and it is where he met very special solmate. (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: Evil in the Shadows Oh how scarey! ^_^ Nack goes on a mission to find his evil sorceress Aunt Lucretia, and runs into Andre DuBois and bad cousin Rocky McCallon. (CHAPTERS: 1) [NOTE: The three characters are Daisy`s].

Nack: The Phoenix Nack makes fun of a Mafia don who think Nack has drowned in the Pacific Ocean. Nic (Nack`s sister) meets up with (Diane Cynicallia`s) character) Nova! (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: The Ties That Bind Andre DuBois The Weasel goes missing, and Nack meets up with (Diane Cynicallia`s) character Nova. (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to SLC! How Daisy Hunt met Nack The Weasel, and if anyone is wondering what "SLC" stands for: "Salt Lake City". (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: Close Encounters of the Strange How Daisy`s best friend JP met up with Nack! (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: Crying in the Rain It`s late night, and Nack visits to someone very dear to him in the deep heart of Houston Texas. (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: And a Child Shall Lead Them Nack finds a lost little girl. (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: I`m Looking Through You Everything is out wack in this story! Someone is chopping down trees, a husky is bawling, a piano broke the floor, and Nack is waltzing with little miss Katrina Brown, (Daisy Hunt`s character) who's all grown up! Will Nack get out of this one! (CHAPTER: 1)

Nack: Quest of the Jewel Pendant One of Daisy`s first three chapter story! Nack goes to a fantasy land of Moghur with Nic, Nova, Rocky, and Andre to stop the new reign of terror unleashed by Geates' talisman on the world! (CHAPTERS: 3)

Nack: Nack in Wonderland! The title said it all! Bassed on "Alice in Wonderland" (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: Mutant Graveyards of Doom My goodness! Nack is trapped in a crazy cemetery with walking tombstones, stone bats that come to life, Megavolt, and more! Will Nack be able to escape with his life! (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: Loch Lomond A little story from Nack`s childhood. (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: Strange Things Happen in This World Nack saves a young girl from being run over, but it`s not quite as it seems though. (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: Healthy Aparthy In Nic`s point of view. After she had another argument with Nack, she get a rather frightening phone call in the middle of the night! (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack & Nic: FreezeFrame! Nack is in for trouble when he gets mixed up with Dr. Lilliput, who's using a new kind of nerve gas to assist him in crime! Will Nack be able to stop this mad doctor? (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack & Nic: Time Stands Still Nic goes looking for her bounty in an old steel-making plant, but instead discovers her brother passed out. (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack & Nic: Fire and Ice Both weasels saves each other, but it doesn`t go so well for Nack. (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack & Nic: ReBirth Nack gets KO`ed, but comes through. However, Nic is in more danger than Nack, and really needs him. Will Nack come through for her? (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack: My Way Nack looks back at his past, and a song comes to him. Plus he near death! (CHAPTERS: 1)

Nack & Nic: Revelations A sequel bassed on SonicRose story "I Wasn`t There" Nic remembers what happened, and Nack goes after her attacker. He finds a shocking surprise, please read! (CHAPTERS: 1)

-NEW STORY!- When Autumn Comes One: Cream is still in the grieving over Emerl. Two: The Chaotix are also in grieving over the lost of a member of their team. And three: there`s a mysterious one who may hold the anwser behind!... (CHAPTERS: 2) [NOT COMPLETE YET]


WRITER: Harpuia

Hard Knock Life Fiona the Fox is a bounty hunter, partner with Nic' the Weasel. She goes through life, taking every job as it comes. But deep down she's emotionally distraught, and desperately wants to find her parents. (CHAPTERS: 3) [NOT COMPLETE YET]

WRITER: Reynold G.

Nack`s Payback Nack The Weasel is hired by some of Dr. Robotnik`s bad robots to get Sonic and Tails. Will Sonic and Tails get the tricky bounty hunter??

WRITER: MISS D. (DEBRA) aka - Weasel_Silver24

Secret Admirer Mix Up Nic is after bad guy who stolen a painting from the art museum. Until she finds out that she got a secret admirer, and tends to find out about it. But then the maids get involved, and thinks that Nack is the secret admirer.But wait until the secret admirer finds out about it. It won`t be pretty. (CHAPTERS: 1)

The Oddest Things can be True My character Silver The Weasel is in this for the first time! Yes, it`s true the odd things can happen especially when a smart rich teenage cat tells Silver about a handbag has stolen a jewel necklace from his rich grandmother. I do say a "handbag" what does that mean??! And go after it? Find out! (CHAPTERS: 3)

Two Hunters on a Case A month has pass since the last mission with the handbag theif, and now Silver`s boss Flat Jack the Cat has a mission for her. An unidentified crook has stolen a special transporter number code to try to get somewhere but fails, and causes Toon creatures to come into their area. Silver is not alone. She got a partner, who is he or she?! And who are these Toon creatures?? Toon in! (CHAPTERS: 3)

Trouble-Some Trouble Hunts Her In Silver`s last mission, Silver let out a couple beans about working with a certain bad bounty hunter in the past, but now this causes dangerous trouble for her. Because now her ex-bounty partner has over heard this and is not too happy about it. So from hundred miles he goes after her. How will Silver get out of this one? Read and See! (CHAPTERS: 3)

Nack The Weasel: The One Who They Call Crusher (A Nack story) Nack is hired to go after a dangerous bounty hunter mainly known as Crusher. Will Nack catch him or not? (Note: This is before Nack met Silver). (CHAPTERS: 3)

-A NEW STORY!-Nack The Weasel: Chaos Emerald: Wanted! Nack is out for a chaos emerald and so is Rouge.They both find the same emerald, but besides the emerald trouble. Is someone after Rouge from some past mission she had? (CHAPTERS: 3)

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Great Bounty Hunter Stories