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New Zealand in Beautiful Winter!

Welcome to New Zealand, where clean air, sporting, shopping and scenic travels are all around! If you like a place to relax, just visit New Zealand's Southern Island, where farm life is a major style of life, amongst the surroundings of scenic mountain views and where snow and heart-stopping sports top the activities. If you like water sports, then rafting or jet-boating will be an activity you will enjoy. If you are adventurous, try the bungy jump and if you like skiing, try any of the graciers where Mount Cook stand tallest. If you like climbing, there are the graciers out there waiting for you. If you prefer to go right up to the top without the hustle, just take the helicopter. And if you are hungry, try a splendid meal of venison burger or a chinese cuisine or anything else - almost every kind of food available, just to suit your taste. If you prefer, you can take a gondola ride up to the mountain top for dining with a view.

New Zealand is encompass by the unspoilt beauty of natural scenic views and a clean atmosphere, surrounded by mountain views top with snow all year round. The air we breath, is as clean as it can get, and the fields are green with farming of sheeps, cattles and deers. The parks are always filled full with colors beyond imagination with blooms of many varieties of botanical life. Population in the Southern Island top highest at places such as Dunedin and Christchurch, where life is more industrialize, with shoppings, business centres and others.

Visit Twizel, where Mackenzie is, and view its magnificent sunrise. Visit Queenstown, where life is a mixed of pleasure and business. Cruise from Queenstown, across Lake Wakatipu to Walter Peak Farm, situated at picturesque Beach Bay on the western shores and learn about NZ's farming life, sheep shearing, wool spinning and others. Visit Arrowtown for a historical visit of gold mining. Travel to Fiordland National Park via Eqlinton and Hollyford Valleys to Milford Sound (reminiscent of the Norgwegian Fiords and Mitre Peak).

Visit Milford Sound where a ride through the roads will see beautiful sights of snow falling and hear the rumbling sound of the fearsome landsliding. Take a cruise into Tasman Sea from Milford Sound, and experience a close encounter with the many waterfalls of NZ. Take an underground adventure ride by the path alongside the thundering stream and above cascading waterfalls, and then by punt glide through silent darkness into the deepest secrets of the Te Anau Caves, where you will see a visual life cycle of the glowing worm. Visit Mt Cook and its National Park for a breathtaking panoramic view of a lifetime, surrounded by the beauty of the great valleys of New Zealand.

View the Moeraki Boulders (Scenic Reserve), south of Hampden. The scientific theory of the Boulders were formed by concretions around a central line crystal core.

Visit Ashberton, where farming activity closes home. Stay around at the farms for an educational tour of farm life and experience milking the animals, shearing the sheeps and more.

Take a relaxing stroll around a safe and friendly place at Christchurch. It's a thrilling adventure in the great outdoor, with lush gardens and tree-lined avenues, with unspoilt mountains and forests. It's a cafe breakfast in the city, and a country vineyard for lunch and probably something else for dinner.

Christchurch, Canterbury, is known as the most English architecture of NZ. The cathedral with its copper spine dominates the central city. Also known as the Garden City of New Zealand, it is filled with fantastic festivals, exciting theaters and art galleries. Great shopping and award winning attractions is found in Christchurch, making it a vibrant cosmopolitan city.

You will still see trams as a form of transport in Christchurch. Take a ride in a condola-styled boat through the romatic river of 'Venice', an almost exact replica of the real thing, in the Avon river.

If the above description is not enough reason to attract you, nothing else will. Have fun. Visit New Zealand for a relaxing and exciting time, away from any form of stress in your life - NOW!

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