Part Seven

Did I Fall For You, Or Was I Pushed?


The old cabin was almost buckling under the sudden outburst of tension that filled the room. But far from it being a bad thing, as far as Faith was concerned it was all good. She thrived when it came to sexual tension. She enjoyed it even. Especially when it involved her and Buffy, as it so often did.


As she awaited Buffy’s answer, Faith ran her hand through her hair. Not in a nervous gesture, but in a flirtatious one. She knew exactly what it would do to Buffy, as she had noted her reaction to such a move before.


Buffy’s eyes were immediately drawn to Faith’s neck. . .then, more often than not, Buffy would check out her cleavage. She was doing her best not to, but Buffy was now definitely finding it harder to look Faith in the eye.  


 I. . .um, I didn’t. . .” Buffy stuttered, panicking that she might say the wrong thing again.


It wasn’t helping that for some reason she was finding it incredibly difficult not to stare at Faith’s tight top, and of course the fact that her breasts looked incredibly. . .


“You were saying, B?” Faith was holding in her amusement at Buffy’s inner battle, but her lips were curled up in a delicious smirk.


Buffy had to quickly decide how she was going to react to this. Faith had out played her and she was struggling to come up with an answer that wouldn’t make the other girl think she wasn’t interested at all, but then also reassure her that she was. Buffy was getting confused.


“Don’t worry, Twinkie. I wasn’t about to pounce on ya.” Faith gave Buffy a break and got up to replenish their stash of beers, chuckling to herself as she went.


Fumbling around with the warm bottles and some more munchies, Faith watched her friend as she sat oblivious by the fire. Buffy was busy playing with one of Faith’s heavy boots that she had kicked off earlier, toying with the lace almost wistfully, with a concentrated expression on her face.


It was a simple act but spoke volumes to Faith for some reason. For one thing, most people usually couldn’t stand to be any less than at least ten meters away from her boots. It wasn’t that her feet smelled all that bad, but she did have a tendency never to take the hard wearing shoes off. It made her smile to think of just how much Buffy must really like her. 


And she was almost certain she had detected a hint of disappointment coming from Buffy when she had stated that she wouldn’t pounce on her. That notion gave her a whole load of new indecent thoughts. Mostly about being a little dominant with her coy friend. Faith made her way back over to Buffy, sitting about as close as she could to her without actually sitting on top of her.


The two girls drank some more, and talked some more. Mostly just small chitchat about this and that, as neither girl seemed to want to get too heavy with the conversation again. They were enjoying just being in each other’s company too much, without the constant threat of vampires or demons, or the scoobs getting in the way.


For that, Faith was immensely grateful. And even though she didn’t want to admit it, so was Buffy. The topic did stray to talk of the little Buffy brigade, however; mostly because Faith was gently poking fun at them. She only did it because it never failed to annoy the cute blonde.


“So, you and Xander never got pelvic then?” Faith wiggled her eyebrows at Buffy and threw a little demonstrative body language in because, as much as she denied it, Buffy clearly liked it when Faith talked with her body in the way she did. 


Faith knew the answer to her question would be no, but found herself unable to resist irritating her with the assumption. She liked nothing more than pressing extreme reactions from people.


“Of course not. I mean, he’s like. . .well, my brother. I know you ‘did’ him, but come on. . .I’m so not going there,” Buffy assured and shook her head. She could tell she was on the wrong side of sober now, because usually a question like that from Faith would irritate the hell out of her.


“Yeah well, I was post-slaying horny. Like I said though, I don’t really go for doing things like that anymore. Kinda gets boring after more than your share of useless screws.” Faith leant her head on her hand, resting her elbow on the worn cushion of the couch. She was almost completely facing Buffy with her entire body, and the two girls were subconsciously sat in almost the exact same position.


“Useless?” Buffy focused intently on the dark beauty in front of her.


“Yeah, useless is not even the word, girlfriend. Most guys haven’t got a clue. Even trial and error eludes most of em. Man, I get sick of telling them that foreplay is not paying for the cab,” Faith said, then took a swig of beer.


Buffy also took a swig, trying to match her.


Buffy normally shied away from talking about sex, especially with Faith, because she was inclined to get turned on and jealous at the same time. Which did nothing to help her out in the confused stakes. Right now though, it was like she didn’t have a choice, as her mouth was working on the distinct impression that it didn’t need the services of her brain.


“So, why do you do it then. . .if it’s crappy, and not doing anything for you?” Buffy asked. She didn’t have a great deal of experience when it came to sex.


“Because I can, and it’s not all bad. Not if you know how to work it in your favour. But then. . .I guess things are changing for me, and I don’t waste my time on it anymore. Well, not as much.” Faith looked away into the dwindling fire.


She wasn’t really keen on the idea of getting into this conversation right now. She didn’t want to reveal too much to Buffy, but she didn’t want to lie to her or mislead her either.


Buffy smiled softly at Faith, liking the idea that she was no longer sleeping around so much. She loved the whole bad girl image, but hated not being the one Faith would make her way home with on a night. Even if she had only just admitted that to herself, it was clear she had always felt that way. She wondered what the reason was behind Faith’s change.


“If you don’t mind me asking.” Not that she was going to give Faith a choice. “Why are things changing for you? Is there. . .a boyfriend now?” Buffy asked, repeating “please say no, please say no” over and over in her head.


You would have thought that a close friend would have known that kind of information. But Faith was not what you could call a normal close friend. She never gave things like that away to anybody. Everything had to be a struggle with Faith. A battle of wills almost.


On the one hand it would irritate Buffy, but on the other she secretly liked it because it gave Faith an air of mystery that she was powerless to stop being attracted to. Buffy was drawn to Faith’s hidden depths like a moth to a raging inferno.


“Hey, I’m done with this conversation. You need to work harder at entertaining me, B. Getting bored here,” Faith grinned and emptied her bottle, placing it on the pile by her feet.


Faith didn’t want to participate anymore in Buffy’s attempt to get information out of her. She avoided acknowledging the mock scowl coming her way.


“Bored?” Buffy was trying her best to look annoyed but it was coming out a lot less effective than she desired, even if she was a tad pissed off that Faith hadn’t made it clear if she was seeing somebody else right now or not.


So she was doing her best to give Faith the evil eye, but failing miserably. Being annoyed at Faith could be fun sometimes however, because it would often lead to bantering, which would then lead to teasing, playful insults, and sometimes to what could only be described as physical contact of the play-fight type. And Buffy liked that. She liked it a lot.


“I’ll give you bored,” Buffy huffed.




Buffy lunged towards Faith, cutting out the tiresome middle bits of the bantering and the teasing and getting straight down to the physical. Faith fell backwards with the small blonde on top of her; the sudden onslaught catching her totally by surprise, as Buffy began tickling her with abandon.


Faith loved the play fighting they would sometimes indulge in. More and more often it’s what their sparring sessions would turn into. They would tumble around at Giles’ disapproval with no real conviction to beat each other or get the upper hand.


Long ago, Faith had realised that it was a great way to get close to Buffy on a physical level without it being too violent, or too sexual. Although, it was nearly always bordering on sexual play other than anything else.


She loved the way they would push against each other to get the power position on top. More often than not Faith would allow Buffy to take the position, because she loved the other slayer sitting on her, looking triumphant and taking control. It turned Faith on to no end.


But that was play fighting, and right now. . .she was being thoroughly tickled, and that wasn’t something she allowed without at least a little bit of a fight. Mainly because she was extremely ticklish. Thankfully, only Buffy knew it. Although at present Faith wasn’t being thankful for that at all.


“Hey. That is so not fair,” Faith whined uncharacteristically.


Buffy usually gave Faith more warning if she was going to attack her, so the sudden and unexpected lunge now had Faith pinned under her as she straddled her. Her arms had been raised above her head and were being held in Buffy’s grip, as she tickled her with her free hand.


“Not fair? But calling me boring is?” Buffy hit the spot on Faith’s side that always, without fail, got the other girl squirming around and almost peeing herself.


“I didn’t call you boring. Aww, come on, B. I promise I didn’t,” Faith gasped.


The normally controlled and cool slayer couldn’t hold still, or stop giggling, making it impossible to push Buffy off.


Faith jerked her hips up into the other girl to try and dislodge her, or at least make her lose her grip, but all it really managed to do was cause a certain amount of friction right where she desired it most from Buffy. Right where it felt good. Really good.


After a minute or two Buffy reduced her tickle to almost a mild stroke, her eyes closing and lips parting as if she was feeling something that was completely distracting her. Faith looked down between them, to realise her crotch was pushed up right into Buffy; and Buffy was rubbing herself almost imperceptibly on her.


Faith didn’t want to move, react, jump up and tear Buffy’s clothes off and fuck her on the floor of the dusty old cabin. No wait, she did want to do all those things, but she didn’t dare. Buffy was currently in a world of her own, and Faith was far too busy enjoying what she was doing to her and on her to want to pull Buffy out of it. She cautiously rolled her hips up in time with Buffy, unable to resist the temptation. And now they were both softly rubbing their hot mounds into each other.


The thought of just how intimate things would be right now if they were both naked, stole any hope of stopping what was happening from Faith. She allowed her mind to drift into thoughts of how good it would feel to have their wet pussies sliding over each other. To have the other girl dripping into her in her need.


Buffy looked down at Faith, dark chocolate brown eyes pulling her into them as she lost herself to the intense moment she was busy engaging in with her. She was lost in the desire she recognised in the other girl’s eyes.


Lost in the feeling of Faith’s body under her. Of Faith’s most intimate body part so close to her own. Of how Faith had never looked so sexy than right now with her sumptuous lips wet from where she’d licked them, her lush dark hair lying in waves around her, and her eyes. . .her gorgeous eyes feeding hungrily off Buffy as they roamed her slender frame.


Buffy couldn’t stop. She knew she should, for some reason that she couldn’t quite remember she knew she should. But it felt so good. So close, so tender, and real. And very, very hot.


Buffy bit her lip and tried to ignore the niggling annoying voice in her head. She almost gave in completely to what was happening; she almost gave in to Faith, until the brunette broke her out of her lust fuelled daze with a soft hand on her thigh, and the sexiest grin she had ever seen.


“Jesus, Faith, I’m sorry.” Buffy flushed, but she didn’t know quite why she was apologising.


Faith hadn’t exactly been big in the stopping her department, and the heated look on the other girl’s face wasn’t telling her in any way that she hadn’t been enjoying it too. But for some reason, all Buffy could think about was how embarrassing it was to be sat on her friend, literally humping her over her leathers. Buffy moved to get up off Faith.


“Hey, it’s ok.” Faith halted the blonde girl’s departure from her lap.


Faith hadn’t meant for Buffy to stop when she had regained the use of her left arm and touched her thigh. She had just wanted to reach out and check that it was real, and that she wasn’t dreaming it as she had so many times. Faith racked her brains for ways to keep Buffy from getting up and just walking away.


She placed her right hand on Buffy’s other thigh, so now she was gently holding the smaller girl where she was on top of her. Faith kept their eyes locked, and she softly rolled her hips so her groin once again pushed into the blonde girl. Buffy let out a deep breath and settled most of her weight back down again on Faith, who was busy mentally doing a little celebration dance, that for some reason involved pompoms.


“Faith,” Buffy breathed out lustfully, wanting to say stop but finding it hopeless to even attempt to believe that that’s what she meant. 


They remained with their eyes gazing deep into one another, as their mounds were being cautiously rubbed against each other in a soft, slow rhythm. Faith realised this could either be a major turning point in their friendship, or just a major mistake. She wanted it to be a turning point, and somehow she could tell that Buffy was thinking the same thing. Maybe it was the way Buffy was gazing down earnestly at her with an unreserved look of adoration.


She pushed up more fully into Buffy to gauge her reaction. Buffy moaned weakly in defeat, and settled her weight completely on Faith, grinding her hips forward at the same time, causing Faith to also make a little moaning noise in the back of her throat. Their breathing and motion became more pronounced as they pushed harder against each other, a definite rhythm now being adopted.


“Do you. . .do you want me to stop, B?” Faith had never asked such a stupid question in her life.


Faith didn’t want to stop. Not for all the tea in. . .wherever the fuck it was. She wanted Buffy to stay exactly where she was. Or to be more accurate, she wanted to get them both naked, and then get Buffy sat back on her right where she was now, slipping sensually back and forth against her


I. . .I don’t know. No,” Buffy attempted to answer. She really didn’t know what was best right now.


Everything inside Buffy was screaming at her to go for it and to take it further. To take it as far as it could possibly go. But there was still doubt, and fear. Despite the obvious desire in the beautiful brunette’s eyes, Buffy couldn’t be one hundred percent sure that she was making something out of nothing.


“Is it no, or yes, B?” Faith whispered in a husky tone.


Every inch of her body was pleading with Buffy to give her the green light so she could show her how much she wanted her, and loved her. She couldn’t take much more of this waiting crap.





Part Eight

Save Me From Myself


Heat was something that often involved fire. And fire could be caused by friction. And friction was busy sparking a possible inferno between two slayers.


Faith thought she was actually in danger of just bursting into flames right there in the shabby hideout the two girls were currently. . .well, she didn’t know what you could call what they were currently doing, but it felt good. Very good. And she didn’t want it to stop. All Faith wanted to hear right now was yes, yes, yes. 


“Do you want to stop, Faith?” Buffy wanted to make absolutely sure she wasn’t reading the signals all wrong. Even if it was fairly obvious, what with Faith pushing up in a sensual rhythm against her, that she was waving around big flashing “I want you now” signs.


Faith smiled up at Buffy, because this was so like them. Tip toeing around the issue, not seeing what was clearly happening between them, too frightened to take a chance with each other. But now she was tired of all that.


They were slayers and weren’t looking at the prospect of pension plans for the future. They risked their lives everyday. They balanced on the edge of a big black hellhole of all things nasty and dangerous, and it was time to take hold of the opportunity to change something. Really change something. 


“No, I don’t wanna stop,” Faith assured and pushed up more forcefully into the blonde girl, gripping her thighs with her strong hands.


It was all Buffy needed to know. She leaned down slowly towards the gorgeous brunette under her, searching her dark eyes for any doubt. She didn’t see any, and when Faith wet her lips in anticipation of what was to come, Buffy knew this was the right thing to do for both of them.


Buffy stopped just a whisper away from Faith’s enticing lips. She wanted to remember this moment. She wanted to take every single little thing in. Like the smell of the other girl overwhelming her senses. The heat between them where their bodies touched. Their breasts softly brushing up against each other. The soft breath whispering over her lips as Faith waited patiently for their first kiss.


Buffy melted into the impossible depths of Faith’s irresistible brown eyes, before closing her own and bringing their lips together precariously. Neither of them had ever kissed another girl before. Never tasted the sweet, soft lips of someone of the same sex. They both groaned faintly, unable to hide the fact of their arousal.


Faith had something doing acrobatics in her stomach, and her lips were tingling from the incredible softness of Buffy’s caress. She gave into the other slayer completely, relinquishing any hope of taking control of this moment. She didn’t want to. She was too busy turning to mush.


Buffy’s stomach wasn’t fairing much better as she pressed her mouth a little harder to the lushness of Faith’s lips, moving over them, tasting them and just delighting in the feel of them giving her all their attention.


The blonde girl had always had a fascination with Faith’s lips. She would spend long moments in the other girl’s company just daydreaming about what they would feel like to kiss. She was well aware now that her fantasies had come nowhere near to what it actually felt like kissing Faith.


The alcohol running through her veins stripped Buffy of her normal sobriety, well, that and the fact that Faith was turning her on an enormous amount. She pressed her lips more forcefully to Faith’s, taking her full lower lip into her mouth and sucking on it gently. Faith groaned huskily in the back of her throat and began kissing Buffy hungrily.


Faith’s hands moved up to Buffy’s slender back, holding the blonde girl tighter to her as she became more and more aroused. She opened her mouth a little more in invitation, wanting to feel Buffy’s tongue, wanting her to delve into her warm wet mouth. Buffy didn’t waste the opportunity.


She slid into Faith’s mouth, stroking their tongues together and beginning a sweet, delicious dance. They tasted each other’s warm saliva, the tang of alcohol doing nothing to deter them in their hungry exploration.


Both girls were breathing heavily, their breasts rubbing up against each other, nipples hard and wanting to be more involved. They were no longer rubbing against each other anywhere else though, the intensity of the kiss being enough to cope with for the time being.


The crackling of the splitting logs in the fire, and the sensual sound of soft lips and probing tongues broke the quiet of the cabin, as the chosen two lost themselves to each other. They would have been unaware if a herd of stampeding bulls had thundered past.


Faith ran her palms up and down Buffy’s back and sides, tenderly grasping her firm backside and moaning as Buffy once again lowered herself so she was intimately pushing into Faith. Their bodies moulded into each other, Buffy burying her hands into Faith’s soft brown locks. They continued that way for at least ten minutes or more. Both doing their best not to go too fast or push too soon.


When Buffy eventually pulled back, both girls looked about ready to eat each other alive. Sparks of light from the fire and candles shimmered in their desire filled eyes as they gazed at one another.


Buffy smiled dreamily at Faith, who smiled back with just as much adoration. The tension in the room was more sweet and sensual now than hot and heavy. They could both feel it, but neither would dare to tell the other how much they really did care for, feel, and love each other.


“I liked doing that. That was really, really nice,” Buffy said quietly.


It was an understatement of immense proportions, but Buffy didn’t want to sound over eager; still not entirely sure if Faith felt quite the same. She bent down and playfully kissed Faith on the nose.


“Nice? How about. . .you just blew me away, B? And I really hope you wanna do that again,” Faith said huskily, cupping Buffy’s cheek in her palm and running her thumb gently across the lips she had just been enjoying.


A huge smile broke out on Buffy’s face at the natural exuberance bursting from Faith. She loved the way Faith threw herself into everything she was involved in. It gave her butterflies to think about how getting even closer to her was going to be incredible. She licked her lips, still able to taste the other girl, and slowly trailed her eyes from Faith’s sexy neck down to the top of her very tight tee shirt.


Faith’s nipples were hard; her breasts straining to break free from the dark cloth, as deep lungfuls of air made their way in and out of her heaving chest. Buffy wanted to reach out and touch, but was still apprehensive, still scared.


It wasn’t as if she had had fantasies about any other girl. She had only ever thought about touching Faith in that way, and she was terrified of doing something wrong. Even though she knew her friend also had never had any experience when it came to the same sex, Faith was still a lot more sexually aware in general than she was.


“Hey, you ok?” Faith asked, having noticed a slightly anxious look replace the happy smile. She was hoping Buffy hadn’t had a change of heart.


“Yeah, I’m just. . .” Buffy openly looked the prone girl over, shaking her head. “You’re just so beautiful and sexy. And I have no clue how to. . .I mean, I wanna touch you, but. . .”


“Buffy,” Faith grinned sexily at Buffy, and in her sensually husky voice said, “just touch me.”


Buffy blushed bright red and looked away. She hadn’t quite expected that. Which was fairly stupid considering it was Faith sat under her smirking wickedly. Buffy narrowed her eyes, realising the younger girl was teasing her.


“Why you little. . .” She just about managed to get her fingers to Faith’s sides in order to tickle her before the dark girl flipped her onto her back. The sudden move made Buffy squeal.




“Little what, girlfriend?” She pinned the smaller slayer under her, giving her a taste of her own tickle-medicine.


Little. . .sexpot,” Buffy giggled. “Trying to take advantage of me.” She squealed again as Faith hit a particularly sensitive spot on her stomach.


 “Is that right? And what about you? Rubbing your hot little body all over me.” Faith sighed a little and fixed her chocolate brown eyes on Buffy. “Fuck, B, I’m so wet for you.”


The tickling stopped with Buffy pulling Faith down to her lips.


Just the thought of Faith being aroused for her drove her crazy. They kissed passionately, Buffy loving the feel of Faith between her legs. It turning her on more than anything she’d ever experienced.


Even having sex with Angel hadn’t come close to making her feel as aroused as she felt with the taller girl, fully clothed and pressed up against her. She was overwhelmed with desire, and almost scaring herself at how quickly she was allowing this all to happen.


Faith breathed in the scent of need coming from Buffy as she moved from her lips to her neck, kissing and licking at every bit of flesh she could. She was so worked up, and consumed by the lust coursing through her. She wanted all of Buffy, as soon as possible and as much as possible.


Even though she had never had sex with another girl before, it was like she was thinking on instinct, her love and desire for Buffy taking over her body and soul. She pushed into the girl beneath her, picking up the rhythm they had fallen into before; instantly feeling her pussy coat her panties with her need.


She ran her hand down Buffy’s side and to her thigh, pulling Buffy’s leg up a little, which effectively spread her legs further for Faith. Faith wanted to touch Buffy. She wanted to see and touch Buffy’s hot pussy. She wanted to push her fingers inside it and feel her sticky juices gushing out all over her fingers.


“I wanna fuck you so much, B,” Faith said breathlessly, sucking at Buffy’s neck as they both breathed hard, losing herself in the sensation of being between her legs.


She didn’t realise Buffy was speaking until she pushed her back a little by the shoulder.


 “Wait, Faith. Stop.” Buffy gasped in as much air as she could, trying to calm her breathing. All the alcohol seemed to rush from her body, leaving her mind a little clearer and more focused. 


Everything was going too fast. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to deal with Faith’s overpowering sexuality. It was frightening, and hot. It was hot because it was frightening. It wasn’t something she was used to dealing with at all.


“Sorry, Buffy. I didn’t mean to. . .I mean. . .” Faith just wanted Buffy so much, she hadn’t realised the blonde girl was freaking out until she looked in her eyes.


“It’s ok, Faith. It’s just all going a little fast for me,” Buffy explained.


Faith lifted some of her weight off the smaller girl, unable to be so close to her and not instinctively react. Right then she felt like nothing but an animal wanting to devour Buffy. She felt bad for being insensitive. For always being about sex.


Even though she had told Buffy she wanted to fuck her, she meant so much more by it. Faith just didn’t have the experience to put words to how she was feeling. And looking at the almost startled expression in Buffy’s innocent eyes, she felt completely inadequate. 


“Fuck, I’m such an asshole.” Faith sat back on the lumpy sleeping bag carpeting the floor and ran an unsteady hand through her hair.


“No, Faith, you’re not. Don’t think for a second that I don’t want this, because I do.  You’re not the only one getting wet. God, I feel like I’m about to explode I want you so much. But I’m not used to being like this, with anybody let alone another girl, so it’s a little scary,” Buffy said quietly.


She reached out and took Faith’s hand in her own; wanting to show her that she meant what she was saying. That she did want to be with Faith, in every way possible. Just not right then and there.


“I don’t wanna push you into anything, B. I. . .I care for you so. . .” Faith furrowed her brow and stood up. “Shit.”


Faith felt like she had said too much, yet not enough. That she could never say enough because words could never express how she felt about Buffy. It was beyond her understanding as it was. Faith was useless with anything that didn’t involve killing or sex. Or at least that’s the way she felt, because there had never been room in her life for love before. She had never cared for anyone or anything as much as she cared for Buffy.


She realised as she gazed down at the cute slayer, who looked a tad upset now, that she would do anything not to screw the chance up that she now had with her. If it meant keeping a rein on her sexual appetite, then that’s exactly what she would do. She knelt back down next to Buffy.


“Buffy, I’ve wanted to be with you like this for a long time, so if you wanna take it slow or just see how it goes, then ok. And if ya decide it’s not what you want, I’ll understand. The most important thing to me is your friendship, and I don’t wanna lose that. Not for anything,” Faith said, speaking softly. She swallowed hard, her heart threatening to burst through her chest it was beating so hard for Buffy. 


She had never felt emotions like the ones she was feeling. Her eyes were stinging with unshed tears that she refused to let fall. Whatever the outcome of this night, there was no way she ever wanted Buffy to feel sorry for her. To be with her for that reason and not because she truly wanted to be.


Buffy looked deep into Faith’s shimmering eyes, feeling so completely moved and touched at what the dark girl had said to her. It just wasn’t like Faith to open up like that. It just made her fall in love with her even deeper. More than she ever thought possible.


She had been worried, when Faith had stood up, that she had pushed her away and ruined any chance with her. Now Faith was showing her so much compassion, Buffy wanted to forget what she had just told her and take her into the bedroom to make love to her. 


She wanted to show Faith that she was part of her, and the only one that occupied her thoughts on a daily basis. She wanted to tell her that she fell asleep at night thinking about her beautiful, sorrow filled dark eyes. Wanting them to shine with the love that she knew was in there somewhere, behind those walls she had guarding her. She just wanted Faith, period. And it was overwhelming. 


B. . .did I say something wrong?” Faith touched Buffy’s face gently, brushing away the tears that had seeped from her eyes.


“No, you didn’t say anything wrong at all, Faith.” Buffy smiled, then leant forward and brushed her lips over Faith’s, sighing as the dark girl seemed to melt at the touch.


Faith kissed her so softly Buffy thought she would have a heart attack from the unsolicited feeling she felt in it. Buffy didn’t want to presume that it was love she was feeling coming from Faith, because she wanted it so much and would be crushed if she were reading too much into what Faith had said about caring for her. But she closed her eyes and wished for it to be true, smiling through her tears as Faith kissed the salty droplets off her cheeks.


She wanted to tell Faith she loved her right then. She wanted to show her. But Buffy was still just too afraid to take the leap, so she placed her hands on either side of the brunette’s face and kissed her deeply. Only pulling away to look into her soulful brown eyes.


“Just give me a little time to get used to this, Faith. And I promise it’ll be worth it.” She kissed Faith once more, then stood and offered her hands. “Come on, I’m tired.”


Faith took the offered hands and stood in front of Buffy, wanting to tell her that she was in love with her. That she would wait until the end of time for her if that’s what she wanted. Instead, she shook herself off, and looked out from the fortress that was her heart and grinned.


“Well, B. If you think ya can resist this hot body for long,” Faith ran her hands provocatively down her firm body, instantly catching Buffy’s attention, “you’re crazier than I am.” She winked and made her way into the bedroom.


Buffy watched Faith walk away with a sexy sway to her hips at the knowledge that she was watching. She licked her lips, took a deep breath, and followed.


“You’re not wrong there. I haven’t a hope in hell,” Buffy said to herself, questioning her own resolve at the prospect of resisting the temptation to just go ahead and take the plunge. To go ahead and take Faith.


In the gutter of Buffy’s mind. . .slow actually meant pretty damn soon.



Part Nine

Show And Tell


The chosen two spent the next two days comfortably close and horny as hell. They had so far managed to keep their contact down to just kissing, which had been incredibly hard. They were both finding it extremely difficult to keep their hands off each other.


They had devised ways to occupy their days, mostly with training and doing things to wear themselves out physically. Faith didn’t think she could possibly manage to do any more sit ups at one point.


Their first night wasn’t too bad, having kissed some more and snuggled close; Buffy insisting that Faith actually wear more than just her underwear to curb any temptation. Even though Buffy was shy about touching Faith in a sexual way, she knew her curiosity would probably get the better of her, and she didn’t want that just yet so bedclothes were a must.


Faith wasn’t too keen on wearing the tee shirt she had been told to put on, mumbling something about getting too hot and not minding if Buffy’s hands wandered. But she gave in when she realised it was either that or sleep on the couch.


The second night had been torture, mainly because they had made the mistake of expending some energy by sparring. The line between fighting moves and attempting to rub against each other for the friction had become blurred more than once or twice, or more. They had decided not to sleep as close, but woke up with Buffy sprawled on top of Faith.


It was now early morning and they were preparing themselves for the day ahead stuck in the middle of nowhere together.


“Hey, girlfriend. Get in here and wash my back,” Faith shouted, leaning against the doorframe to the bedroom with only a towel wrapped around her lower body.


Buffy nearly dropped the pan of water she was carrying towards the bath at the sight. Faith winked at her and sauntered back into the bathroom.


They had decided to share a bath, or rather the bath water. Buffy didn’t feel quite ready yet to get too up close and personal with Faith and jump in with her, so she was going to wait until Faith had finished, then get in after. She was having a hard time ignoring Faith’s increased flirting and teasing, but could admit she was also hitting Faith with some back.


The two girls were already driving each other crazy, but they were getting along great. The sexual tension only serving to help them bond more, now they both knew where they stood, and that they were interested in each other in a sexual way.


Before their less than sober clinch and confessions of attraction, the tension between them had always caused a certain amount of friction, and drove a wedge straight down the middle of their friendship. But now, the wedge was gone and both slayers were happy to flirt and tease each other.


Faith had always been a very sexual person, so Buffy guessed she was probably having a harder time keeping her mind on anything other than consummating the discovery of their mutual attraction. She was obviously holding back immensely, especially when they kissed.


Faith loved kissing Buffy though, as hard as it was to keep it on a casual level, there was no way she was going to stop doing it. Even if every time Buffy pulled back, Faith was left breathless and hot as hell.


They had spent hours just sat on the couch kissing softly, then more passionately before realising they would have to either stop or go further. Faith didn’t really mind that they stopped because it was something new to her. She had never been one to hold back before, always going out and getting whatever she wanted. And lots of it. She certainly didn’t want to push Buffy too far too fast though, and make her uncomfortable.


Faith made her way into the bathroom, ready to take a nice hot bath. She slipped the towel from her waist and stepped into the steaming tub of pan boiled lake water. She didn’t mind that it was lake water as it was clean and thankfully devoid of fish. For some reason the taps in the place didn’t work. When they turned them on all they got was various harmonious clanks and rumbles, but no water. The same couldn’t be said for the toilette thankfully. 


She knew Buffy wasn’t expecting her to already be sat in the bath in all her glory, waiting for the last top up. She just couldn’t help tormenting Buffy, though. She was no good at being a good girl for too long, as it just didn’t come naturally to her.


Faith. . .you’re not helping ya know?” Buffy sighed as she entered the bathroom, doing her best not to look at the reclining girl in the bath, which was almost impossible.


Faith was beautiful, and with her sexy body shimmering under droplets of water, there was no way Buffy could avoid looking at her. So she allowed her eyes to wander shyly over the perfect form of the other girl. She blushed as Faith smiled under her scrutiny. 


“Why don’t you get in, B? I promise I won’t look. . .much.” Faith sat up a little and wiggled her dark eyebrows at Buffy.


“Faith, I. . .” Buffy looked down at the steaming water, trying her best to stop eyeing up the very naked girl sat in it.


“Come on, you know you’re just dying to get in here with me. Plus, it’ll be cold by the time I’m done,” Faith grinned.


Faith wanted to get Buffy used to her being naked, and used to them being naked together. She guessed if Buffy became more comfortable with that then she would be less embarrassed when it came to the actual touching. Because, as much as she wanted to give Buffy her ‘wait’ time, she was aching to get closer to her.


Even though they had teased each other with a little display in the lake, Buffy still wasn’t completely comfortable with being naked in front of Faith. She didn’t want to be a disappointment.


“Faith, you know I’m not comfortable with things like this. I’m shy,” Buffy confessed as she gave Faith a little cute look. Somewhere in her shimmering green eyes there was a tiny spark of mischief.


“I won’t touch you, B. I just wanna take a bath with ya.” Faith held her hand out to Buffy. “Pour that in and get your cute little ass in here, babe.” She wanted to be able to just look at Buffy, take it all in and know for sure they were headed for more.


Buffy took a deep breath and poured the pan of water into the bath. She looked into the dark pools of Faith’s eyes and knew she was safe with her. Faith wouldn’t ask her to take things further if she wasn’t ready. She wasn’t entirely sure if she was a little disappointed at that fact, secretly loving the idea of Faith getting frisky, and just jumping on her and. . .


“B,” Faith said quietly, her voice dripping in seduction.


“Ok, but I. . .I’m not very. . .” She was going to tell Faith she wasn’t much to look at, because that’s what she felt like alongside the stunning girl.


“Buffy, if you’re gonna say what I think you’re gonna say. . .don’t. You’re gorgeous, and the fact that I wanna get you naked and look at ya, should tell you that you don’t have to worry about what I’m gonna think. I’m attracted to you for so much more than just your witty repartee. Now get the fuck in here,” Faith demanded. She noticed the desire flash across Buffy’s eyes at the playful command.


It made Faith grin wickedly; wondering about the possibilities that lay ahead for them as far as their prospective sex life was concerned.


Buffy looked down at the enticing hot water of the bath again, and the even more enticing hot body of the other slayer, and began to remove her clothes. She slipped her tee shirt off over her head, revealing her pert breasts.


Faith’s eyes darkened in an instant, encouraging Buffy. She pulled her shorts down, taking her underwear with them, blushing under the lust filled stare of the younger girl.


Faith sat cross-legged in the large bath and watched as Buffy slowly got in, sitting at the opposite end to her. She couldn’t take her eyes off Buffy. She was so sweet and sexy all at once, and Faith was just caught in the headlights. She took her time just looking at Buffy. Her obvious fascination with the other girl’s body was clearly embarrassing her though, because Buffy pulled her knees up to her chest, effectively covering herself.


“Sorry, B. I’m creeping ya out here ain’t I? I don’t mean to stare it's just. . .you’re so fucking pretty. I mean, all of ya.” Faith smiled.


Buffy relaxed at that a tad, lowering her knees someway to at least reveal her chest.


“I don’t mean to be so self conscious. I guess I’m just feeling kinda, I dunno. Just, next to you I’m. . .Faith, you’re so beautiful, and you have such a great, sexy body I can’t. . .” Buffy just couldn’t string a sentence together with the gorgeous slayer sat in front of her, entirely happy in the fact that Buffy could see everything.




She tried to relax as she took in the sight of the naked brunette before her. Buffy gazed at Faith’s perfect teardrop breasts and their dusky nipples that were slightly erect, probably due to the small breeze coming in from the nearby broken window. She licked her lips and allowed her gaze to roam down Faith’s toned stomach, noticing a small scar to the right of her cute little bellybutton.


Then she gazed further down, her breathing becoming more rapid with the knowledge that she was about to catch a good look at Faith’s most intimate place. She quickly glanced up into Faith’s eyes, seeing that the other girl had kind of a half smile going on that suggested she was more than happy for Buffy to take a good look.


Buffy looked back down into the water between Faith’s open thighs. She felt herself getting wet as she sat staring at the trimmed, dark pink pussy on complete show to her with the way the other girl was positioned. Faith only had the tiniest strip of short dark hair covering her pink folds, and Buffy could make out that she was aroused too.


What she could see of the opening to the brunette’s silky passage caused her mind to explode into a crashing flash of images; of pushing her fingers into Faith and fucking her slowly. Touching the slippery walls, and spilling the warm fluids of the other girl out of her tight hole. Stretching her open and filling her deep inside.  


“God, Faith. You’re so. . .” Buffy looked back up into Faith’s striking dark eyes. “fucking sexy.” She hadn’t quite meant to sound so crude, but it was true.


She had never seen another girl’s sex so close and just waiting to be touched by her. Wet for her. It frightened her in one respect, but was also the biggest turn on.


Faith smiled at the obvious arousal of the other slayer and sat up more. She trailed her eyes over Buffy’s breasts and their sweet little pink nipples, noticing that they were fairly hard, and that Buffy was being less self-conscious of being looked at than before.


She then moved her perusal down to the small, blonde patch of pubic hair covering the other girl’s pussy. She noticed that Buffy’s legs were moving apart subconsciously as she looked, so she gently placed her hands on Buffy’s knees and encouraged her softly to spread her legs further.


Buffy didn’t freak and allowed her legs to fall apart. Faith let out a quiet moan that caused Buffy to cease worrying so much, and become less embarrassed at the fact she was showing the brunette her already slick sex. She wanted Faith to see her, because then she wouldn’t feel quite so bad about the fact she wanted to look at Faith some more.


Faith licked her lips as she noticed the glisten to Buffy’s sweet pink folds. She tried to memorise every dip and curve she could see. The silky folds slightly spread and revealing the small bump of the other girl’s hidden clit.


Faith wanted so much to reach down between them and stroke her finger over it. To gather the moisture there and bring it up to her lips to taste it. But she knew that would be pushing too far, much too far. It was one thing to look, but another to actually touch.


Even if Buffy seemed as turned on as she was. Even though the Faith could sense how much Buffy wanted her, she wasn’t going to go against what they had agreed. She took a deep, shaky breath and looked into the blonde girl’s sensitive eyes. She had to calm herself.


“Turn around, Twinkie,” Faith asked breathlessly.


Buffy complied without hesitation, too busy thinking about how she had just allowed the other girl to look at her pussy. It was something she had never allowed anybody to do before. Even when she had been with Angel Buffy had never been so open and unabashed. It wasn’t in her nature, but with Faith, well, things were different with Faith.


She wanted Faith in a way she had never wanted anybody. With no barriers, no shame, and no holding back. She realised she was holding back right now, but Buffy knew that once she had grown a little more comfortable with the situation, there would be fireworks, and she would permit Faith to take her and show her how to lose control.


Faith pulled the smaller girl back into her, causing the water to slosh out onto the dusty floorboards, submerging them both some more as she reclined against the back of the tub. Buffy let out a small squeak as she fell into Faith, her body ablaze everywhere it touched her. Everywhere her naked skin pressed up against the sexy girl.


“Just relax, B. If ya don’t like it, I won’t stop you moving.” Faith melted as she felt Buffy relax into her body.


She placed her legs either side of Buffy, so she was sat between her thighs. She kept her arms out of the water, resting them on the sides of the bath, not daring to place them in the water for fear she would touch Buffy in an intimate way she wouldn’t want or wasn’t ready for.


“This is nice, Faith,” Buffy sighed, telling herself not to freak out at the fact she could feel the other girl’s hot pussy pressed against her backside.


“Yeah? I gotta agree. This water’s just hot enough, ya know.” Faith snickered at Buffy’s reaction.


“Hey.” Buffy swatted Faith on the inside of her thigh. “I didn’t mean the bath. I meant this. Us. I like this.” She reached out and took hold of Faith’s arms, bringing them down into the water to encircle her.


Faith breathed deep, feeling her nipples harden against the soft skin of the girl lying between her legs. She snaked her arms around Buffy and held her tight, not wanting to ever let go; her love for Buffy growing with every rise of her chest out of the water.


“Can I ask you something, Faith?” Buffy snuggled into the warm embrace of the other girl, and the steaming water encasing them both.


“Sure,” Faith nodded and sank lower in the bath, almost moaning as she felt Buffy slide over her breasts and hot center. “What is it?”


“It’s just. . .something that I wanted to ask a while ago, well, at the time really, but obviously I couldn’t because I didn’t want you to freak and. . .you probably want me to just spit it out right?” Buffy absentmindedly ran her hand up and down the outside of Faith’s thigh, only noticing she was doing it when she felt the strong muscles there twitch under her fingertips. She decided not to remove her hand, and continued her soft strokes.


“Just ask, baby,” Faith said, trying not to react to Buffy’s hand on her thigh.


“When you asked me. . .or suggested rather, that we go to the homecoming dance together, did you mean it as kind of a date?” Buffy asked and turned her head, that was currently resting just above Faith’s chest, so she could look at the other slayer.


“You just realised that, girlfriend?” Faith chuckled a little. “Yeah. . .I did hope you would see it as that, but then I knew you wouldn’t ‘cause of the whole ‘straightness’ thing.” She smiled down at Buffy, happy that the small blonde wasn’t apparently entirely straight after all.


“I thought as much. I kinda saw it the same, but I wouldn’t have dared say anything.” Buffy pulled herself up so she was resting completely on the taller girl, lying on her left side somewhat, her right hand now placed on Faith’s hip. “I was looking forward to it so much.”


“Me too, but the scoobs went and screwed it up. Fuck, I was so pissed off,” Faith confessed as she ran a wet hand through her hair, dampening it a little.


“I know what you mean,” Buffy sighed, wondering if things would have turned out differently, or moved forward quicker had they had that date. “I never got to tell you how great you looked that night. You were looking so sexy, I could have killed the others for screwing it up. I wanted to dance with you, to get close and touch you. I wanted. . .I wanted you to ask me that night.” Buffy’s right hand began caressing Faith’s hip and side gently.


“You wanted me to ask you what, B?” Faith gazed into Buffy’s eyes, full of adoration.


“To be with you. Even if it was just for that night, I wanted to. . .to experience all your energy, all your focus and attention on me. I wanted. . .I just wanted you, Faith,” Buffy said softly, noticing her breathing had quickened. In fact both of them were getting caught up in their desire for one another.


“Fuck, Buffy, why didn’t you tell me any of this sooner?” Faith swept her hand up Buffy’s back and kissed her on the forehead, before locking eyes with her again.


“Because I was scared. That you might not feel the same, that the gang would disown me, and that my mom would freak out on me. . .again. And then there was Angel.” Buffy looked down at her hand currently blazing a trail across Faith’s taut stomach, as she traced invisible patterns on it.


Faith closed her eyes at the mention of his name. Her lungs deflated as she felt the usual knot of jealousy tangle up her insides. She hated the fact that he had always been in the way of her chances with Buffy. In the way of their friendship even. She had an idea that Angel knew how she felt about Buffy, and he was purposefully hanging on so he didn’t have to watch Buffy get on with her life, find somebody else, another girl of all things.


“Faith, you know I’m not in love with him anymore don’t you?” Buffy asked.


She had noticed the stiffening of Faith’s muscles as soon as she’d said his name. Even though she hadn’t been with Angel for some time, it was obvious Faith was still worried about her relationship with him.


“Really?” Faith said quietly, sounding a little unconvinced. Worried even.


Faith wasn’t sure whether or not to quite believe that Buffy was no longer in love with Angel. Even if she was almost certain she could feel some kind of love enveloping her from Buffy, she didn’t dare think it was because she was in love with her and not Angel still.


Buffy raised herself from Faith’s delicious body a little, and looked deep into her eyes. She wanted her to know for definite that she had no feelings like that for Angel. It was Faith she wanted and nobody else.


“I’m not in love with him. I. . .” Buffy caught herself before she blurted out that she was in fact in love with Faith. “I want you, not him. I want your touch, not his.” She leant down and kissed Faith, pulling away slightly to whisper across her lips. “Faith, touch me. Please.” Buffy lightly took hold of Faith’s hand and placed it on her stomach, sighing at the touch of the brunette’s strong hand on her skin.


Buffy wanted to show Faith how much she wanted her. She needed her to know it wasn’t all just words. But more than that, the fact that she was pushed up so intimately to the gorgeous girl, close enough to smell her arousal over the heat of the bath, and feel the need of her dark counterpart, was driving her silly.


She wanted, and needed Faith to touch her. She was wet and ready for her, and lost in the heat of the moment. Lost in Faith’s enigmatic brown eyes. She couldn’t resist, and Faith hadn’t even made a move.


Faith. . .I want you to touch me, all over.”



Part Ten

I Feel You


Faith sighed and slowly lowered her head down to Buffy, brushing their lips together, both of them melting as they fell into one another’s exploring mouths. Buffy shifted her position slightly so she was facing Faith more, pressing close to her.


“Are ya sure, B?” Faith asked.


She could see the fire in Buffy’s eyes but she didn’t want to make any rash moves, even though her heart was pounding at the prospect of things becoming more intimate between them.


“I’m sure. I want you.” Buffy punctuated her assurance by pulling Faith’s lips back down to her.


Their soft kisses soon grew passionate, as they became hungry to take more from one another. The heat in the water seemed cool compared to the heat being generated by their soft full lips and eager tongues.


Faith slid her left hand up over Buffy’s back, and into her now damp hair, burying her fingers into the blonde silk. She crushed their lips together, hungry to taste and devour the smaller girl, her need taking over every thought and action. She had wanted to touch Buffy so much, and here she was asking her to do it. Faith nibbled her way along Buffy’s jaw to her ear.


“You turn me on so much, girlfriend. I’m fucking burning for ya,” Faith whispered in the delicate ear of the other girl.


“So take me. I don’t wanna wait anymore. I can’t.” Buffy turned her head and kissed Faith with all her love and need flowing from her.


Buffy couldn’t help thinking about the nights she had laid awake, imagining what it would feel like to have Faith touch her and pleasure her. To know what her hands felt like on her skin, her lips and kisses all over her. Buffy wanted to be scorched by the other girl’s skin on her own. She couldn’t imagine it not happening now. She would just die if she couldn’t have her.


Faith looked down at the delicious amount of naked Buffy she could see, but the water was in the way. She wanted to feel the smaller girl against her, with nothing in between them. Nothing but their bodies touching and sliding against each other.


She lifted Buffy out of the water without warning, standing and cradling her in her strong arms. Buffy made a shocked little sound, but her eyes stayed locked on Faith’s, and she clung on around the taller girl’s neck as she was taken towards the bedroom.


“Fuck, you’re so light, baby.” Faith smiled down at the girl in her arms, walking swiftly to the bed in the other room.


Buffy looked up dreamily at Faith, her heart leaping from her chest at the sexy rasp to the brunette’s voice, and the fact that she was being carried by the beautiful girl to be placed amongst sheets that already smelled of them both, to be taken by her. To be. . .she didn’t want to call it being fucked, because she knew it meant more than that to both of them. Buffy decided to shut her brain up, and just enjoy the moment.


Faith laid Buffy down on the bed and leant over her, placing soft kisses over her face until she reached her lips. She pulled on Buffy’s lower lip, biting lightly before kissing her thoroughly.


“Faith, get down here.” Buffy tugged on the younger girl’s shoulders, bringing her down to the bed with her.


Faith hovered over Buffy, then slowly rested herself on top of her, placing one leg between the other girl’s thighs. They looked deep into each other’s eyes as Faith settled her weight onto Buffy, both sighing deeply at the contact of their wet skin.


Faith crushed her mouth to Buffy’s, sweeping her tongue in between her lips as she melted into the feeling of Buffy’s silky skin against her own. Their firm bodies pressed up against each other, attempting to merge the light and the dark.


“You feel so good, B.” Faith pushed her thigh up lightly into Buffy’s mound, instantly feeling the wet need on her skin.


Faith kissed Buffy passionately, holding on tight to her as an encouraging hand was placed on the small of her back. She began to move her body rhythmically into Buffy, not completely realising she was doing it in the heat of the kiss. She realised as soon as she felt her throbbing sex spread over Buffy’s slender thigh, coating it with the hot fluid oozing out of her.


They both stopped their hungry mouths from attempting to devour each other, and gazed down between them to where their breasts rubbed against one another, nipples hard and aching to be sucked on. To where their flat stomachs were touching, belly buttons almost looking like they were kissing as they moved slowly against each other. Faith could see Buffy’s pussy pressed into the top of her thigh, the obvious arousal being soaked up by her naturally tanned skin as it was spread onto her leg.


“I can’t believe we’re doing this. I mean. . .I’ve thought about it so much. And now you’re here, under me. Naked and wet for me,” Faith said huskily and leant down, placing moist kisses up and down Buffy’s neck. “It’s just. . .” Faith couldn’t find the words to describe how she felt.


She had never experienced anything so intense. Even though they hadn’t even moved on to the really good parts, she was already slightly trembling for Buffy. Unable to control her breathing as she delighted in the feel of Buffy Summers hot against her own flushed skin.


“Faith, I. . .” Buffy wanted Faith to touch her, to kiss her breasts and slip her fingers into her glistening folds, but she wasn’t confident enough to ask.


Faith looked into Buffy’s desire filled eyes and smiled. She knew what the blonde wanted because she was feeling exactly the same. She wanted Buffy to show her how much she really did want her, but she also knew, because of Buffy’s lack of experience with sex, that she would be taking the drivers seat first. She would make Buffy feel incredible, and take her to heights she had never been to before.


Shh, I know,” Faith assured, and kissed Buffy softly before making her way slowly down the sighing girl’s neck.


She blazed a trail of hot wet kisses across the delicate collarbones, distracting Buffy as she swept her right hand up over her toned stomach and side, eventually reaching the swollen creamy white flesh of her breasts.


Buffy moaned and arched into Faith’s gentle caress, as she rubbed her palm over the solid and sensitive nipple of her left breast.


Faith swirled her fingertips around the hard little nub, feeling Buffy shiver under her touch. Moving further down the petite body underneath her, moving her thigh away from the hot juncture between Buffy’s, Faith reached her destination.


She stroked her warm tongue across the erect pink nipple, as she continued to play with the other one with her fingers. Buffy’s breathing was ragged, and her hands snaked up into the brunette’s thick dark hair, holding her head over her chest. Not that Faith needed any encouragement, because she was loving the taste of Buffy on her tongue and in her mouth.


She gently sucked on the nipple, taking as much of Buffy’s soft flesh in between her lips. Buffy moaned her approval as Faith suckled on her. She then trailed her kisses over to the other nipple, treating it to the same delicious torture.


Buffy had zoned out, falling into the sensations Faith was pulling from her. She was lost now, to the need for Faith to take her and own her. She could hardly breathe she wanted Faith so much.


“Please, make love to me, Faith,” Buffy moaned, but as soon as she had said the word love Faith’s head shot up from her chest, and her chocolate brown eyes pierced Buffy’s. “I mean, sex. . .um. . .have sex with me. Fuck me,” Buffy corrected, and held her breath, not making much sense and afraid that she might just have scared Faith off.


She knew Faith had feelings for her, it was evident in the way she cared for her, and in the way she hadn’t forced her into anything she wasn’t ready for. But she was also aware that to Faith sex was fucking. . .plain and simple. She was all about the raw, animal energy of it. Which Buffy could understand, as she wanted to experience that with Faith immensely. But right now, it being their first time together, she couldn’t think of it as anything other than making love and it had just slipped out of her mouth.


Faith shook her head. “You had it right the first time, Buffy. I wanna make love to you,” Faith said, smiling sweetly, or at least as sweet as Faith could get it; the deep dimples in her cheeks helping to convey to Buffy just how much she really did want to do more than just fuck her.


“Really?” Buffy gazed deep into the brunette’s eyes.


“Yeah,” Faith breathed out, resuming her exquisite teasing of Buffy’s breasts.


Faith didn’t know what was going on with her. She had never been so gentle with anybody, and had never wanted to be. But then she’d never been with another girl before. Although, she doubted that was the reason. The real reason was because she was in love with Buffy, so she wanted to convey that to her. She wanted to take her time and worship the girl beneath her.


Faith moved back up to Buffy’s lips as she whispered her fingertips across her stomach, smiling as she felt the muscles there tense and relax. She pulled back, searching the Buffy’s eyes for any signs telling her to stop. There were none. Just the glazed look that spoke volumes to her. Telling her to keep going.


Keeping their eyes locked, she slowly lowered her hand towards Buffy’s damp folds, licking her lips as she felt the soft brush of short blonde pubic hair against her fingers. Buffy was poised, waiting for Faith to slide her fingers into her, to stroke her clit and touch her in the most intimate way she could.


Faith touched her forehead to Buffy’s, watching where her fingers were about to go. Just as the tip of Faith’s middle finger slipped in between the pink flesh of Buffy’s tender pussy, both girl’s stopped moving altogether. They looked towards the bedroom door as they heard what sounded like somebody entering the cabin.


Faith couldn’t believe she had gotten that far just for something to come along and fuck it up. She wanted to continue, needed to desperately, but all thoughts of doing that were driven from her as she heard a voice call out.


“Buffy? Faith! Are you here?” It was Willow and her impeccable timing.


And she sounded like she was headed for the bedroom. 




“Shit,” Buffy squeaked and froze.


“That was an understatement, B.” Faith leapt off the bed, groaning as she noticed the amount of moisture trickling from the blonde girl’s pussy. “Oh man, I can’t believe this,” she sighed.


She dove into the bathroom just as Willow grasped the handle of the bedroom door.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Buffy muttered under her breath, panicking as she did her best to cover herself with the blankets.


“There you are,” Willow said cheerily and grinned stupidly. Clueless as to what she had just interrupted. “It’s late, you should be up.” 


“Just give me two minutes, Will, I’ll be right out,” Buffy assured, but Willow wasn’t going anywhere. “Um, Will, can you wait in the other room?”


Willow was a little confused. It wasn’t as if she’d never seen her friend in her nightwear before. Also, there was something about the mess of the sheets tugged over Buffy that got her wondering what was going on. She frowned and turned to go back into the other room, deciding to ask if anything was wrong once Buffy had sorted herself out.


She quickly looked around the small cabin, noting the sleeping bags on the floor in front of the fire that had ashes in it. She guessed that maybe Faith was sleeping on the floor. It would make sense after all. She doubted they were close enough friends for them to be sharing the small bed.


“Hey,” Buffy said quietly as she quickly shot her head around the bathroom door, finding Faith sat on the edge of the bath, still naked and looking extremely wound up.


“She suspect anything?” Faith asked and stood up, moving over to Buffy, who was also still naked. “Jesus, you really should cover up, B. Otherwise she’ll be waiting in there for a while for ya.” She pulled the blonde girl close to her.


Mmm, you really are gorgeous,” Buffy practically purred as she pressed up against the taller slayer, sighing as their bodies and lips met for a passionate kiss. They broke apart, breathless. “She didn’t suspect anything. God, Faith, you drive me crazy. I really wanted to. . .” Buffy stroked Faith’s dimpled cheek.


“I know, me too, babe.” Faith kissed Buffy’s palm. “Go on, you’d better go see why she’s here before she barges in again and finds me. . .“ Faith trailed her fingertips down across the blonde girl’s breasts and over her taut stomach, stopping just at the point she knew the other girl was dripping for her, “showing you just how horny you make me.”


Buffy ran her hand through the dark girl’s hair, smiling gently at her as her body trembled under the touch. She kissed her on the nose then turned to leave. Before closing the door she looked Faith up and down one last time, and licked her lips, grinning wickedly.


“You may as well finish off your bath. Leave the water in for me and I’ll get a quick one after. Oh, and Faith. . .I plan on getting naked and wet with you again later, so no taking matters into your own hands.” Buffy winked and left the bathroom.


“Damn, she gets me so worked up,” Faith said to herself and slipped back into the tub to wash away her arousal.


Buffy quickly threw some clothes on and made her way out to see Willow, making sure she had composed herself, and looked nothing like she had just almost had Faith’s fingers sliding around in her wet pussy.


She took a deep breath and greeted Willow. “Hey, Will.” She walked into the living area, looking as if she didn’t have a care in the world.


“You seem happy.” Willow smiled at her advancing friend. They hugged and sat down on the couch. “Where’s Faith?” 


“She’s in the bath.” Buffy knew she was smiling stupidly at the sound of her dark slayer’s name. “So. . .you brought more supplies? Have the council been in contact? How is everyone?” She was trying to get the naked brunette out of her mind.


“Gee, Buffy, I thought I was the one who normally did that.” Willow looked puzzled.


“What?” Buffy blinked.


“Never mind.” Willow didn’t think she would get anywhere with Buffy if she had just woken up. “I’ve brought supplies. They’re in the boot of my car. It was so cool getting here. I had to sneak around and go the long way round. I felt just like James Bond. . .only shorter and with less manly bits.”


“We’ll take your word for that, Red.” Faith strolled into the room in her shorts and tee shirt. Her hair was damp and she was busy towel drying it as she smiled at the two girls on the couch. “Bathroom’s free, B.”


“Thanks. Can you help Willow with the supplies?” Buffy asked as she got up from the seat. “I won’t be long, Will. Don’t want to waste the water.” Buffy breezed past the younger slayer, probably getting closer than was necessary.


Willow noticed but said nothing, instead choosing to look away as she saw the obvious flirtatious behaviour and the adoring smiles between the chosen two. She was definitely planning to have a talk with Buffy about things. She hated being left in the dark, but mainly she just wanted Buffy to know that, if she was interested in Faith in a sexual way, she wouldn’t freak out on her. Well, some freaking out might be involved, but Willow would still be supportive if being with Faith made the blonde girl happy.


“Come on then, Red. Let’s get the stuff in,” Faith said, her dimpled grin on full show.


They made their way out to the front of the cabin.


Buffy eased herself into the warm bath that Faith had just been occupying. The thought of the brunette’s hot body being immersed in it just minutes before made her tingle. Even though sharing her used bath water wasn’t exactly the most erotic thing, it was still intimate. It still made her feel closer to Faith.


She relaxed into the water and ducked her head under. She re-emerged then busied herself with shampooing and washing her body with the same soap Faith had just used. Buffy rinsed herself off and pulled the plug, jumping out quickly as the water gurgled loudly down the drain. It sounded more like a train crashing through the cabin, than swirling water.


“Buffy!” Willow called out, sounding more than alarmed.


“What? What is it?” Buffy asked as she wrapped a towel around herself and opened the door.


“It’s Faith,” Willow shouted and almost crashed into Buffy as she rushed towards the bathroom.


Buffy could see the frantic panic on the redhead’s face. Her heart leapt out of her chest, without even knowing what the hell was going on.


“What about Faith?” She asked.


Willow didn’t exactly answer, instead just pulling on Buffy’s arm towards the outside of the hide away.


She. . .I was, in here. Faith. . .gone.” Willow stuttered.


They stumbled out of the door just in time to see a black van skid away from the dusty drive, kicking dirt and gravel up in its wake. With their supplies dashed around the drive, Buffy didn’t need to guess what had happened.


“Faith!” Buffy called and ran out after the van with her towel flapping around her legs.


She stumbled to the floor, landing in a large pool of blood. Buffy looked down at it in shock, lifting her hands to her face and staring at the red stained dust covering them. She was sure her heart had stopped beating, and she couldn’t breathe.


She sat in the blood soaked dirt as tears tumbled from her eyes, wiping the sticky red from her hands on her now filthy towel 


“Oh God. . .no, no, no, no. I love you, Faith. Please no. . .I love you.” 



Part Eleven

Bound To Be Together


Buffy, slumped in her distraught condition, laid her hands on the floor in front of her. She felt sick. She wanted to vomit. That was her first reaction. The next one was to get up and move. To get her ass in gear and get Faith back. She looked up towards Willow, who was wide eyed, mouth open.


“Will, car keys. . .now,” Buffy demanded as she stood on shaky legs, pulling her towel up with her and attempting to cover herself, but not really caring about it.


“Buffy, look. They’ve slashed our tyres,” Willow pointed out. She didn’t know what to do or say. Apart from gaping at the tires and their ruined chances of driving off after Faith and her captors. 


She watched Buffy as tears continued to run down her face. Willow was temporarily stunned. Not only at the thought that maybe the council had taken Faith, and possibly having killed her by the look of all the blood. But also at the fact that Buffy had just been screaming out the fact that she loved the other slayer.


“Will, we have to get her back. I can’t. . .I can’t live without her,” Buffy cried into her bloodstained hands, her heart thumping in its pain. She slumped back down onto the floor.


Willow knelt beside the small slayer, worry etched into her pale features. She could practically feel the pain of loss flowing from Buffy. She reached out and touched her best friend’s shoulder, resting her hand gently there.


“Buffy, you should get dressed. I’ll call Giles and tell him what’s happened. Don’t worry, we’ll get her back,” Willow said quietly, trying be sensible, knowing Buffy needed her thinking for her right now.


“Giles,” Buffy said distantly, looking in the direction the van had taken. “We have to move, quickly. I’m not letting them just take her away from me.” Buffy stood.


She glanced down at the profuse amount of blood on the ground, attempting not to think about what kind of wound would produce so much of it. Buffy wanted to believe, had to believe that Faith was ok and that they could rescue her with the minimum of fuss.


It didn’t take too long for the two girls to get in touch with Giles and explain what had happened. Buffy got dressed hastily, washing the blood from her hands and face. She looked down at the crimson water in the sink she was using, at the water she had splashed over her tear stained face, and the tears came again. They seemed to be welling up from her heart. The small blonde gripped her chest and sobbed.


She just couldn’t believe that Faith had been snatched away from her so soon after they had discovered how much closer they could be. She wished now that she had taken the chance and told Faith that she had fallen for her. That she was in love with her. She might never have the chance now.


Buffy shook her head, dismissing the possibility of never seeing Faith again because she just couldn’t deal with it. She couldn’t deal with losing Faith or even contemplating it. She knew her heart couldn’t take that.


“Xander is on his way and Giles has called Angel and the gang so they can watch the airports and find out what they can. We’ll get back and do a locator spell to find her,” Willow said, trailing off as she watched Buffy wipe her face on the now pink towel.


“Ok.” Buffy nodded.


The two girls moved into the living area of the small cabin and sat uncomfortably on the couch.


Buffy was trying not to allow pessimistic thoughts to enter her mind. She knew she would just shut down and be useless if she gave into her worst fears. She had to stay focused on getting Faith back, and on the fact that the council would probably not hurt the girl even if there had been a struggle to take her away.


“Buffy, can I ask you something?” Willow enquired and looked over at her sad friend, who attempted a small smile. “It’s just. . .you, you were saying you love Faith.” Willow looked down at her hands, not sure whether she should be bringing the subject up.


“I do, Will,” Buffy admitted. She took a deep breath. “I love her. I’m in love with her. But I didn’t get the chance to tell her.” Buffy broke down again, falling into her friend’s arms.


“You’ll be able to tell her, Buffy. I’m sure of it,” Willow said, trying to reassure Buffy as she sat back and allowed Buffy to relax a little. “Does she. . .do you know if she feels the same about you?” Willow wasn’t meaning to pry, but she wanted to get things straight in her head. Wanting to understand her best friend’s suffering.


“I don’t know if she loves me. We kinda got together the other night, though,” Buffy explained and Willow’s eyebrows rose a little at her confession. “I’ve liked her for so long, Will. I was so scared to tell her. To tell anybody.” She looked up at the redhead and smiled sadly, tears welling and threatening to spill from the sea of green. 


“It’s ok, Buffy. You can tell me now. I’m your best friend remember, so no judging here.” Willow did her best to sound positive.


She was a little shocked obviously, but she wasn’t about to stop being Buffy’s friend just because she happened to like another girl romantically. Judging Buffy or changing her view of her wasn’t even something she could imagine doing. They had been through too much together already for that.


“We used to flirt with each other and things. Well, it was mainly her flirting and me giggling, but you get the idea,” Buffy said wistfully. “I still wasn’t sure if that was just how she was though, and I didn’t know if she was interested. But I wanted her to be. Even if that’s wrong. . .I couldn’t stop thinking about her like that.” Buffy lowered her eyes, feeling strange telling Willow something she was still really trying to figure out herself.


“Go on.” Willow nudged Buffy, looking more than interested now. She not only wanted to know, but she could also see a small spark return to her friend’s eyes, and she wanted it to stay there.


“I just think she’s so beautiful. And she. . .when she looks at me sometimes, my stomach does somersaults,” Buffy said, and she couldn’t help but grin at how she now knew there were other things Faith could do to make her butterflies go crazy. “I found out the other night that she feels the same. I mean, that she’s attracted to me, and wants to be with me in that way.” She wiped her snivelling nose and sighed.


Talking about it just proved to herself how much she really was in love with the brunette, because it warmed her heart. And it made her feel more determined not to just sit and grieve about her loss like she was gone forever, but to look forwards to finding Faith and rescuing her, and telling her exactly how she felt. She wanted to say the words to Faith. She wanted to tell the gorgeous slayer that she loved her.


Willow could see the change come over her friend as Buffy sat up more and wiped at her eyes. A determined expression crossed her face and stayed there. Happy that now the other girl was feeling more hopeful, Willow decided to indulge her curiosity a little.


“So, when you say you err. . .got together the other night. Do you mean you. . .yunno. . .slept together? In more than a friendly way I mean.” Willow blushed at her own question.


“There’s no need to blush, Will,” Buffy chuckled a little. “We haven’t done that, yet. But we, well. . .we’ve gotten really close.” Buffy could feel herself getting hot at the memory, which only served to make her feel down again because they had missed the opportunity. At least until they got Faith back.


“I can see she makes you happy, Buffy,” Willow said, smiling.


It was apparent in the way the blonde girl’s voice seemed to change as she spoke about Faith. As if she was lighting up from the inside.


“You’re not freaked out about it?” Buffy hoped Willow could accept the way she felt about her fellow slayer, because she didn’t want to lose her friendship, but she also didn’t want to just go back to being friends with Faith. She couldn’t.


“No. I’m a little surprised. But, I guess I could always tell there was something there between you. Something different.” Willow was thinking back to all the subtle tension that seemed to spark between the two.


“Really? How do you mean?”  Buffy was genuinely confused; she had thought she’d done a really good job of hiding how she felt.


“I don’t know really. Just small things like the way you would look at each other and smile. Or, how close you always seemed to be to each other, like when you sat together or stood near each other. Little things like that.” Willow watched as Buffy gazed at the remnants of the fire in the hearth, a sentimental little smile crossing her lips.


“We will get her back won’t we? She will come back to me?” Buffy whispered.


Despite her resolve to think positive, a trickle of salty tears eased from her eyes.


“She will, Buffy. I know it.” Willow stood up, determined not to allow Buffy to slip back into feeling like giving up. “Come on, let’s pack your things for when Xander gets here.” She made her way to the bags in the corner and began placing things in. 


The two girls spent their time waiting for Xander clearing up the cabin, and packing away everything they had brought. Willow had gone outside to clear the mess and take what she needed out of her car. They would have to arrange for somebody to come out and retrieve them once they got back to Sunnydale.


Willow hadn’t tried to do anything about the large pool of blood in the drive, as there really was nothing she could do. It had dried into the hard gravel and dust of the ground now anyway. She tried not to think about it too much as she made her way back inside to wait for Buffy to finish cleaning out the bedroom. She had thought it would be best if she left her friend to that, as it was a personal space the two slayers had obviously shared.   


Buffy was doing her best not to stop and look at anything for too long, and just place their things in the bags. She couldn’t help but stop and think, though, when she came to tidy up their belongings in the bedroom.


She looked at the crumpled sheets on the bed and felt her stomach tie into knots. She wanted to run out and bring Faith back, lay her down and make love to her. Let her know how special she was to her. But she knew she was going to have to hold it all inside whilst they made their way back to find Faith.




They arrived back in Sunnydale as the sun was readying itself to slip out of the sky. Buffy had kept quiet for most of the journey, allowing Willow to fill Xander in on what had happened. She didn’t tell him anything about how Buffy and Faith’s relationship had changed, feeling the blonde girl would do that when she felt the time was right.


“Here we are, guys,” Xander said, smiling a little but not getting much of a response.


They filed into Giles’ apartment. Buffy had become somewhat gloomy again; the car journey giving her far too much time to think about the events of the last few days and how things had changed and improved, to suddenly be snatched away from her. She just wanted to be happy. It wasn’t much to ask for as far as she was concerned.


She wasn’t asking for a longer life, what with being a slayer. She didn’t want fame or riches for what she did. She just wanted Faith by her side so they could stand hand in hand in the constant battle against evil.


“Excellent, you’re here.” Giles blustered into the living room with a large musty looking book in his hand. “I have everything ready for our locator spell so you’re just in time.” He nodded towards Willow as she removed her jacket and wandered over to his little circle of spell things and the like on the floor. 


Buffy didn’t bother saying anything, as she didn’t know what to say or do until she had a goal. Until she knew where her dark slayer was, how to get there, and how to bring her back.


Giles assisted Willow as they went through the steps of the spell. He looked puzzled at one point and told Buffy that the council were attempting to deflect the spell with one of their own. None of it really made much sense to Buffy, as she watched, clasping her hands in order to keep from clutching onto anything else and breaking it.


“Ah, yes. . .I think we’re almost there,” Giles said, then spoke some words from his large book. A bright flash erupted in the room.


Xander fell off the armrest of the couch, Buffy raised an eyebrow and Willow clapped her hands.


“Got her. I mean, found her. She’s still alive,” Willow gushed and smiled over at Buffy.


Buffy could pretty much tell that Faith was still alive anyway. If she wasn’t, she was sure she would have felt different; maybe some kind of disconnection to their slayer link.


“Where is she?” Buffy asked. It was all she needed to know in order to head off after her other half.


“We have been able to pinpoint her whereabouts to a location about 50 miles south of Los Angeles. I believe that’s where they are holding her. I’ll call Angel and find out if he knows the area,” Giles said, pushing his glasses further up his nose and making his way over to the phone.


“Giles?” Buffy called out and moved over to the stalwart watcher. “Thank you. For helping me with this I mean. I know Faith isn’t exactly the model slayer, and she has issues with authority, but I know she’ll be really grateful that you’re helping her. Us.”


“Well, there’s no doubt that Faith does tend to require more effort in the watcher department. But I would never just abandon her to the council. I hope you are fully aware that I support you both.” He smiled gently at Buffy and continued on to the telephone.


Buffy stood by the couch. Xander had replaced himself on the armrest once he had crawled out of his cowering position on the floor, and Willow sat looking eager, perched on the edge of the cushion.  Buffy didn’t want to sit down. She couldn’t. Her nerves were all on edge, waiting to tell her to ready herself for something. For action.


She listened in to some of Giles’ conversation with Angel. He basically asked the vampire to do what he could to find out where it was exactly that Faith was being held, and to get back to him. He replaced the receiver and turned to the group.


“Angel has offered to help us out with retrieving Faith from the council. I agreed that we would meet him not far from the location. Tonight.” Giles rubbed away at the lenses of his glasses.


Buffy frowned a little. She hadn’t expected Angel to really want to get that involved. She wasn't even sure if she wanted him helping. Faith was Buffy’s. . .well, girlfriend now, so it felt a tad awkward. And if she were being honest with herself, she wanted to be the one to rescue her.


“Giles, are you sure we need him on this? I mean, I know he can help with telling us about the location, but I don’t think he needs to be there,” Buffy pointed out as she looked over at her Watcher.


“Buffy, I believe we are going to need all the help we can get. The council has gone to a lot of bother to capture Faith, so we must be fully prepared for a battle. I’m sure he doesn’t mind helping out and offered the services of some of his own group of. . .err, demon hunters and the like. Turning down his offer could jeopardise our chances of getting Faith back,” Giles said softly but with confidence in his words.


“Why do you have to be all smart? Ok, we’d better get ready then,” Buffy nodded and made her way over to the weapons chest nearby.


“Yep, let’s get busy with it.” Xander sprang up from his position on the couch.


“Err, Xander I don’t think it would be prudent for you to come along. You too, Willow. This could be a hard battle,” Giles frowned as he looked over his glasses at the two friends.


“Is he attempting jest? He’s attempting jest isn’t he?” Xander nudged Buffy conspiratorially. “I mean, if it’s a fight. . .we’re all fighty and raring to go, right, Will?” he grinned. 


“Yeah, definitely. Raring to go. . .‘cause Faith’s our friend too, and we don’t leave our friends to. . .well, be eaten by the big scary monsters or anything.” Willow nodded her head and crossed her arms defiantly.


“Guys, are you sure you want in on this? You don’t have to. I mean, we’ve got Angel and his crew, and. . .” Buffy trailed off at the sight of Willow’s resolve face. She should have known better than to question both her friend’s loyalty and devotion to the fight.


“That’s settled it then, we’re coming.” Willow looked pleased with herself.


Giles shook his head a little, but he had a smile on his face. He would never quite come to fully understand why two people who really had no obligation to put themselves in any danger, continued to do so for Buffy. And now it seemed for Faith too. He shrugged and went about making preparations for their drive and the fight that would no doubt follow.


Buffy smiled widely at her friends and took a deep breath. She fixed her mind on one thing. . .getting Faith back. She had to get her back. There was just no question about it whatsoever. Faith was her other half.


Now more than ever. 




Part Twelve

Nothing Else Matters


The gang assembled their weapons and such and were assigned tasks. Giles delegated in his usually haughty English manner, and the mission to retrieve Faith got underway. Buffy was raring to go, unable to think of anything but having Faith in her arms again. She felt desolate without her.


“Right, we have everything ready. Let’s make our way out to the car everyone.” Giles gestured for the gang to exit his small apartment. “Buffy, can I just have a quick word with you?” He motioned for her to hang back.


“Giles, we should hurry.” Buffy didn’t really feel like standing around to chat, leaving Faith to endure whatever the council would do to her.


“Don’t worry, we’ll meet Angel in plenty of time. I just wanted to make sure you know that. . .well, Faith may be. . .the council obviously aren’t pulling any punches with this, so. . .” he stammered, not finding the words.


“Don’t say it, Giles,” Buffy said, halting him with her hand. “Faith is gonna be fine, ‘cause if she isn’t. . .” she took a shaky breath, “I don’t know what I’ll do.” A salty tear rolled down her cheek without her apparent permission.


She didn’t want to stop to think about the possibilities that Faith may be in more trouble than she or the gang could handle. Her heart felt like it had stopped beating at just the memory of all the blood that had been left behind at the cabin. She swallowed back her tears and squared her shoulders as Giles rested a hand on her arm.


“Of course. I’m sure she’ll be fine, Buffy. I just wanted you to be prepared for the worst.” Giles frowned at the small and delicate looking slayer.


She looked more fragile right now than he had ever seen her before. Obviously he had underestimated the degree to which the slayer connection affected the chosen two.


“I’m not gonna prepare for anything other than bringing her back home, safely,” Buffy declared and turned on her heel, resolved that they would all return from the clutches of the council.


Jumping into the backseat with Xander, Buffy wrapped her jacket around herself almost protectively. Xander noticed that it was in fact Faith’s denim jacket that Buffy was wearing. The sleeves were a little too long, it was fraying around the edges, and probably hadn’t seen the inside of a washing machine for quite some time, but the blonde girl seemed to be clutching onto it for dear life.


He knew the two girls had become friends over their time together, and the slayer-thing between them was obviously strong. But the way Buffy was acting, like her world was about to crumble to nothing, was slightly baffling to say the least. Xander didn’t think it would be prudent to ask about it. He could see the sorrow in Buffy’s eyes, and that told him she cared for Faith very much. He realised he would have to leave it at knowing that much for the time being.


“Let’s go get us our slayer back,” Xander rallied, punching the air enthusiastically. He winked at Buffy as she smiled a little at him.


“Yeah, let’s go get our slayer,” Buffy said quietly, looking out of the window as Giles started the engine and headed out of his drive.


The journey was a fairly quiet affair as the old car stuttered its way towards LA. Willow and Giles went through a few spells, with Xander butting in now and again just to make sure he wasn’t being forgotten. Buffy mainly just looked out of the window, the events of the past few days swirling around in her head.


Things had moved so quickly from attraction, to realising she was falling for Faith, to kissing, and then to almost sex. She felt warm in all the right places just thinking about it all. Her body seemed to be on fire for the sultry brunette, but not just that. . .her heart was too. She longed to be close to her.


She realised of course, that even though things had advanced at a quick rate for her over their time in the cabin, that things had been steadily building towards them getting together for quite some time. It just felt like they belonged together. Completed each other. It caused her chest to constrict at the possibility of it all being taken away from her. Of Faith being taken away.


“You ok, Buff?” Xander quietly asked her, noticing her sad eyes staring out at nothing.


“Huh?” Buffy turned her head to look at her friend. “Oh, yeah. I guess.” She didn’t know what to say. Couldn’t put it into words without revealing her heart, and who had hold of it.


Not that she didn’t want her friends to know. After all Willow already knew now. But she wasn’t ready to deal with it at the same time as focusing all her attention on knowing she was going into battle to save Faith. She would deal with telling them later, once she knew Faith was going to be ok.


The gang reached the turnoff that Angel was waiting at for their arrival. It was early morning now and the darkness seemed to be creeping in all around them, blanketing the way ahead where there weren’t as many lights as there were behind them. Where there weren’t as many people.


Giles stopped in front of Angel’s car and got out. Buffy also left the vehicle, wanting to be in on whatever was said between the two men. Angel made his way over to her watcher.


“Giles,” Angel nodded his hello. “Buffy.” He took a step towards her, his arms twitching, like he was expecting a hug. But Buffy didn’t really feel like massaging his ego right now, so she just smiled a little at him and wrapped her arms around herself, staving off the cool chill in the air.


“If we’re sure of what we are all doing,” Giles began, “then I think we should get underway.”


“Of course,” Angel nodded. “Buffy? Are you ok?” Angel frowned at her in his usual broody manner as Giles made his way back to the car.


“Am I ok? Of course I’m not ok,” Buffy snapped. “Sorry, I just want to get her back.” Buffy turned to head back to the car.


“Wait.” Angel lightly held the small blonde by the arm. “I just. . .I haven’t really spoken to you for a while, so. . .” He looked to be racking his brain for something to say.


“Angel, can we please catch up after we get Faith back? I don’t wanna waste any more time.” Buffy looked down at his hand on her arm, but he wasn’t letting go.


“You’ve become close to Faith haven’t you, Buffy?” Angel furrowed his brow even more.


“What do you mean?” she said coolly. “Are we friends? Do I care about her?” She removed his hand from her arm; well aware of the direction the conversation was going. “Yes, Angel, we are and I do. I care about her a lot, but we can talk about this later. Please, let’s just go.” Buffy didn’t want to discuss her relationship with Faith with her ex-boyfriend right at that moment. She could see the jealousy in his eyes, so turned away and got back into the car.


“Are we all set?” Giles checked.


 “All set.” Buffy closed her door and sighed, weighted with her anxiety.


Angel’s car drove off in front of them and they followed. The landscape became ever darker as they moved away from the main roads and onto what was more or less a desolate dirt track. After about 20 minutes of driving, both drivers killed their headlights and nudged them forwards, even slower than they had been going.


Buffy could feel the tension building inside her. Her muscles were twitching and she was preparing herself mentally for what lay ahead. She just hoped she could keep her cool and not lose focus. This was a mission she couldn’t fail at. If she did, then she had no clue what she would do, or how she would react. It wasn’t something she wanted to even imagine having to deal with.


The vehicles slowed to a stop, not far from a dark shape on the near horizon. Squinting, Buffy could make out that it was a large barn. There were at least two windows with hazy, broken light peeking through. And there was a van parked at the side of it. The van Faith had been taken in.


“Right, this is it. You all know your roles. Please, be careful.” Giles unbuckled his seat belt and quietly opened his door and stepped out.


“Guys, I just wanted to thank you for coming. And. . .if things get too rough, leave. Promise me you won’t do anything heroic. That’s my job,” Buffy said, smiling at both her friends then stepping out onto the dusty road they had stopped on.


The two groups organised themselves into their positions, readying themselves for the confrontation. Willow was going to stay near the cars with Fred, casting a strong protection spell and keeping aware of any spells coming from the council that she may have to deflect. Angel and Gunn were going into the cabin along with Buffy. Giles and Xander were their back up.


They all had weapons of some sort, ready to deal with everything, demons and humans. They had agreed to keep violence to a minimum, no killing if at all possible. After all, the council henchmen were human. Even if they were involved in an illegal kidnapping, Giles didn’t think killing them would help their task in convincing them to leave Faith alone.


Edging their way forwards, Buffy slid into slayer-mode. Every inch of her body in tune with her surroundings, as the chill of the air bounced off her prickling skin. She trusted Angel with his abilities, but she was a little more wary of Gunn. She didn’t know him, but if Angel trusted him, she supposed it was best to go with that. She knew she would keep her eye on him though. She didn’t want any of them fucking up.


Giles and Xander crouched down a few steps behind them, ready with their weapons in case they needed to halt any escape. She looked back into the murk of the night and took a slow breath, working out her own escape route, clenching her jaw as she slapped down the thought that she may be returning alone.


As they neared the dark mass of the quiet barn, Buffy picked up the tingle that told her Faith was there. Inside. So close to her, yet she couldn’t just run in and hold her. She stopped and revelled in the soft caress of the sensation down her spine for a second. Angel looked in her direction, his eyes questioning. Buffy nodded, and motioned for them to continue.


Before they could get much closer however, one of the big doors on the left hand side of the barn flew open and a handful of men filed out. Four to be exact. They must have seen them coming, or had some kind of spell that Willow hadn’t detected that would alarm them to intruders.


Without hesitation Angel and Buffy ran forwards. Gunn rolled to the side, firing warning shots at the council members headed towards them. They were armed. Two with small firearms, and two with swords. Gunn must have decided not to risk the two with firearms getting any closer. With well aimed shots he injured the men enough to take them down; they fell to the floor.


Buffy reached the first of the fallen two and kicked his gun away; Angel took care of the other guy. The two with swords kept up their advance, swinging their blades with ease and skill through the stifling black of their surroundings. Buffy had her own short sword to hand and wasted no time in jumping into battle.


The two foes were defeated with apparent ease. Even being aware of Willow’s spell it surprised both Buffy and Angel. But they didn’t stop to question the outcome. Moving forward with stealth, Gunn following close behind. They reached the doorway to the barn.


There was a small amount of light coming from inside, but Buffy couldn’t hear anything above the beating of her own heart. Hesitantly she peeked around the door into the large space of the barn. The light didn’t filter to the back of the room, but with her enhanced eyesight, she could make out the shape of a body on the floor, but there was nothing else. There didn’t seem to be any more henchmen waiting to pounce.


Gesturing to Angel who was close beside her to follow, Buffy crouched down low and entered. She took every step with caution, her senses super-aware to every movement and sound around her. Then she heard it, the faint whisper of her name carried on the slight breeze blowing through the barn. It was Faith. The body on the floor.




She had the urge to rush forward, seeing the brunette lying on the cold hard floor of the barn, not moving, not reacting. It sent a shiver down her spine, but she stopped herself from rushing in. She couldn’t risk being led into a trap. Angel stopped behind her, watching her back as Gunn kept vigil at the door.


She called out softly. “Faith?” There was no answer. No whisper back. “Faith? Baby, talk to me,” Buffy called a little louder, sure that Faith must have heard her.


The prone slayer shifted a little. Buffy caught the movement despite the gloom around them. She could tell that Faith was trying her best to sit up, but she was obviously weak. Buffy felt her heart constrict, her chest tighten as tears welled in her eyes.


“Faith, don’t move. Just tell me, if you can, how many there are?” Buffy crept forwards with every word, glancing all around her for an attack.


“F-four,” Faith groaned out quietly.


Buffy looked back at Angel, he shrugged. They had already incapacitated four of them.


“Baby, is it safe for us to come in?” Buffy was only about 15 meters or so away from Faith and could now see that the brunette was shackled to the wall behind her.


“Yeah,” was Faith’s soft response.


Buffy quickened her pace towards the obviously injured girl, keeping her wits about her. She took to her knees next to Faith, who was doing her best to raise her head, but wasn’t being very successful.


“It’s ok. Don’t move, baby. I’m here,” Buffy soothed, gently touched the other slayer’s head, sweeping her dark hair away from her face so she could look at her. Their eyes sought each other out, sinking into each other’s depths in the shadows.


“B,” Faith whispered, and focused on the pretty blonde in front of her.


“I’m right here. Are you ok?” Buffy looked the younger over.


“Yeah, just beaten,” Faith said, her voice cracking as she fought to stay awake.


Angel moved back and spoke to Gunn, telling him to get Giles and Xander to tie up the council members outside. Then he shuffled slowly towards Buffy again, standing behind her as she allowed tears to fall from her pale eyes. He was more than a little shocked at how tender Buffy was being with Faith. At the soft words, and the fact that she was calling her baby. He wasn’t quite sure what he had missed.


“Buffy, we should get her out of here as soon as we can in case others come. I doubt it was meant to be this easy.” He gently touched her shoulder.


Buffy nodded slowly as Faith closed her eyes, her chest rising and falling slowly as she lay bound to the dirt streaked wall. Buffy moved to check on Faith, looking over her body, then lightly touching her neck and back to ensure she had no major injuries there. Then she checked on the chains. She pulled them a little but they were not going to budge.


“Angel, go and see if one of them has keys for these.” She pointed out the shackles and he left the barn to go and check.


Sure that the beaten slayer didn’t seem to be bleeding or seriously injured, Buffy sat down next to Faith and took her hand, squeezing slightly as she felt the fingers within hers twitch.


“We’ll get you out of here, Faith. I’m sorry I took so long.” She wiped her nose on her sleeve and jumped a little as Faith spoke quietly.


“It’s ok. You. . .you shouldn’t have risked it,” Faith said weakly, coughing. The pain she was in was obvious.


“Of course I risked it. How could you ask me not to? I would never just leave you, Faith.” Buffy reached out and caressed the bruised face of the brunette, who did her best to shift her weight back so she was lying more on her side and looking up at Buffy. “I love you, Faith. And I wasn’t about to go losing you,” Buffy confessed her love softly and quietly but she could tell that Faith had heard her perfectly.


The younger girl smiled despite her bruises. She felt more than just saved in the physical sense. Her whole body felt like it was humming from the inside out. Faith had never felt anything like it. It was pure, uncompromising, and whole, and coming straight from Buffy. Buffy loved her and she felt like she was flying.


She wished she could sit up and wrap her arms around Buffy. She wanted to thank her, to kiss her. She wanted up off the cold hard floor, but she was in a great deal of pain.


“Buffy, you know I. . .” Faith coughed again, her broken ribs instantly quieting what she was about to tell the girl leaning over her. She wanted to say it. That she loved Buffy too. She needed to, but her words were caught in her throat as pain swept through her body.


Shh, don’t try to speak, Faith. You can tell me later, when we get you safe.” Buffy’s heart was almost beating out of her chest at what she was sure her friend, or girlfriend rather, was about to say to her.


Dipping her head towards Faith, Buffy captured her lips lightly with her own. She kissed her delicately, not wishing to cause the other girl any more pain. She just had to make sure she was really there. She just had to taste her lips and feel their closeness on a physical level.


Brushing her lips over Faith’s, the older girl gently brought her hand up to rest over her heart. She could feel it beating beneath her fingers; pounding through Faith’s soft skin in a signal to Buffy. A signal that filled her whole body with a warmth she had never felt before. It filled her entirely, and pulled her deeper. Deeper in love with the beautiful brunette.


“Buffy, we’ve got the. . .” It was Angel, with Xander and Giles following close behind. “keys.” They had all witnessed her kissing the other girl.


She pulled away from Faith, but not abruptly. Smiling at the worried look on the injured girl’s face, she turned towards her captive audience and gestured for the keys hanging limply in Xander’s hand.


“Stop gawking and pass me those,” Buffy called, pulling herself to her knees. She spoke softly to Faith. “Now let’s get you out of here.” Wasting no time, Buffy bent down to release her fellow slayer.


She could feel three pairs of eyes boring into her neck but she ignored it. Her concern right now was for Faith. She would deal with everything else once she knew there was no more immediate risk. Giles moved forwards to help her, and she felt a stray tear splash from her eye as he smiled gently, placing a fatherly hand on her shoulder before setting about helping her.


Buffy looked down at the girl she loved, and nothing else seemed to matter. Everyone else would just have to get used to it, because she wasn’t about to leave her life incomplete again. Not now she was pretty sure that Faith felt the same. Their hearts were entwined and nothing was going to jeopardise that. Nothing. 


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