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The Birth Of Gore

Diabolical Dismemberment formed in the winter of 81' at the time under the name (Insaine) with mac-man on vocals, Jim Nelson-bass, Sean Nelson-guitars & back up vocals, using a drum machine. In 83' Mac-man got a set of drums & (insanie) was rolling really good for a while, but problems soon set in with mac-man going to jail for 11/29 the first of many, many problems & setback for the band dew to his uncaring attitude. Then 90-91' brought forth change to the band. mac-man sold his drums for drugs & quit music. Sean brought a singer into the band an old friend-Scott Styles, and they went threw many drummers, to many to mention at this time. All of which could not play the heavy music in which the band wanted.

So a year or two passed and mac-man returned to the band bring forth conflicts with Scott Styles one was that need to sing Death Metal singer & that Scott could not do. Scott found it funny and never took it seriously till Sean and Jim asked him to leave in 95'. Sean took over the vocals in a total Death Metal way. Changing the name of the band to (Morbid Reality) & settled on the name (Diabolical Dismemberment). In 96' working hard to releasing there first demo, the worst setback of them all happened. Jim & Sean's Dad, Jim Nelson died of heart attack on August 6th of 96'. It was a hard time for everyone at that point Dealing with the loss of a loved one & the man who bought there first instruments & got them into music in the first place. (Diabolical)-Released there first demo (Butchery) and dedicated it to there fathers memory.
Some times time does repeat it's self and mac-man with as always uncaring attitude quit the band for the last time, witch was the best thing that could ever happened to the band- It just poured gas in the fire for (Diabolical Dismemberment)

Purchasing a high tech drum machine, that could go faster than any drummer. They knew they were onto something good this time. No more set backs, no more hold ups, no more conflicts in the band. (Diabolical Dismemberment)-released NOCTURNAL BLOODBATH in 97' straight forward Death/Thrash. Then in 98' (Diabolical)- got a four track recorder and released (Gloom Of The Dead) demo in 98' adding a few new elements to their music being Doom & Black metal yet staying true to there love for Death Metal.

Now in 99' they are working on a brand new one that is sure to please any metal fan it's Death/Black/Thrash/Doom/with lots of groove mixed in very catchy yet very hard heavy & underground with loads of samples & obscenities for everyone's amusement "We can only ask" what is life without death?? If you would like to know more about (Diabolical Dismemberment) you can e mail us at "diabolicl11@hotmail.com" Demos are $5.00 and CDs are $10.00.

I wish to dedicate this page to my love VempireGodess-Ashlie for her time and support for this band & her love for extrema music. she truly is a Goddess


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