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The Realm

Home to Fascinating Lore
and Items of Fun and

Welcome to The Realm.

Near the end of July 2001, The Realm is born. In the time since the sites birth a great many things have happened to it. Various sections have been added. Numerous links to websites I find interesting posted. I posted a great many Star Wars theories. Ghost stories have been added. The Folklore, Superstitions and Holiday Traditions section has taken off. Numerous weekly polls made their way onto the home page. Even appearances of the various pages and sections have changed. Some have changed slightly while others are more noticeable.

Now we come to near the end of July 2003. A previous update from this year said after nearly three years on the web. Well, thinking back on that statement, I was a fool for making it. This is the time of The Realmís second birthday. It has seen only two years go by, though it can claim to have seen three different years. But it is the sites birthday that I should pay more attention to in the future when I make claims about how long itís been around.

In the time The Realm has been on the net, I have made a great many mistakes. Several have been in the coding needed for the web pages or for certain items to work. But if you check the Updates Archive, you will find that more often than not mistakes have been either with a date or time an update is said to have been posted. I donít claim to be perfect, and I never will. Mistakes are going to be made for as long as this site exists. I can only hope that they become fewer and fewer as time goes on.

As for what the future holds for The Realm, well at one time I would have told you what I had planned. Some sections that were originally planned and then created have scene no new material added to them. Others have been heavily updated. And still other sections that were never originally planned suddenly come to me and end up making their way onto the site where they will either see plenty of updating or end up being relegated to the field of ďWell, I gotta do something with that section some day.Ē As the previous update said, Rome wasnít built in a day. Hopefully Iíll be able to bring the polls back, fix various problems that have sprung up, and update some of the sections that are begging for updates.

The Realm is what it has always been. A hodgepodge of odds and ends. And that it what it shall always be. It is not one of those sites that specialize in a particular item. If I were going to set out to have a site specializing in a particular item, then Iíd end up having to maintain hundreds of sites. So The Realm is a site which gives you a glimpse into my interests. Perhaps even a little into who I am. So spend some time checking the site out. Who knows, perhaps youíll find something of yourself here too.


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Date Update Time
12/18/11 The Realm Cinemas revitalized with three new
videos to watch. Upadates moved to the
Updates Section.
4:29 PM
9/2/12 Jedi Families updated in the Theories Sub-Seciton
of the
Star Wars Section.
2:50 AM

The Realm Cinemas

For your viewing pleasure please pause these
videos when you first hit play and
wait until they are fully loaded so
as to avoid the effects of buffering.
Otherwise the video will seem jerky.

Now Playing

Theater 1

Video Christmas Card

Rated G

A Christmas greeting card from the webmaster.

Theater 2

Battle Start Within the Fort

Rated PG

Video of an American Revolutionary War reenactment
taken at the Fort at No. 4 in Charleston, NH on
October 2, 2011. British troops within the fort muster as
the battle begins.

Theater 3

Artillery to the Field

Rated PG

Video of an American Revolutionary War reenactment
taken at the Fort at No. 4 in Charleston, NH on
October 2, 2011. British artillery is moved from the
fort to the field as the battle begins.

What You'll Find Here

  • My Star Wars fan section
  • History Section
  • Links to intresting sights
  • A review section
  • A game section
  • My Pumpkin Fest Picture Gallery
  • A section on folklore, superstistions
    and holiday traditons
  • Kitchen Science Experiments section
  • Ghost Stories section
  • Army Men World fan section

My Star Wars Fan Section
Review Section
The Fun Zone
Updates Archive
Pumpkin Fest Gallery
Folklore, Superstitions, and Holiday Traditions
Kitchen Science Experiments
Ghost Stories
Army Men World