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2 years and finally an update...
Well, the only major improvement is that 1999 channels are now correctly handled
(firmware must support it).

Update: The quick fix doesn't work as intended, the problem lies in the bad programming style I used back
in those dark days, I need to do some more changes, please stay tuned.

For now, please use DVBEdit-binary (.dvb) format to import the lists, the DVB-text import is broken!

MediaSerax V1.16 (still buggy, will be fixed soon)

If you're looking for settings in DVB-Bin-Format you can find them all at:




With this slightly modified original firmware the Mediabox is able to generate ToneBurst.
Lists have to be edited externally though (with MediaSerax V1.16).

Theosoft-Patch V1.0

Original Versions

Spanish Version 1.2 (DSI175A/16R)
English Version 1.0 (DSI175B/05G)

In case you want to erase the serial EEPROM (24C16) which holds the settings use this file:

Empty EEPROM-Settingsfile

All firmwares I encountered until now simply write a default settings file at the next startup, so nothing is harmed. It also triggers a mandatory manual scan (Installation Menu), unfortunately you cannot skip this (Mediaserax won't setup the EEPROM correctly on its own with a virgin EEPROM factory setting).



In case you want to know what the box looks on the inside - some pictures




Uses the BDM to write to the FlashROMs. Only supports 29F040-FlashROMs.
Simply replacing the EPROMs will NOT work since !WE and !OE aren't correct and an address line isn't
where it's supposed to be.
Use this only if you know what you're doing, please!

MediaBDM V0.92 (still Alpha)



To use FlashROMs you have to modify the hardware a bit. Theosoft describes it here (unfortunately only in German, sorry!)


Disclaimer: The original firmwares offered on this page are copyrighted and may not be patched, changed or editied.But in either case it is allowed to reverse engineer a product to achieve increased compatibility in case support is no longer offered. This is the case and should a version arrive that is per se able to generate Toneburst/Diseqc I will remove the patched version at once. In addition none of these firmwares may be used without a valid license.

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