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Welcome to The North Pole!

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Page last updated on 7/18/07
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"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"

Welcome to Santa's home at The North Pole! Santa has been busy all year making sure all the little boys and girls of the world have been good! He has been making his list and checking it twice! This is his website, and here you will be able to send a letter to Santa, see great Christmas pictures, sign Santa's guestbook, check out how the elves are doing, take the poll, win Santa's award for your website, and much more!

Send a Letter to Santa

Christmas Pics

Christmas Pics II

Meet Santa's Elves!

Santa's Favorite Things

Win Santa's Award!

Santa's Favorite Links

Send a Christmas Card!!!

North Pole Weather

Santa's Radar Tracking

History of Kris Kringle in Germany


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May you keep the
Joy of Christmas in your
Heart all through the year

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