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Aflac Game

Aflac Game

How long have you been running your showcase?

The Aflac All American Classic started in 2003.

$ Costs to attend

There is absolutely no cost to the players selected. Lodging, Meals, Travel, Equipment, everything is covered by sponsors.

How many days does the showcase last?

4 to 5 days.

Number of pro scouts and college coaches that usually attend?

Hundreds and that includes most every MLB Scouting Director and several GM’s and other MLB Front Office personnel.

How does a player get invited

Every player who has ever played in the Aflac Classic has been selected by Perfect Game USA.

The 5 best players that have attended your showcase

It would be unfair to list just 5. However, the list includes the first player selected in each of the two drafts Aflac participants were eligible. Justin Upton (2005), Matt Bush (2004). Others who could make a top 5 list include Homer Bailey, Cameron Maybin, Andrew McCutchen, Nick Adenhart, and Chris Volstad

Is housing provided?

Yes, in luxury hotel. All Aflac players are treated like Big League players while attending the event.

How many players that attended your showcase been taken in the amateur baseball draft?

There’s has been only 2 drafts that Aflac players have been eligible for. 2006 will be the third draft. Many players are drafted, but perhaps the most astounding is the number of early selections. In those first two years, 18 Aflac All Americans were selected in the first round. Several others went in the second round. The percentages, so far, show that 1 of every 4 Aflac All Americans have become a first round draft pick