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The Beauty of Canada!

Welcome to Canada, one of the most scenic place to go while travelling. Do not miss travelling the east and the west of Canada, including the north east and also the Canadian Rockies.

Visit Vancouver, the Victoria Island, and Alberta in the region of Canada West and the British Columbia. Each place has its own unique beauty and attactions. Visit some of the famous parks of Vancouver, such as the Elizabeth National Park, Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge & Park, and view the sunken garden, the red indians' carving of totems, the skyline of Vancounver city and cross one of the longest suspension bridge. Walk through GasTown which is famous for the Steam Clock that drew steam from the underground heating system for the residence. Walk around the vicinities and shops for momentos of Vancouver. Visit Robson Street, the main central shopping area of Vancouver. Nearby Vancouver, not so far away, is the Victoria Island, a place not to be missed!

Travel by ferry to Victoria and visit the Butchart Gardens, where all year through, you can admire the different kinds of flowers blooming. Go to downtown Victoria, and view the Victorian settings of the whole island, visit North America's biggest Chinatown, Mdm Tusaud's Wax Musuem, the harbour and many other scenic spots. Next, venture into the rockies of the British Columbia, then into the rockies of Alberta. See the many spectacular views of mountains, lakes, icefields and waterfalls never seen before in any other parts of the world, in its beauty and settings. Visit the National Parks of Jasper, Banff and many others. Stay a day or two at the capital of Alberta at Edmonton. Visit one of the largest mall in the region - West Edmonton's Mall, where there are ice-skating rings, swimming pools with waves, bungy jumping, restaurants, theaters, casino, theme parks, all in a single building!

Visit Quebec City, Montreal, and Ottawa in the region of Ontario. Each place has its own unique beauty. In winter, the place is an awesome sight amongst all the the inconveniences the natives faced.

Here is a place where French is prevalent. Walk down the streets of Quebec City, a unique place with a difference.

Do not miss Niagara Falls, one of the seven wonders of the natural world. Here at Toronto, the American and Canadian Falls are best viewed above by helicopter or close-up by cruise or at the edge of the shore. Go up to the Skylon Tower observatory to get some shots of the Falls, a panoramic view from one end to another.

You may also want to consider visiting the Niagara Falls by night, where you can play your part in decorating the rainbow lightings of the Niagara Falls with a fantastic view.

Not to be missed are the natural parks in Canada, where flowers bloom in colors, beyond your heart's imagination!

Canada is a beautiful place in its natural settings. Don't miss it, if you like scenic travel!

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