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Meet Santa's Elves!!!


This is Cameron, he is my Head Elf. He is 343 years old, and is a very important elf. Cameron tells me that alot of boys and girls have been VERY good this year! Currently he is watching over the other elves to make sure they create the very best and safe toys!

This is Luke, he is in charge of taking care of the reindeer. He is 216 years old, and is very best friends with Rudolph. Luke is a very good caretaker, and he is also Cameron's brother!

This is Christopher, he is a toymaker. He is 112 years old, and loves to create toys for all the children of the world. Christopher likes to eat alot of candy canes!

This is Lance, he is in charge of my Santa Letters. He is 401 years old, and is always happy. Lance makes sure I get every letter from all the good little boys and girls in the world. He loves hot chocolate!

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