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Scout Talk

Signing Bonuses

Q) How do you decide what High School showcases to attend and which ones are good for seeing pro prospects?

A)I think high school showcases are a valuable tool for players to get noticed. I typically attend all that I can. I think the Perfect Game Showcases, Team One, and the Area Codes are the best covered nationally.

A)I attend all showcases I can in my area. Eastern Professional Showcase, Team One, Perfect Game and Area Code Games are musts for scouts.

A) We attend showcases based on our own internal schedule in terms of convenience of location and personnel we have available. Ideally, a prospect should attend the ones in which he will receive the most exposure to scouts and college coaches.

Q) What is the best way for a high school player to get the attention of the MLB scouts?

A)Just play baseball, don't worry about the scouts! If you keep playing,we'll find you. Attend the showcases that you can.

A) The best way for a player to get attention is to play. Not only on his high school team, but he should seek out better competition on more select teams, be it area codes, perfect game, etc.

Q) What is the value of the tryout camps to the scouts and what does a player need to do at them to get signed to a minor league contract?

A)Attend all the tryout camps you can . It gives the team your 60 time. It gives him a contact card with all information needed by him to complete his reports. No team can sign a player unless their is a slot open after the draft for that player.Pitchers usually are the position of usual signability, however if a need for an infielder, outfielder, and possibly a catcher may also be called to all team scouts and this may give individuals a contract opportunity

A)Tryout camps mainly allow me to prepare for the next year's draft. I don't expect to sign players out of them directly. But, of course, if a free agent shines, there is always the possibility of his getting signed. Tryout camps are good mediums to evaluate raw tools.

A) Tryout camps are very valuable. As an industry, we like to leave no stone unturned when it comes to procuring talent. In order to get signed at one, a player needs to demonstarte that he can play AND fill the particular need that we are looking for at the time.

Q)How important is pyschological tests on where a player is taken in the amateur baseball draft?

A) They are a must for all draft picks in the top ten rounds for me, I like to have one done on anyone I feel is a major league prospect. Higher the selection the more information you need to pull the trigger on a high profile prospect and with the extremely large bonuses and college education guarantees of todays june free agent draft.

A)Our team does not perform psychological tests. Our feeling is that all kinds of personalities play in the big leagues.

A) The importance psychological tests may vary from team to team. In general, teams want to know as much as they can through any means about potential draftees. How they weigh that psychological information against other information they have is up to the team.

Q) How important is the Pre-Draft workout to the draft?

A)If you are invited to any pre draft type workout or session is so important to round and or slotting, and a must with the large amount of money involved in signing bonuses.

A)The Pre-Draft workout can be very important to the draft, because it enables a player to be seen in front of more higher-level scouts and officials. I believe that players should attend what they can if invited.

A) A pre-draft workout is important in the sense that it is another opportunity to be seen by the industry. From our perspective, if a prospect is looking to get drafted, there is no such thing as overexposure .

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