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USABB - United Students Against Book Banning

Peace for Mankind

Welcome to United Students Against Book Banning (USABB)! This site is dedicated to providing you with information about literary censorship: its causes, its effects and its history. We are constantly updating, so your comments and questions are always welcome!

USABB is a Canadian coalition of students against the censorship of literary materials. We believe strongly that works of literature covering controversial issues should be left untouched by censoring. We also feel that books like Of Mice and Men and To Kill a Mockingbird are important to the classroom and to education. Though they cover many taboo subjects (rape, racism, sexism, incest), these are still issues that need to be discussed, understood and prevented.

Please visit our FAQ page. It will explain our main point (and we do have one!) and objective.

Please feel free to look around and contact us if you have any requests, comments or questions! USABB, in light of the situation in Afghanistan, requests than any gift donations be made to Amnesty International or Doctors Without Borders

USABB's position on The War on Terrorism


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Finally, what you've been waiting for...(apart from a money tree to sprout in your backyard)... It's the USABB Updates Page!! Yes, that's right, folks. Simply click here and... well... you'll be there.
The USABB Updates Page

When you see the tiny, shiny, spinning discoball... no- you're not on acid! It's just a new page. (This was Meg's idea, blame her.)
Our administrative pages (Membership, Rag, etc.) remain below, on this page. However, our info pages (History, Commonly Banned Authors, etc.) are now located on our Table of Contents page (below).

We've got several URLs, so here they are for bookmarking and linkage purposes (also if you find typing in new addresses particularily exhilarating, these are for you):

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History of Censorship .

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