Saving Him

NOTE FROM ELECTRA: From time to time, we lose interest in something that once captivated us. Unfortunately, that's what has happened to me. Though I used to be an avid Spuffy shipper, I've moved on; found new interests. With that said, I have decided to abandon this fic as it is. I don't want to do it an injustice by trying to finish it when my heart is no longer in it. Thank you to everyone who has read it and who have supported me along the way. :)

Timeline: Post-"Crush". A/U after that. Iíll fill you in on the what as we go along.

Summary: Post-"Crush". Spike had been missing for a couple of weeks since he confessed his love for Buffy. She thought he had gone after Dru, and she was glad to be rid of him. Life was going along just fine until she made a startling discovery in a cemetery one night. Things would never be the same from that point on.

Pairing: Buffy/Spike

Rating: PG-13 for now, but it'll probably get to "R" soooner or later.

Disclaimer: All characters, etc, belong to Joss, M.E., Fox, and whoever else. I just needed to borrow them for awhile. No harm or copyright infringement intended.

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