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Memorial Clock

The following history of the Binghamville United Methodist Church clock was published in
the Anniversary Booklet, Centennial Celebration and Rededication, July 12, 1970.

Binghamville Church Clock

Binghamville United Methodist Church

Mr & Mrs W.H.H.Bingham who lived in Stowe were visiting friends in Binghamville. They came to the Elmer Lamb home, went out in the back yard, and Mr Bingham pointed to a spot where the house stood where he was born. He said he would like to place a monument on that spot. Mrs Bingham pointed to the church steeple and suggested that a clock be placed there as a memorial. The clock was ordered August 3, 1891 from the Howard Clock Products Company of Waltham, Mass. It was shipped promptly and no doubt was installed shortly after its arrival, in as much as the craftsman accompanied the shipment to its destination.

Today the large dials are still ticking away the minutes as the church celebrates its one hundredth anniversary.

As we are now in the year , this makes the clock years old.

Although the memorial clock resides in the bell tower of the Binghamville United Methodist Church, it belongs to all the citizens of Fletcher.

2001- Binghamville United Methodist Church

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