Pre Draft Baseball Showcase

How long have you been running your showcase?

2003 was the first year of the Pre Draft Baseball Showcase.

$ Costs to attend?


How many days does the showcase last?

One day.

Number of pro scouts and college coaches that usually attend?

15-20 Major League Scouts.

How does a player get invited?

Players are recommended by Major League Scouts.

The 5 best players that have attended your showcase

  • Drew Sheltone
  • Richie Daigle
  • Dominic Brown
  • Chris Waters
  • PJ Treadaway
  • Blake Nation
  • Jared Head

    Is housing provided


    How many players that attended your showcase been taken in the amateur baseball draft?

    40 players have been selected in the amateur baseball draft or signed as free agents. 23 players have signed contracts with independent baseball leagues.


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