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S.Sense Wireless Sensors

Saves water and money by watering only when needed.


  • Reduces the cost of irrigating by up to 30%
  • Automatically turns off the sprinklers when it rains
  • Keeps your plants looking healthy all year long
  • Easy-to-install
  • Conserves water
  • Reduces irrigation runoff pollution

Only available on-line through Digital Sun.  Order today to get on our priority list. (Special Earlybird Discount if you hurry!)

S.Sense is a wireless sensor system that provides the most efficient and convienent way to control automatic sprinklers. The patent-pending S.Sense system consists of wireless sensors that are placed in the soil and a controller that connects to the sprinklers.  The sensors continuously monitor the condition of the soil to determine when water is needed and how much to apply. The system adjusts automatically so there is no more need to turn off sprinklers when it rains or to watch landscapes wilt when it gets hot. S.Sense will even sound an alarm if it detects a broken or clogged sprinkler head so that the problem can be repaired before substantial loss occurs.


    • Easy-to-install wireless system
    • Reliable dielectric moisture sensors
    • Extendable range wireless network
    • Works in landscape or agricultural
    • Enhances any existing or new sprinkler systems

Anyone can install an S.Sense system in a few minutes with just a screwdriver. The system can also provide flexible control of irrigation zones through the network of sensors. The wireless network enables each sensor to relay messages from other sensors so the range of the system can be extended over large distances.

See S.Sense Probe in turf.

S.Sense Starter Kit

The S.Sense Starter Kit contains everything you need to start saving water and money. It comes complete with one S.Sense Sensor Probe that you insert into the soil and one S.Sense Controller that connects to your existing irrigation system.

    Starter Kit Contents

    • S.Sense Sensor Probe
    • S.Sense Controller
    • 3 - AA Alkaline Batteries
    • 1 - AA Lithium Battery
    • Quick Start Guide

Only available on-line.  Check the Earlybird Discount.


S.Sense Sensor Probe

For larger systems or complex irrigation challenges, additional S.Sense Sensor Probes can be added to a system.  Each sensor probe that you add provides more precise control over individual irrigation zones.                -


    • Sensors:     Moisture, Temperature
    • Frequency: 916MHz
    • Max Range:200 ft. per node - extendable
    • Network:     Mesh Route, Security, ECC
    • Power:       1 AA battery (lasts up to 1 year)
    • Size:          10.2”long x 1.5”diameter (.75” barrel)

Only available on-line. Check pricing.

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