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Baseball Factory Showcases

The Baseball Factory

(Rob Naddelman)

How long have you been running your showcase?

The Baseball Factory was founded in 1994

Costs to attend

· Costs vary based on the type of event. The National Tryouts cost $99 while our Signature College Recruiting Program is $495 to participate. · The National Tryout includes a four hour workout during which our scouts evaluate each player’s hitting, fielding, pitching, catching and base running ability. Within 72 hours the player can contact Baseball Factory to receive a verbal scouting report. Players may also be selected for tournament teams or training camps with Baseball Factory, based on their performance. All participants will also receive college recruiting information to assist them in their search

· The Signature College Recruiting Program includes a four hour workout during which each player is videotaped and evaluated while performing at their position. The videotape and written evaluation are placed on a personal web page that is created for the player. The player is able to email the link to this web page directly to college coaches in order to gain exposure. Players are also provided with additional college recruiting information to assist them in their search. Players may also be selected to participate with Baseball Factory at a training camp or on a tournament team, based on their ability.

How many days does the event last

· These are one day events that last four hours; however, players and parents can contact Baseball Factory after the event to ask questions and receive guidance through the college recruiting process.

How are players invited

· The National Tryouts are open to all players age 13 -18. Any player may attend, but players are also invited based on Baseball Factory’s relationship with American Legion, Little League and the National Amateur Baseball Federation.

· Players are invited to the Signature College Recruiting Program based on a recommendation from a high school coach, pro scout, college coach or other sources.

Number of pro scouts and college coaches that usually attend ?

· These events are generally not attended by college coaches; however, many players from these events will be selected to compete at a Team One Showcase or Tournament (a division of Baseball Factory), or the Under Armour All-America Game or Pre-Season Tournament. These events are attended by anywhere from 30 – 100 college coaches and pro scouts.

The 5 best players that have attended your events?

  • · David Wright
  • · Roy Halladay
  • · Prince Fielder
  • · Mark Teixeira
  • · CC Sabathia
  • Over 215 former Baseball Factory players have gone on to play in the Majors

    Is housing provided?

    · Housing is not provided for the National Tryouts or Signature College Recruiting Program; however, housing is provided at various other Baseball Factory events.

    How many players that attended your showcase been taken in the amateur baseball draft?

    · Over 2,500 players have that attended our events have been taken in the amateur baseball draft including 27 in the first round of the 2009 draft alone.