Part Thirteen

Escape With The Girl


It didn’t take them long to unshackle Faith and carefully carry her to the backseat of Giles’ car. She was drifting in and out of consciousness, but the pain in her ribs was causing her the most problems it seemed. Buffy placed her softly into the seat, and then she slid in next to her. Xander jumped in on the other side, and they were pretty much set to get the hell out of there.


Buffy laid a blanket over Faith and settled her into a comfortable position; leaning the murmuring girl into her and placing her arm around her slumped shoulders. She wanted Faith to be as close to her as she could without causing any more discomfort.


As far as they could tell, Faith hadn’t been seriously injured, but she was terribly bruised from the beating she must have received. There was a large lump on the back of her head, no doubt causing some kind of concussion. Buffy had looked for wounds that would produce a lot of bleeding, but she couldn’t find any. She just hoped there was nothing wrong internally.


“Well, let’s head to LA and the nearest hospital.” Giles didn’t wait for replies or objections as he pulled away, following Angel’s car.


“Buffy?” Faith was waking up again, calling out softly.


“I’m right here,” Buffy reassured as she gave the younger girl a little squeeze, ensuring that she knew just how close she was.


“Where are we?” Faith asked as she opened her drowsy eyes and looked up at Buffy


She wasn’t sure quite what was going on. She was aware that Buffy was with her, and that she was safe, but her mind couldn’t focus. All she could really grab onto was the feel of Buffy beside her, and the fact that it was her that had rescued her. That she had kissed her and told her something important. Faith buried her head further into the other girl’s neck as she realised what it was.


“B,” she sighed. She wanted to tell her how she felt, but she could feel herself falling back into the dark place she had been resting in once again. “I. . .” Faith didn’t manage to finish what she wanted to say.


“Shh, it’s ok, baby. Just relax, you’re safe now.” Buffy kissed Faith on her head and settled back into the seat with her, pulling the blanket over them both.


She could see Xander out of the corner of her eye. He was dying to say something, or ask something, but he was obviously biting his lip. She couldn’t blame him for being curious about what was going on. Xander, Giles, and Angel had not said anything about the little display she had put on for them when she had kissed Faith in front of them.


She didn’t need the hassle of demands for explanations right now. Buffy was just so relieved that they had been able to get Faith back in relatively one piece. It had been easier than she had thought it would be, but Buffy wasn’t going to dwell on it. She could ask Faith about her captors once she had recovered a little more.


“Buffy, I just wanna say,” Xander cleared his throat and turned his body towards the two slayers.


“Xander, if you’re going to disapprove or get pissed that I didn’t tell you, don’t bother. I don’t need that right now,” Buffy said, aware that she had snapped, but she was tried. Emotionally more than anything. It had been a long day of torment and anguish for her.


“I wasn’t gonna say anything like that,” Xander smiled and kept his voice down as Faith shifted her arm under the blanket. “I just. . .I dunno, I just wanted you to know I’m always here for you. That I’ll always be your friend, no matter what.” He kept smiling at Buffy, noticing that her eyes were shimmering in the dull light of the car. He had just wanted Buffy to know for sure that whatever was going on, he would be there by her side.


“Thank you.” Buffy looked over at Giles and hoped he would feel the same. Something told her that he would support her and Faith, as long as they were careful, and didn’t allow their relationship to distract them.


As the darkness gave way slightly to the more frequent patches of light from the street lamps lining the road, Buffy could feel the pull of sleep tugging at her resolve to stay awake and watch over Faith. She didn’t want to be asleep if the other girl came to. She wanted to be there to look in her eyes, and to kiss her and hold her. She shook her head and opened the window a little, letting the breeze freshen her up.


Willow was dozing in the front seat, and Xander had his eyes closed when, after a few minutes, Faith began to stir again. Instantly Buffy was aware that she had opened her beautiful brown eyes. She glanced down to find the injured slayer looking up at her, adoration glinting in her almond eyes.


“Hey,” Buffy spoke quietly so she wouldn’t wake anybody that was asleep, that didn’t include Giles of course, or at least she hoped he hadn’t drifted off.


“Hey.” Faith’s voice was thick and husky in her weary state. She still managed a little smile for Buffy though, with her dimples dancing across her cheeks as the older girl lifted a hand to brush away a dark lock of hair from her brow.


“Are you back with us yet?” Buffy hoped she was.


“I’m always with ya, B.” She reached up, brushing her thumb lightly over the blonde girl’s naturally pouty lips.


She was so happy to be in her arms. More so than she could even describe.  Lying on that cold floor of the barn, being randomly kicked and beaten on had tested her. She hadn’t been sure if she’d ever see Buffy again. Although deep inside she knew that Buffy would do everything she could to find her and get her back, she had just felt so lost without her.


“Thank you,” Faith croaked, pulling herself up to meet the lips she had longed for, for so long in the past.


Their lips lightly touched, just whispering over each other as both girls moved as close as they could. Slipping her hand back below the cover of the blanket, Faith melted under the delicate caress. She brought her right hand down to the hem of Buffy’s top and worked her fingers under the restrictive material. She wanted to touch the warm skin of the other girl. Feel the tingle it would cause in her fingertips.


Buffy shuddered a little as Faith made contact with her stomach, lightly swirling her fingers over the taught muscle there. Both girls were lost in lips and the feeling of safety they brought about in one another. Their tongues carefully swept around in order to taste and feel as much as possible just from the kiss, that was more romantic than anything else.


Buffy could feel herself becoming aroused despite the intention of the kiss, and the situation, but she didn’t want to pull away. Faith was just too good a kisser to break their mouths apart. Even though Faith was now trailing her hand up the inside of her top, there was no way she was going to stop her. The blanket covered any evidence of movement anyway, so she relaxed as Faith slowly inched closer to her breast.


The silky fabric of her bra only caused the roaming hand of the younger girl to search further in her quest to touch Buffy more intimately. Using her strength to stretch the elastic holding Buffy’s bra tight, Faith flexed her fingers and gained easy entry under the black satin. Buffy moaned quietly as the warm palm cupped her breast, grazing over her hard nipple.


She realised she should pull away from Faith, not only because of the fact they were sat in a car with three other people, but mostly because of Faith’s recent ordeal and injuries. The sensation of having the brunette’s tongue in her mouth and hand squeezing her firm breast was clouding her judgment, and any hope of encouraging Faith to stop blew out of the window.


And to be fair, she was more than enjoying the fondling. Faith’s fingers and thumb were currently stroking, teasing, pulling and pleasuring her breast and nipple in every way possible, and she felt tiny jolts of electricity streak across her clit with every touch. The pleasure could almost have been called painful with the amount of need it was causing. 


Faith wanted to feel as close to Buffy as she could. Wrapped up under the blanket with her, the blonde girl’s left hand teasing just at the point Faith’s tee shirt met her waist; Faith could almost believe they were somewhere else completely. Listening to the soft wet sounds of their tongues dancing over each other, and the sensation of the hard little nipple under her fingertips, Faith knew she was feeling a hell of a lot better than she had been five minutes previously.


She noticed that she was getting wet from just softly leaning into Buffy, gliding her fingers over her breast, and kissing in a sweet dance of sensuality. Maybe it was the after effects of the adrenaline that had been coursing through her veins since she was captured. Maybe it was the fact that Buffy had told her she loved her. Or maybe it was just because she couldn’t get enough of the older girl. Whatever it was making her feel the way she was, Faith only knew one thing for sure. She wanted Buffy.




Having been denied the consummation of their blossoming relationship by Willow’s untimely interruption, right now, she wanted nothing more than to touch every part of Buffy, with her hands and lips. She wanted to feel her skin against hers, hot and smooth, and melting into her. She didn’t want to miss any opportunity to get close to Buffy again, especially as Buffy wasn’t pushing her away or protesting about the fact they were far from alone.


Faith began to move her moist kisses down across Buffy’s jaw and onwards to her slender neck. Nibbling and sucking lightly at her pulse point and up, close to her ear, where she knew the sound of her hot breath would turn Buffy on even more than she obviously was already.


Buffy sighed as Faith sucked on her earlobe, pulling it into her mouth and teasing it. The heavy breathing of her counterpart, blowing shiver inducing air over her, served to increase her arousal and the damp feeling between her legs.


She could feel Faith’s breasts brushing up against her and she wanted nothing more than to reach out and touch, to move Faith’s top out of the way and take one of her gloriously delectable nipples in her mouth. The thought alone was sending bolts of excitement through her, stopping abruptly at her evidently wet pussy. She groaned softly under Faith’s expert fingers. 


Faith pulled back to look into Buffy’s eyes, keeping her hand moving over her breast under the blanket. Her own eyes were dark pools of desire and need. Need. . .to know for sure Buffy was right there with her, feeling the same, and wanting the same. Buffy could tell that’s what Faith was thinking. She could practically feel it emanating from her. Her desire and love mingled to make one hell of a tidal wave of emotion and affection. 


Buffy smiled almost shyly at Faith, feeling herself blush under the intense gaze of the girl she had fallen so in love with. Her hand crept under Faith’s tight tee shirt, brushing up over her flat stomach, towards her ribs. She leant down, kissing the succulent lips before her, as she ignored any worry about their present circumstance at the prospect of her first real touch of the dark beauty’s breasts.


Faith pushed her lips harder against Buffy’s, encouraging the movement of her hand. Until that was, the blonde slayer hit a particularly bruised rib. Faith jerked away a little, taking in a sharp breath.


“Shit, I’m sorry,” Buffy apologised, instantly feeling bad for getting carried away.


“What’s goin on?” Xander slurred sleepily as he woke at the noise Faith had made in her pain.


He turned his gaze to notice the two slayers sitting extremely close. The blanket that covered them both had slipped, revealing the fact that Faith’s hand was under Buffy’s shirt, on her breast. He felt a stirring in his pants and quickly averted his eyes. He had thought the sounds he had been hearing were in his dreams.


Buffy looked over at the blushing boy, not realising what exactly he was blushing for with her concern for her fellow slayer. She pulled her own hand from its snug hideaway in Faith’s tee shirt, and gently stroked her fingers through her thick dark tussle of hair, watching for the pain in her eyes to subside.


“Are you ok?” She kept her hand embedded in the soft tangle of brunette. 


“Yeah, it's just my ribs. They fucking took turns to use me as a damn football.” Faith noticed the distressed look on Buffy’s face, so leaned up slightly in her discomfort, to touch her lips to Buffy‘s, reassuring her that she really wasn’t that badly injured, considering.


“Jesus, Faith, what did they do to you?” Buffy asked, just barely registering the fact that Faith had moved her right hand down a tad, so now it was resting on her bare stomach, rather than her chest. “There was so much blood when they took you. Where did that come from?” Now that Faith was pretty much fully awake, she wanted to know what had happened.


“It wasn’t mine.” Faith could see the pain in Buffy’s eyes at the memory of discovering that she had been kidnapped. “One of the stupid morons shot one of their own. I got out of the way of the gun too quick for him to realise, and he pulled the trigger. I didn’t have time to call out to ya, though, ‘cause when I ducked for cover they grabbed me. Knocked me out cold with some real heavy fucking lead bar or something,” Faith explained.


Buffy removed her hand from Faith’s hair and placed it on the solid thigh of the other girl.


“I’m so sorry I didn’t get to you in time, Faith. I. . .God, I thought all that blood was yours.” A stray tear tumbled from Buffy’s grasp as she pulled Faith into a soft embrace. Apparently not that soft though, as Faith winced again.


Buffy resisted the urge to keep hold of Faith, and settled instead for kissing her quickly and replacing her hand under the blanket on top of the injured girl’s thigh. 


“So were there only four all along? Because that’s how many we just came across,” Buffy asked and looked over to notice Giles listening, and glancing up occasionally to view the two Slayers in the rear-view mirror. No doubt he was more than interested in exactly what the Council had been up to.


“There were seven, that I know of. They dumped the guy they shot, then I busted up another two in a struggle when they were chaining me to the wall. I was kinda out of it a lot so I don’t know if there were more backing them up or what. I guess there wasn’t if you only came up against four. The guys I beat on to get free. . .I guess they had to dump them too.” Faith’s eyes turned distant and sullen at the realisation she had possibly killed two humans.


She didn’t like the idea of killing anything but what she had been chosen to. Even though the slayer lust inside her had been screaming at her to attack, and kill, she had done her best not to go too far. Risking her own safety in the process. She knew Buffy would look at her differently if she’d gone crazy and lost her control, and she didn’t even want to entertain the prospect of losing her. 


Buffy tried not to dwell on the fact she had also possibly killed. They hadn’t stuck around long enough to check on the injuries of the council henchmen, in case more came to back them up.


“Hey, it's ok. We both had to act, to get you free. They captured you, Faith. Against your will, with guns, and violence, and really crappy looking suits. We did what we had to.” Stroking her fingers over Faith’s thigh, Buffy tried her best to convey her reassurance with the soothing contact.


“Yeah, still doesn’t make me feel too great though,” Faith muttered.


“I know,” Buffy said quietly.


Within the warm confines of the small car, Buffy could practically feel the beat of Faith’s heart as she sat drowning in the gentle gaze of her dark eyes. There were sparks dancing over them both with the knowledge that they shared something so deep with their slayer bond, and now the bond of their hearts in love.


Xander could almost see the charge that existed between them. Any doubt he might have had about the truth of their feelings vanished. He sat back, closing his eyes once more to give the chosen two some privacy. Although, he knew for sure, if any interesting noises began to drift his way again, he’d be doing his best not to be noticed watching.


Buffy rested more of her weight on the car seat as she settled back with Faith in her arms. They were getting closer to the loud hum of LA, and a hospital to get Faith properly checked over. The blow to her head had evidently been severe, so even though she knew her counterpart would bitch about being treated like a cripple, doctors were needed to make sure she hadn’t lost any important brain cells.


“I like that,” Faith whispered huskily into Buffy’s ear, instantly bringing her aroused state back to her attention.


“You like what?” Buffy spoke softly too, as not to disturb Xander once again.


“What you’re doing with your hand.” The brunette’s lips were so close to the Buffy’s ear, she could feel their heat, sending her into a whirl, remembering what they had felt like on her breasts. “Touching me. It's nice.” A hushed sigh escaped Faith.


The brunette closed her eyes, heavy breaths shuddering in and out as her ribs creaked under the strain of the swelling. She truly did like Buffy touching her. It was sweet more than sexual, and she wasn’t even embarrassed to admit it to herself, despite her tough-girl image. 


Buffy suddenly realised what it was the younger girl was talking about. She had her hand back under Faith’s top, and was busy absentmindedly stroking the firm stomach within her reach.


She smiled at how comfortable they both were with contact of a more intimate and suggestive nature. She could imagine spending hours just doing simple things, like running her hands through the soft dark hair of the other slayer, or massaging her shoulders, or swirling circles on her lean back as she lay on her front watching TV or something.


She couldn’t wait for the moment they could make love, but even just being able to do what she was as they made their way deeper into LA, was like snatching a slice of heaven from the hell around them. The two girls snuggled down into the blanket, heating each other’s bodies with their need for one another. Hoping that they could eventually escape the constant threats to their relationship.


The prospect of a night filled with love and languorous displays of affection, was one that Buffy couldn’t wait to get round to. She really hoped Faith wasn’t too injured and took a while to heal. She needed to feel her close to her, wet for her, coming for her.


Buffy shivered, knowing it would happen soon, and Faith squeezed tighter, claiming yet another piece of her heart.



Part Fourteen

Some Things You Have To Drop, Rather Than Let Down Gently


Getting Faith to agree to the hospital tests was a task, but in the end she relented. Well, she had to with the effort that Buffy had put in; convincing her it was better than sleeping alone. She certainly didn’t like that idea. In fact, Faith had grown very fond of sleeping with Buffy draped all over her.


It wasn’t just a sexual thing either. It was just nice to have Buffy that close after wanting her for so long, and craving for more contact than they had on an average day. Even with the amount of full on sparring they did, it had never been enough. Now, Faith knew exactly what it felt like to have Buffy’s slim little body wrapped around her, and she loved it.


The scans didn’t take long, fortunately, and they showed no internal injuries apart from a couple of broken ribs. There was also no serious damage to her head. No fracture hidden beneath the lump under her thick tumble of hair.


Buffy had stayed with Faith, holding her hand the entire time. Until some disgruntled nurses had told her she couldn’t remain with Faith whilst she had her x rays. Buffy had accepted defeat and waited with Giles in the corridor. She didn’t like the idea of leaving Faith alone though, just in case.


She never again wanted to be put through the pain of thinking she had lost Faith. Buffy realised it was a little melodramatic to want to constantly be by her side, but given what had just happened, she could forgive herself. She would just have to make sure that Faith was well aware of how important she was to her, and that it was really best not to run off getting abducted.


“Here we are.” Giles brought his car to a stop outside Angel’s HQ, the hotel.


It had been decided that it would be better for them all to stay there for a few hours to catch up on lost sleep, rather than putting Faith, or any of them for that matter, through the journey straight back to Sunnydale. Angel had made his way back to the hotel as soon as possible, to avoid the sunrise, and Willow and Xander had tagged along to see that rooms were ready so everybody would get some rest.


Faith was more than a little relieved that they would be spending a few hours there, as she wanted nothing more than to lay out flat on a nice soft bed, rather than cram into the backseat of Giles’ tiny car. Though she had to admit, being cooped up in a confined space with Buffy had been far from horrible. In fact, it had been quite nice, and she’d even managed to cop a feel despite her weary state. It had surprised her that Buffy hadn’t pushed her hand away, and berated her for being so uncouth, given the fact Xander had been sat right by them. But then, the kisses they had been sharing had just lead her hand to do the natural thing, and Buffy to go naturally right along with it.


Faith smiled at the thought, but then instantly felt down as she realised she was in no fit state to be doing anything physical with Buffy. She really wanted things to go further, and was sure Buffy felt the same, but her ribs were very sore and causing her to hold herself stiff to not have them crunching around inside her bruised body.


Faith leaned on the well-toned shoulder of the other slayer, as they made their way into the hotel.


Rooms were soon quickly allocated, due to Willow’s speedy and efficient means of telling people where they were to go, no questions asked. She had thankfully put Faith and Buffy in the same room, so Faith was thinking she was pretty much aware of what had been happening between them. Otherwise, no doubt she would have found herself sharing a room with Xander. Faith winced at that thought, given their history, even if it had been somewhat quick and embarrassing.


Angel shuffled about in his usual manner, waiting for his opportunity to talk to Buffy. Faith watched him out of the corner of her eye, just daring him to step forward and initiate the removal of the small blonde from her side.


Buffy also spotted Angel, and all the signs of his interest and neediness too, but really wasn’t interested in sitting down for a chat when she had better things to do. Like crawl into bed with her beautiful girlfriend, and hold her until they both drifted into the realm of sleep together. Of course, there was much more she’d rather be doing with Faith other than sleep, but she wasn’t about to jump on her and injure her some more.


She knew right now, it was going to be better to avoid too much in the way of physical contact that was maybe a little too rough, hot, sweaty, sexy, wet. . .Buffy really needed to stop her mind from wandering to anything other than just gently keeping the younger girl in her arms.


“Fuck, that bed looks real comfy,” Faith sighed and ran a hand through her heavy locks, leaning into Buffy as they slowly entered the room they had been given to share.


Buffy helped Faith to the large bed in the center of the room, doing so not only because Faith was still a little unsteady, but mainly just because she was revelling in the amount of control the usually fiercely independent girl was giving up.


The room was sparsely decorated, but clean and comfortable enough for a couple of hours sleep before they made their way back home. The prospect of dealing with any new threats from the council once they heard about Faith’s escape was not being looked forward to, by anybody, but Giles insisted that he would do his utmost to try to appease them in some way. Until things could be dealt with more permanently. He was hopeful of a resolution to the situation.


“Do you want a shower, baby?” Buffy asked, sitting down next to the shattered slayer on the bed.


She felt a little awkward, perched on the end of the large mattress with Faith. She wasn’t exactly sure why, but thought that maybe it was the fact that they were alone finally after such an emotionally wrought day, and maybe because of how close they had been earlier to taking things further between them. There was also the fact she had told Faith, in the heat of her stress at getting the kidnapped girl to safety, that she loved her.


Buffy really was uncertain if it had been the right thing to say. There was the fact that Faith hadn’t said it back of course, and even though Buffy was pretty sure Faith cared for her a great deal, she wasn’t confident in the hope that she was actually in love with her. Old doubts, fear, and uncertainty ran around her head as she sat dwelling too much on things that were glaringly obvious anyway.


“Hey, you ok?” Faith questioned, looking concerned.


“Huh? Oh, yeah. Why?” Buffy turned to face Faith, knowing she had just zoned out.


“You totally left the building, girlfriend. I just wanted to make sure you’re ok,” Faith said and smiled sweetly.


Buffy couldn’t quite believe that the once tough and self-centred girl was acting so concerned, when it was her that had just been kidnapped and beaten. She shook her head, wondering if maybe in the past she had missed just how caring the other slayer could be.


Of course, she realised that she had always seen it there in those dark eyes when they looked at her, when Faith would almost, but never quite reveal herself a little too much. Buffy wanted to see those eyes opening up the depths of Faith to her, and never shut her out again. She wanted to see all of Faith, and never have anything threaten that.


“Honestly, I don’t know. I just. . .I was so afraid I’d lost you.” Buffy looked down at her hands, a tear rolling a journey down her cheek. “I never want to feel like that again. Like I had so much I wanted to show you, and tell you, but couldn’t. It was horrible.” Looking up at the deep brown before her, Buffy allowed her grief to show, as Faith gently ran her hand through her blonde hair, then brought it down to entangle her fingers in Buffy’s.


“I know. I felt the same. Buffy, I. . .” Faith was interrupted by an apologetic knock on the door.


Both slayers looked towards the door, feeling the vampire tingles raise the hairs on the back of their necks. Buffy didn’t want to get up and answer Angel’s knock, but he banged again and faintly called out for her.


“You’d better go see what he wants, B.” There was a hint of jealousy in Faith’s tone.


Buffy didn’t like to hear it, because Faith had no worries where Angel was concerned. She could never imagine messing up any chance with Faith again over him. His untimely arrival back from hell had been enough of a test for their friendship, so she didn’t want Faith to needlessly worry about it.


Buffy closed the small distance between them and grabbed onto the younger girl’s luscious lips with her own; kissing her in a promise of devotion that took both their breaths away for a second with its melting intensity.


“I’ll be right back, Faith. Don’t move. I love you,” Buffy said quickly, moving away from the other girl and towards the door before Faith could react.


Faith opened her mouth to say something, but didn’t want to reveal how she loved Buffy to her back, as she opened the door to the gloomy vampire outside. She wanted to do it right, so that Buffy was sure about it. As sure as she was of how Buffy felt about her.


She wanted Buffy to experience the tingle as the words were said, the way she had felt it. She wanted to make Buffy feel as full and overwhelmed as she did. As totally swept up in the feeling of being the object of somebody’s complete devotion and passionate desire.


Faith watched as Buffy left the room to discover what exactly Angel wanted. Then she carefully manoeuvred herself towards the shower in the hope to wash away the grime and the memory of the council’s foot soldiers, who had violently bruised her body with their hands.




Buffy closed the door behind her and looked up at the shadowy figure of the vampire she once believed was her soul mate. He was lingering in the corridor like a bad smell, and brooding for the Olympic gold.


“This had better be good, because I’m real tired,” Buffy said with a yawn, wanting to add that she was also very keen on warming her naked body next to Faith’s, so standing around in a drafty corridor was not high on her list of things to do.


“I just thought we should discuss what happened. And about the council and. . .stuff,” Angel mumbled. He seemed unsure if he actually believed himself.


“Discuss it? Discussions can happen after I sleep, which happens after I go back in there and fall into bed with my very attractive girlfriend.” Buffy turned to leave, ignoring the wide and saddened eyes of her ex at the mention of Faith now being more than just her friend.


“I err, I know but. . .” Angel continued, and Buffy stopped to at least allow him to finish his sentence, “I thought we could get it out of the way, so you can go straight back after you’ve all had a rest.” Angel was glad he was able to find a sad excuse to sit down and talk with Buffy, before she upped and disappeared back home.


“Fine,” Buffy sighed, then hastily made her way downstairs, with Angel following like a lost little castrated puppy.


The hotel was quiet, despite the bustle of the morning traffic beginning to rumble outside. Making her way over to one of the comfy looking sofas in the lounge, Buffy yawned again and wondered why the hell she wasn’t upstairs with Faith, rather than sitting around in the large and mostly uninteresting place Angel called home. She sat down heavily on the sofa as Angel paced a little in front of her.


“So, let’s discuss. . .what exactly?” Buffy asked. She wasn’t in the mood to play.


 “Well, I just thought it would be best to, you know. . .” Angel had lost his ability to lie in front of the girl he still loved.


“Come on, Angel, we both know what this is about. Faith, right?” Buffy sat back in her seat as the vampire continued to frown. She was very tired and wanted out of the conversation as quickly as possible.


“I guess. I mean, are you. . .” Angel trailed off, outdoing himself in the pathetic stakes.


“Am I attracted to her? Yes. Am I crazy about her? Definitely. Am I in love with her? Without a doubt.  No, we haven’t had sex yet. Yes, I want to, a lot. No, I’m not entirely sure if it’s gonna work out and not break my heart. But yes, I want nothing more than to jump right in and give it a shot. I love Faith, and there’s not a thing about her that I don’t find absolutely adorable, and I want her, us together, more than anything I have ever wanted. And I’m sorry if that hurts you, truly I am, but she makes me feel whole, like I’ve never really felt before,” Buffy blurted, and she could feel her heart pounding with the knowledge that every word was true.


“But,” Angel stammered, looking completely crestfallen.


“I’m sorry. I do still love you in a way, Angel, but Faith and I. . .it’s, well, it’s something that touches me in all the right places. Heart, body, and soul.” Buffy took a deep, cleansing breath. “Now does that answer all your questions? Or do I have to beat you over the head with your own arm in order to actually get some sleep at some point in the next few hours?” She looked up, hopeful that she had expressed sufficiently the nature of her feelings for the slayer upstairs.


“Yeah, I guess it kinda does answer everything,” he nodded. He was a little shell-shocked to say the least.


He had always held the hope in his lifeless heart, that one day they could be together again. Angel had been meticulously researching possible cures for his curse, and had discovered some encouraging looking loopholes. Now he just felt crushed.


Buffy still had all of his love, but now it seemed Buffy had found a replacement that far outweighed his own memory of her love for him. He could see the emotion, pure and strong, in the green eyes of the girl sitting in front of him. He could honestly say he had never really seen that look directed at him before. And despite how hurt and rejected he felt, Angel couldn’t help but feel at least a small spark of happiness for Buffy to have found somebody that she cared so much for. He just hoped Faith felt the same way for Buffy. For both their sakes.


Buffy stood up and moved in front of the crushed vampire, halting his nervous pacing.


“I really am sorry, Angel. I just can’t help how I feel about her. Believe me, I’ve tried,” Buffy said softly, raising a delicate hand to caress his strong jaw.


He closed his eyes at the soft brush of her warm hand on his cold skin, and took a deep unnecessary breath, resolving to do the noble thing and accept defeat. In a way, he felt like Faith had succeeded in her divine duty and slayed him. Leaving him to be swept away by the drafts twisting their way around his phoney sanctuary of a hotel.  


“You’d better go to bed, Buffy. Get some rest.” He smiled gamely, and squeezed Buffy’s hand as he plucked it from his cheek.


Even though he was being noble and accepting Buffy’s choice, he was kind of glad that Faith was a little too injured for the chosen two to be getting up to anything that he might be unfortunate enough to hear. He didn’t need the stake twisted any deeper into his heart than it was.


“Thank you.” Buffy reached up on her tiptoes and softly kissed Angel on the cheek, before turning to make her way back to her girlfriend.


She didn’t notice Giles standing in a doorway at the far end of the lounge, tears glistening in his weary eyes. He was taken back by the love he had heard in Buffy’s words. She obviously felt a great deal for the younger girl, so there was no way he could disapprove of their relationship. He had thought that maybe it wasn’t serious, that it was just a fad, or a teenage experiment that he would definitely have felt the need to try to put an end to, but there was clearly much more to it.


The slayer bond between the two girls, and the blossoming of their relationship with one another, was something he wasn’t about to attempt to jeopardise now, given the depth of feeling. He just hoped others, like Buffy’s mother, would see things the same way. The two girls were young, even with responsibilities far greater than anybody should have to deal with, they were still subject to parental concern and rules. And then of course there would be the cruel judgment of their peers.


It was going to be rough for the chosen two, without a doubt. Even with the support of their close friends, they were in for a bumpy ride.



Part Fifteen



Buffy swept her way back upstairs, glad to have got the Angel issue out of the way, so she could get on with just living her life. She had been over him for a long time, but had been hanging on to the memory of their past together; until she really started noticing Faith as a potential love interest. As soon as she had started thinking of Faith as more than a flirty complication, Buffy had let go of her time with Angel completely. Finally looking forward, rather than back.


She entered the room she was sharing with Faith quietly as soon as she noticed that the other girl was already in bed. She couldn’t tell if Faith was asleep, but she could see that she had been able to take a shower by herself. Her clothes were strewn all over, and a damp towel was hanging limply on the end of the bed. 


Buffy smiled at how messy Faith was. The young girl just didn’t care about things like that it seemed, as if there was always something else that was far more important, and obviously this time it was collapsing naked into bed.


Picking up the towel from the bed and throwing it onto a nearby chair, Buffy silently took in the view before her. The beautiful brunette was barely under the covers, sleeping soundly on her back. Her hair had fallen in luscious damp swirls around her, honouring the pillow with its softness, and there was a faint smile enhancing the perfection of her lips.


Buffy had to urge herself not to just stay and gaze at Faith, because she needed a shower so that she could fall equally as naked onto the cool clean covers of the bed. Buffy stole herself away from the enticing promise of soft warm skin, to trudge into the bathroom to wash out the dirt of the day.


Stepping out of the shower once she had done, Buffy wrapped herself up, soaking up the droplets of water that glistened upon her. The room was cloudy; with the warm steam doing it’s best to find a means of escape. She couldn’t be bothered to reach up and open the window, so she pushed the door open a crack to let the atmosphere cool.


Buffy used the smaller towel that had been left hastily at the side of the sink, to dry her hair. Faith must have used it too for the same reason, as it wasn’t quite as dry as it should have been. Smiling to herself at the thought, Buffy looked up into the hazy mirror ahead of her in the small bathroom. What she saw only made her smile even wider, and her heart just about leap from her chest.


Scrawled on the mirror, ready to be viewed once more steam hit its reflective surface, was a message from Faith. It was simple enough, but spoke volumes, and took Buffy back to a time when, without the interference of Angel and her own ignorance to what was staring her in the face, things could have been so much more intimate between her and Faith.


Right there on the glass of the mirror was a heart with an arrow piercing its centre. To the left of that, in Faith’s cursive scrawl were the words “you got me, Buffy.”  


Buffy touched the outline of the heart drawn by Faith’s finger, wondering why she hadn’t realised just what the gesture had meant the first time around. She had been blind and could kick herself for it now. They had lost so much time to get to the point they were now at.


She wasn’t going to waste any more time, though, even if it meant dragging herself through all the crap a relationship with another girl would ensure she went through. All the insults, un-acceptance and hate they would come across would be worth it. The stunning brunette in the other room was more than worth it.


She left the heat of the bathroom and threw the small towel she had been using to dry her hair with onto the chair, keeping the larger towel around her. Making her way in the subtle light of the small lamp at the opposite side of the bed Faith was lying on, Buffy looked down at the other slayer, unsure whether she should wake her up or not. She looked so peaceful, and even with the blight of bruises she was breathtaking.


Buffy sat on the very edge of the bed next to Faith, deciding she didn’t want to wake the exhausted girl. She took in every inch of the glorious prize that she could see before her, her green eyes devouring the sight.


The contrast of Faith’s dark hair and lightly tanned skin against the stark white of the sheets made her look even more exotic than usual. The powerful muscles, relaxed and leaving lines of tone and definition in all the right places, promising strength and stamina for whatever passions they would invoke in each other.


She watched as Faith’s breathing moved her stomach up and down in a dare for the sheet to fall just that little bit lower, to reveal her sweet little belly button. She knew what that looked like now. Buffy had studied it when they were in the bath together, amongst other things.


She imagined dipping her tongue into the tiny little indentation, enjoying the taste of the other slayer. She imagined traversing Faith’s alluring skin, navigating her way up across the flat stomach, up to the gentle curve of her breast. Licking around the full swell of perfection, until she reached the dark target in the centre.


Faith’s breasts were on full show to her now, and Buffy’s mouth was watering at the prospect of being able to kiss them. To kiss all of her magnificent girlfriend.


Dropping her towel to the floor, Buffy quietly made her way around to the other side of the bed. She wanted to be wrapped in the crisp sheets with her fellow slayer, and wrapped in the fresh intoxicating smell of her. To feel her skin brushing against her as she carefully slid as close as she dare, without waking Faith up or aggravating her injured body.


Buffy was glad Faith had opted to sleep on the right side of the bed, because her worst bruising was on the side furthest away from her. She could get closer without causing too much pain, and she really wanted to be closer. She wanted to kiss, and feel the heat she knew they could generate between them. She wanted to touch. She needed to.


Being as gentle as she could, in order not to startle Faith awake, Buffy slowly raised her left hand to the flat plane of the younger girl’s stomach. She lightly whispered her fingertips over the soft skin just above the dip of Faith’s belly button, where the sheet hid the rest of her beauty. The fine, almost invisible body hair lifted to her touch as she moved her fingers higher, right up the centre of Faith’s torso between her breasts.


Keeping her eyes trained on the sleeping girl, Buffy gently drifted her fingers over the sweet little mole lying just above Faith’s left breast, then down to the outer curve of its soft swell. She watched as the nipple instinctively stiffened with the caress of her fingers, as she began to create small circles around it, wanting to feel the hard nub against her sensitive fingertips.


Licking her lips, unable to deny herself the pleasure of rubbing over Faith’s enticing nipple any longer, Buffy swirled a finger directly onto it. It grew ever more erect under her touch, and she marvelled at the mixture of how soft yet hard it felt.


Faith shifted a little under the assault on her aroused nipple, her right leg moving under the sheet so it was more bent at the knee. The action only served to make Buffy think about the delights under cover. One delight in particular.


She knew she shouldn’t. It was tantamount to taking advantage, but she couldn’t help herself. The memory of looking at Faith in the bath as she revealed herself fully to Buffy, had her needing to experience the beauty of the other girl’s most intimate place with her fingers as well as her eyes.


She slowly trailed her hand back down the engaging body of the brunette, halting her downward journey for a second to feel the rise and fall of each breath she took. Buffy wasn’t sure if Faith was breathing quicker, a little deeper. She wasn’t even sure right now if she wanted her to wake up or not, to maybe stop her. Her mind was lost in the promise of finally being able to explore, indulge, and discover.


Resting on her right elbow, holding herself up a little over the younger girl, Buffy dipped her hand below the confine of the sheet. She went slowly, noticing the rapid breathing rate she had fallen into in her desire, biting her lower lip a little as her fingers came in contact with the very small strip of dark pubic hair.


She caught the moan that threatened to escape her as she slid her hand lower, tickling over the short hair, down to the intimate folds of Faith’s pussy. She stopped for a second to savour the moment, then Buffy grew a little bolder in her lust and her need to touch Faith. She closed her eyes and slipped her middle finger in between the soft lips, immediately feeling the silky wet evidence of arousal coat her digit.


Buffy tried to convince herself that she should stop what she was doing, but she couldn’t. The wet invitation was just too much to pull away from. Sliding her finger inside the sensitive slit, Buffy sighed at the amount of moisture emanating now from Faith.


The subdued noise she had released with the sigh once again caused Faith to move a little. But she didn’t turn away from Buffy at all, in fact her legs seemed to fall open just a little more, like she was unconsciously aware of what was happening, spreading herself wider for Buffy. Like she wanted Buffy to continue, to swirl her finger around, just the way she was doing.


Faith’s sex was so sweet and small, probably due to the fact her hips were tiny, and Buffy ran her fingers over her to feel everything she wanted to. To memorise every succulent, sensitive inch as she studied Faith’s spread pussy with her hand, soaking up the abundance of slippery fluid.


Buffy could feel her own juices dripping with need as she circled Faith’s hard little clit, gently rubbing over it before dipping a little lower, but not quite sliding inside the soft entrance of the other girl; the place where her silky excitement was seeping from her, and begging for Buffy to bury herself inside.


She didn’t want to risk her desire getting the better of her and start to fuck Faith like that. Things would only get too physical, and her main priority was to keep from damaging the injured girl further, despite how much she wanted to push her fingers up inside the tight little pink hole.


Trying her best to hold back, Buffy was breathing much harder now, and Faith seemed to be breathing almost as hard, her body beginning to twitch a little under the caress of the entranced girl.


She looked down at the brunette, watching as her full lips parted with the now constant stimulation of her clit. Buffy was beyond stopping now. She wanted to continue, gently teasing the girl she loved until she woke, until she came for her. She knew if she did her best to keep it gentle, Faith wouldn’t hurt herself anymore than she was. Faith would just have to give in to the persistent strokes.


And she was.


* * *


“Buffy.” Faith opened her eyes, immediately groaning out the name of the blonde girl playing in her pussy.


“I’m sorry,” Buffy said quietly, as she brushed her lips over Faith’s neck. “I couldn’t resist.”


She rubbed a little harder with her finger, causing Faith to arch up into the touch with her hips, moaning as she did so. And as the blur of sleep disintegrated, Faith reached her right hand up to Buffy’s face, encouraging her lips towards her.


They kissed softly as Buffy continued to make love to Faith, being as careful as she could. She slipped her lips from Faith’s, as the younger girl began to breathe even deeper; gliding kisses down her throat, across the top of her chest and to her breast.


Faith trembled a little at the first touch of Buffy’s lips to her nipple. Buffy kissed lightly, then sucked and flicked her eager tongue out over the hard little nub. Faith had no choice but to lay back and enjoy what Buffy was doing to her. She didn’t have the strength to flip the smaller girl onto her back like she would have done in normal circumstances, taking control.


She couldn’t possibly take control anyway.


There was something so loving and gentle about the way Buffy was touching her, unlike anything she had experienced before. The emotion in the act was abundantly clear, like Buffy was worshiping her rather than trying to posses her. Faith couldn’t help but fall into the chasm in front of her. Into the vast unknown depths of feelings pouring out of Buffy.


“B,” Faith breathed out deeply. “Oh yeah. Right there, baby.” Faith handed all her control and power over to Buffy, and sank into the mattress as she began to rock against the hand pleasuring her.


Buffy was ecstatic that Faith wasn’t trying to gain some control, or trying to stop her from showing her how much she craved her and loved her. She wanted to do this for Faith. She needed to.


Faith’s muted moans and sighs filled her ears as she brushed their lips together once more before dropping her head to the strong shoulder below, in order to watch the striking girl as she was swept up in the rising tide of her oncoming orgasm.


“You’re so beautiful, Faith. And you feel beautiful.” Buffy spread the younger girl’s wetness all over her pussy, as she stroked over her clit. “God, I’d love to go inside you, right up inside your hot little pussy, but I don’t wanna get you too worked up,” she whispered huskily into Faith’s ear, breathing in the scent of Faith’s arousal as she filled her lungs rapidly along with her.


“I know. God, I know, baby.” Faith was close, her hips bucking up against the fingers flicking over her dripping centre.  “Fuck. Buffy. Oh Fuck,” Faith moaned.


Buffy increased the pressure of her fingers over her girlfriend’s clit, rubbing directly on the hard swell of it as it lay exposed for her attentions between the brunette’s open thighs. She could feel Faith begin to tremble, her breaths coming short and fast as her eyes slid shut and lips parted.


“Oh fuck. Fuck, Buffy, I. . .God, Buffy I. . .” Faith moaned out long and loud into the quiet of the hotel, shuddering as her climax ripped through her.


She felt her come spurt out and Buffy dip her finger to slide inside her for a glorious second, as her walls contracted almost to the beat of her heart. If she were feeling anything other than beaten and bruised, Faith would be encouraging Buffy to push her fingers further up inside her, to fuck her deep and hard. But she was in no shape to be able to see it through without damaging her ribs further, and causing herself a great deal of pain.


Buffy too wanted to plunge her fingers into Faith and fuck her little pussy until she screamed, but she realised that they would soon have plenty of opportunity to do just that. Delighting in the look of satisfaction on Faith’s face from her orgasm, Buffy knew without a doubt that it was only the beginning. This was just an appetizer for what she knew was going to be one hell of a main meal. She slipped her fingers away from Faith, pulling the sheet up around them both with her sticky hand.


“Are you ok?” Buffy asked, as the slayer beside her caught her breath.


“Yeah, that was. . .” Faith wasn’t quite sure how to describe it.


It hadn’t been the biggest orgasm Faith had experienced, due to the fact they hadn’t really been able to get right into it, but she had never felt so. . .she could only describe it as being touched. Truly, and completely touched. It must have been the love she felt between them, pulling them together and filling her with its intensity.


As she had climaxed, Faith had tried to get the words out. She had tried to tell Buffy she loved her, but the words had gotten lost in her moans.


She turned to look at the now sleepy girl beside her, shifting her weight a little so she wasn’t resting on her ribs, but could pull Buffy into her arms to embrace her. She smiled her thousand watt dimpled smile at Buffy, who smiled back just as beautifully.


Resting her hand on Buffy’s cheek, making sure she had her full attention, Faith let go. She let go of all her fear, her defensiveness, her tough outer shell, and she handed Buffy her heart.


“Buffy,” she began. Her mind screamed no, just in case she had got it wrong. Just in case Buffy wasn’t actually in love with her. She ignored it and continued, unable to find anything other than just that in Buffy’s eyes. “I love you.” She watched as a salty tear escaped the blonde slayer.


“You. . .” Buffy stammered, not able to find words. She hadn’t expected Faith to say it, at least not so soon, and she couldn’t hold back the small torrent of tears as she felt her world come together.


“I’m in love with you, B,” Faith confirmed, helping Buffy out. “Totally. Head over heels, crazy in love with you.”


Faith bridged the gap and kissed Buffy’s smiling lips to prove it, pouring her heart into Buffy, feeling her world, feeling everything. . .come together.



Part sixteen

Lost In Your Touch


Buffy felt herself fall into Faith, heart and soul. She couldn’t have wished for more from Faith, and here the other Slayer was, giving her everything. Buffy was well aware of how hard it was for the guarded brunette to let go, to trust and open up. That’s why she hadn’t expected to hear words about love coming from her for a very long time.


She always seemed to know how to surprise Buffy, and never stopped doing it. Buffy loved the way Faith made her feel, like there was nothing they couldn’t do together. She had always made the more uptight girl feel that way, as if nothing could stand in their way, like they were unstoppable together. Like they could reach for the skies and touch the stars. Right now, Buffy felt like Faith had reached up and plucked every star out of the sky just for her, to offer to her along with her heart.


Buffy gratefully accepted Faith’s heart. She could never imagine doing anything other than that, now that she had accepted her feelings. Now that she had been so intimate with, and made love to the other girl.


“I love you too.” The words were spoken sleepily as Buffy felt herself drift into much needed rest.


“I know, baby,” Faith whispered, kissing the top of Buffy’s head, the blonde hair tickling her nose as she leant against her, pulling her tight into her side. “Go to sleep now. I promise I’ll show you how much I love you, as soon as I can.” Both girls could feel their eyes shutting, bodies relaxing into each other as the day outside begun and they drifted off to sleep, naked in one another’s arms.


It mustn’t have been more than four or five hours later, when Faith woke to the sound of drilling outside. She hated the city sometimes. The light and the noise from outside was doing its best to filter into the little haven of peace that enveloped the two of them. Faith decided she didn’t mind that much as soon as she realised her right hand was resting in the hollow at the small of Buffy’s back.


Buffy was lying on her front, arms above her, her head turned towards Faith, eyes closed as she continued to sleep. Faith blinked her weariness away, to fully appreciate the sight of Buffy lying naked next to her, their heads close together and legs entwined.


The blanket had fallen down around both their waists, leaving Buffy’s back fully exposed to Faith. She had always had a weakness for the other girl’s back, loving it when Buffy would wear something that would reveal its slender enticement to her.


She had always found it so hard not to just reach out and run her fingers down the delicate looking bones of her spine. To feel the gentle flex of muscle under the lustrous skin. Now she didn’t have stop herself. Faith could enjoy just how sexy and alluring she thought Buffy’s back was, with her fingers, just like she’d always wanted to do.


Being gentle, as not to wake the other girl, Faith began tracing patterns over Buffy’s back with the tips of her fingers. Starting at the delicate arch, she drew circles over the sleek skin and muscle, soaking up the soft tickle of the sensation.


As Faith’s caresses moved upwards, up over sharp shoulder blades and firm muscle, she flattened her hand, sweeping her palm over Buffy. The blonde girl continued to sleep through Faith’s exploration, her soft exhalations mesmerising her.


Moving closer, Faith leant on her elbow, not feeling too much pain in her ribs. They were almost healed, as she had always been a quick healer, even for a Slayer. Buffy was beyond jealous about that.


Faith looked down at the sleeping girl, her dark eyes devouring the sight, her fingers stealing the chance to glide down Buffy’s spine. She quickly moved from wanting to touch, to wanting to taste. Without hesitating, Faith leant her body close to Buffy. She moaned quietly at the contact of her breasts on the other girl’s smooth skin, her nipples instantly firming.


She brushed her lips over the shoulder blade closest to her, enjoying the slight salty taste. Her mouth was hungry to taste more, her sumptuous lips eager to feel, so Faith smothered Buffy’s back with soft, wet kisses.


She slowly moved down, trailing her lips and tongue southwards, to the top of the sheet covering the firm round backside that Faith now had her right hand resting on. She dusted kisses in the sensual arch to Buffy’s back, relishing the opportunity to do so, noticing her own breathing becoming quicker and stilted.   


Flattening her tongue out, Faith licked her way back up Buffy’s spine in an almost carnal display of ownership, up to the alluring smoothness of her neck, drinking in Buffy’s flavour, and feeling the muscles twitch. Her hand slipped to the tiny waist of the other girl as she began to wake up, her eyes blinking open to look at Faith. Faith continued stroking over the dainty waist and lower back that had her fingers eager to find other places to touch and explore.


“Hmm, why do I feel so good?” Buffy asked, gazing deep into endless pools of chocolate brown, her body instantly reacting to the attention of a caressing hand. 


Faith smiled down at the waking girl, studying her pretty face as she received an equally delicious smile back. She looked intently at the pout-y lift of Buffy’s lips, the gleam in the beautiful green eyes that she loved. Leaning down, Faith kissed the cute little quirky nose she thought was adorable.


There was a time she would have jumped off the nearest bridge if she’d caught herself having thoughts like she was. Thinking someone was adorable just wasn’t a part of her bad girl image, but Buffy had got far underneath that particular shield. She had wormed her way into her heart, and there was no way Faith could stop her own thoughts now.


“You look so fucking cute right now, B. And you’re turning me into a big wuss, ya know that?” Faith softly allowed her lips to stray across Buffy’s, placing a small kiss on her mouth before pulling away.


“I like it when you go all soft. Not that I don’t like it when you’re all tough and sexy too. I really like that. I like it when you get all rowdy and feisty and. . .” Buffy squealed a little, halted in her dreamy babble as Faith moved her body on top of her, holding herself over her, resting some but not all her weight on Buffy. 


“Like this?” Faith asked, holding Buffy’s wrists on the pillow with one hand, and gliding her right hand up and down the naked body below her, tickling Buffy‘s side a little.  


She pressed some more of her weight into Buffy, her legs falling between her thighs, causing her to brush intimately against Buffy’s backside.


“Yeah, just like that,” Buffy breathed out, getting aroused with Faith’s body pressed up against her.


Buffy had woken to the delicate touch of feather light fingers and kisses on her back, pulling her from the sanctuary of sleep, to the sanctuary of feeling adored. Of being desired and loved by her fellow Slayer.


She really enjoyed the feeling, and had longed for it for so long, a lot of the time not even knowing what it was she was longing for. Now she knew. It was Faith, in all her raw untamed beauty, with her sexual veracity and experienced touches. 


Feeling Faith’s skin warming her own, exciting her every sense, the teasing cresses of her skilful fingers glancing over her, Buffy could feel herself getting wet with need. She wanted Faith to make her complete, to take her with every tiny bit of love she could detect coming from her.


* * *


“Faith,” Buffy said quietly, as she pushed up into the taller girl, ensuring Faith’s obviously wet centre brushed against her, “if you’re ribs are still hurting you should. . .” She didn’t get the word “stop” out.


Faith was more than ready to worship the body of the girl underneath her. She took the soft flesh of Buffy’s earlobe into her mouth, sucking gently then breathing heated air into her ear, whispering her intentions.


“I feel fine, B. And you feel even better.” Faith’s right hand strayed underneath the girl lying on her front, cupping her small breast.


Buffy moaned for Faith, her slim body reacting to the attention now on her nipple, the captivated fingers teasing it, as Faith began to rub against the blonde girl, spreading her aroused sex over Buffy’s firm ass.  The bed creaked a little as Faith placed more weight down onto Buffy, and she groaned as her breasts tickled over her strong shoulder blades.


“B, you get me so fucking hot.” Faith was breathing heavier, right along with Buffy, as the heat between them intensified. “I wanna touch you. I wanna feel how wet you are. Are ya wet for me, baby?” Faith’s husky voice eased out over Buffy, whilst her fingers strayed down, towards her intimate folds. 


“Faith, God I’m dripping for you.  You’re really turning me on. No ones ever. . .I mean, I’ve never been. . .you know, from behind,” Buffy stammered, feeling her cheeks flush.


Faith groaned, sounding more like she was growling, burning up with Buffy telling her what she just had. She whispered over the short pubic hair with her fingers, and Buffy pushed her tiny ass up into Faith, her eyes closing and lips parting in anticipation.


Faith grinned, the sensation of Buffy bucking up against her, just waiting to be taken by her, was the most erotic thing she had ever experienced. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that she thought of Buffy as untouchable - too prim and proper to enjoy being fucked by another girl - but Buffy was in love with her, so it obviously wasn’t an issue. Could never be.


“Do you want me to touch you from behind, B?” Faith moved her body slightly to the right of the smaller girl, resting more on her side. Leaving room to move her right hand out from under Buffy to place it back on her ass, both of them knowing where they wanted it to go; in between Buffy’s legs.


“Yes. Faith, I want you to make love to me.” Buffy looked deep into Faith’s eyes, trusting her completely.


Faith crushed their lips together, sliding her tongue deep into Buffy‘s mouth, keeping hold of her wrists, and slipping her other hand over the tight round curve of her rear. She continued to kiss the other girl passionately, despite the awkward position, as her hand slid between Buffy’s open thighs.


Buffy arched up into the touch, giving Faith more access to her already drenched pussy. They breathed hard into each other’s mouths, not so much kissing as just breathing into one another, as Faith’s fingers finally reached their destination.


Buffy sighed into Faith’s mouth, spreading her legs further, wanting her girlfriend to explore her fully.


“Damn, Buffy, you’re so wet.” Faith kissed her way to Buffy’s neck, positioning herself a little over the shorter girl underneath her, so she could give her exactly what she wanted.


She slicked her fingers in Buffy’s arousal, gliding the tips of them over the soft lips, teasing them open to flick over the hard little clit throbbing for her to notice it. Faith slowly began to rub circles over Buffy’s sensitive nub, teasing Buffy until she was sighing, soft moans escaping her parted lips.


“Fuck, Faith. It’s so good to have you touching me.” Buffy was rocking against Faith’s fingers, trying to get more friction from the teasing girl.


“I know, baby. I’ve wanted to do this for so fucking long,” Faith confessed, her voice trembling slightly with recognition of just how much she had been waiting for this moment.


Faith nibbled on Buffy’s neck, rubbing a little harder in the wet pussy she was enjoying finally being able to possess. Feeling that Buffy wanted more, needed more, Faith pulled on her hips. “Lift up, B. Get on your knees.”


Buffy obeyed without question, placing her hands on the headboard, leaning forwards on her knees for Faith. She turned her head and watched as the younger girl moved more behind her, also on her knees. Faith got as close as she could to Buffy, sweeping her hand over her back, then replacing her fingers over the soft, dripping cunt on offer to her.


Faith groaned at the sight of Buffy bent over for her, her pink pussy seeping out onto her hand. The delicate flesh of her folds spreading under her touch, inviting her to finger the glistening little nub, causing Buffy to whimper as she stroked over her.


“Oh, Faith. That feels so good.” Buffy gripped the metal of the headboard, breathing hard with Faith’s fingers slipping over her.


“I wanna make you feel even better. I wanna go inside you, B.” Faith looked down at Buffy’s pussy. “You look so fucking sexy. I want in your pussy.” She swirled her fingers up to the enticing entrance, waiting for Buffy to give her the go ahead.


“Oh, please. . .” Faith’s teasing just wasn’t enough, “fuck me, Faith. Put your fingers in me and fuck me.”


Faith smiled, pushing a finger into the tight little hole that was slick with arousal. She slid in as far as she dared, not wanting to push the inexperienced girl too far too soon. Buffy arched her back, throwing her hair to the side as she groaned, encouraging the Faith’s finger to slide deeper up inside her hot center.


Faith buried her finger deep into Buffy, savouring the sensation of being inside her, of touching the other girl as intimately as she could, the soft walls pulling her in. She swirled her finger round inside a little, and Buffy moaned out into the small room, filling the air with her obvious pleasure in both sound and scent.


Her constant moans joined the wet sound of her dripping sex, as Faith began to pull her finger in and out, slowly fucking Buffy. She grew a little more sure about what Buffy could take, so pushed another finger inside her, thrusting in deeper and harder.


With her other hand holding Buffy by the waist, Faith stroked her fingers in and out, speeding up as Buffy rocked back into her, looking sexier than Faith had ever seen her. She was abandoning herself to the intimate touch, voicing her gratification, as she allowed the strong Slayer to take her.


Faith was moaning herself, as she slammed harder into Buffy, filling her tight hole with her fingers. Spilling the warm liquid of Buffy’s arousal over her hand. Drowning in the sensation of being deep inside her and giving her obvious pleasure, as she began to call Faith’s name out, ignoring the fact that anybody passing the door would hear.


“Faith. Oh, Faith. You’re so good,” Buffy moaned, finding it hard to keep her grip on the headboard.


Faith, hearing her name called out so sexily from Buffy’s lips, pushed harder into her, fucking her soaked cunt as it stretched for her and swallowed her fingers. The bed was creaking, headboard beginning to bounce off the stark pale blue of the wall. Neither girl seemed to care however, too wrapped up in the enveloping aroma of sex and the sounds coming from both of them, losing track of anything but each other.


Faith slid her other hand round to Buffy’s pussy, slipping it between the slick folds, searching out her clit with her fingers as she rocked against her. Buffy began to shake with the stroking of her sensitive clit and the teasing of her G spot deep inside, and Faith could tell she was close.


She didn’t want it to end so soon though. Faith wanted to stay buried, knuckle deep in Buffy for as long as she could. Faith removed her fingers from Buffy’s clit, sliding them up to her swaying breasts, where she fingered her nipples, spreading Buffy’s arousal on them, knowing she would flip her over as soon as Buffy had climaxed, to suck the nipples and the glistening fluid into her mouth. 


She wanted to taste the blonde girl, like nothing she‘d wanted before. She was sure she would get to that soon enough, so she continued to fuck her with her fingers, filling the tight space inside. Spreading the less experienced girl open, and sending shivers through her with every thrust.


“Oh fuck. Faith, make me come. Please. I need you to. . .oh, baby,” Buffy groaned.


Faith was defeated; she couldn’t tease Buffy any longer with her swirling fingers. She fucked Buffy as fast as she could, as the blonde Slayer pushed back into her, practically screaming into the warm afternoon.


Her other hand found its way back to Buffy’s saturated cunt, finding her clit swollen and needy against her fingers. She rubbed over it fast and hard, feeling the pulsing begin around her fingers inside, as Buffy whimpered and called out for her.


“I’m right here, baby. Come for me.” Faith pushed deep up inside Buffy’s dripping hole, sending the older girl crashing over the edge, soaking her hand with the thick come pouring from her.


“Faith. Oh. Fuck,” Buffy called and collapsed onto the bed, Faith following. “Don’t stop, Faith.”


Faith had no intention of stopping, through the convulsions of Buffy’s orgasm, she could feel her coming again. Pressing her body up against the shaking girl, feeling much needed friction on her own clit from the round ass she was hard up against, Faith rammed her fingers into Buffy, adding a third in the abundance of come. She snaked her other hand out from under them, moving it up to entwine her fingers with Buffy’s.


She pounded the small Slayer’s tight pussy hole, sweat slicking them as they both swelled to the heights of passion, soaring with each other on a wave of pleasure both had been waiting to give to one another for far too long.


Faith could feel herself close to joining Buffy in her haze of ecstasy, caught up in the heady cries of the other girl, and her own arousal soaked pussy rubbing up against the firm ass below her. The wall was practically shaking from the constant thumping of the headboard, and the load exhalations of lust and fulfilment escaping the chosen two. They didn’t notice, too wrapped up in their need, and their love.


“Oh, Buffy. Buffy. . .I’m coming, B,” Faith practically yelled.


They were both panting in unison, together in their pleasure.


Faith’s heart was pounding against Buffy, sending even more shivers through Buffy’s highly aroused body. She had never felt so completely taken in her life. But far from scare her, it was driving her crazy, because Faith was the only one she wanted to feel that with. The only one she was willing to completely lose herself to.


“Faith, I. . .I love you,” Buffy cried as she shuddered, swept up into a blinding orgasm, with Faith coming all over her ass.


“Oh yeah. Fuck, B,” Faith panted, slamming her fingers into Buffy, gushing come all over them both; Buffy’s and her own. Faith held tight to the girl she loved, riding out the tremors with her in the tangle of their come soaked sheets, their sweat, their love and their hearts.


The thumping of chests and ragged quivers of exhausted breathing slowly faded in the still air around them. Faith didn’t want to move. Her fingers were still inside Buffy, soaked in her sticky fluids, feeling the last convulsions of her pussy ebb away, and she was far too comfortable, fitting perfectly into the dips and hollows of Buffy’s back.


She didn’t want to cause Buffy any discomfort with her weight however, so she began to raise herself, only to be stopped by her girlfriend.


“You don’t have to move, Faith. I like this too.” Buffy had sensed that Faith didn’t really want to detach herself from her.


She wasn’t over keen on Faith moving anywhere either. The unmistakable feeling of Faith’s sticky fluids dripping out of her cunt and onto her backside was well worth getting a little squashed for.


Faith kissed the salt slicked shoulder underneath her, and settled back down, resting just a little of her weight to the side so she wasn’t smothering the smaller girl. She slowly removed her fingers from the warm confines of Buffy’s tight hole, sliding them out and receiving a soft moan.


“That was pretty fucking awesome, B. Thank you for letting me do that,” Faith whispered into an adorable little ear, resting her head down between strong shoulder blades.


She felt Buffy chuckle a little under her. “Faith, I didn’t just let you do that, I wanted to. So thank you. It was, well, I think you heard. . .maybe along with the rest of LA,” Buffy said softly, squeezing the powerful hand within her grasp.


Both girls chuckled a little this time at how loud they had been, not worrying just yet about what anybody else would think. They were too wrapped up in each other. Too lost in touches and sensations that slipped around them, holding them together in the fullness of their desire for one another to worry about anything outside the door to their little haven.


As the sun rose higher in the clear blue sky outside, both Slayers breathed in deep the scent around them, emanating from them both, sending them both into a happy refuge of satisfied sleep. Embracing Buffy, Faith relaxed to the beat of their hearts, signalling their unquestioning devotion to the bond between them.


Faith had never felt so full, so high on life, so completely overwhelmed by emotion. And as Buffy tiptoed into the realm of sleep, she realised it was a good feeling, and one she never wanted to risk, or have taken from her. She had found her anchor. And it was the cutest, most adorable little anchor she could ever have hoped to find.


Smiling to herself, Faith joined Buffy in her dreams, unfettering them both from the darkness they knew lurked in the real world. The world that was ready and waiting for them to rise and face it, together.


The prospect wasn’t so intimidating. With strong hands clasped, keeping each other safe, nothing was going to dare to test the bond for its strength. Because the strength was obvious. . .and always had been. 



Part Seventeen

Someone Had Fun


Buffy inhaled deeply, the warm scent of her counterpart washing over her as she slowly opened her eyes, wondering what it was that had woken her. Faith was laying on her side now, arms wrapped around the smaller Slayer, their bodies close. Buffy was also on her side and snuggled into Faith’s cleavage, her legs linked around her.


It was incredibly intimate and affirming, being naked and pressed close together, like they were both making sure the other was safe. Buffy smiled, feeling the tickle of the Faith’s skin against her cheek, refusing to think that their intimacy could in any way be called wrong, or unnatural, or whatever it was that some people would say.


She didn’t care. As long as she could be this close to Faith and feel happier than she could ever remember feeling, then she was prepared for anything, except the soft knock on the door to their room. Buffy closed her eyes tight and buried her head further into the soft pillow of Faith’s breasts, wishing for the perpetrator of the incessant knocking to go away.


“Come in already.” Faith lifted her head from the pillow, calling out sleepily on instinct.


“Faith, what are you, crazy?” Buffy tugged as much of the sheet up around them both as the door opened. “Why would you do that?” she whined.


Faith just grinned, recalling again just how much of a prude the blonde girl could be. She didn’t care if somebody caught them both wrapped in each other under the sheets, but obviously Buffy did. She just hoped there wasn’t a deeper meaning behind Buffy’s discomfort.


“Hey, I thought you should. . .oh, you’re. . .sorry, I didn’t know,” Willow stuttered as she entered the room, blushing furiously at the embracing girls.


She was about to turn and leave, thinking maybe she had stumbled in at the wrong moment, but Faith stopped her.


“Red, it’s ok. You just woke us up,” Faith pointed out, as Buffy continued to look unsettled. “Is everything ok?”


Willow tried her best not to look directly at the comfortable pair. Well, Faith certainly seemed comfortable, but Buffy looked a little stressed. “Everything’s fine. Giles just wanted me to tell you that we’re almost ready to go. So, I’ll go and tell him you’re both awake, again.” She smiled nervously and left the room, Faith sniggering in the background. 


Willow hadn’t quite expected to see the two girls all snuggled up together. From what she knew of Faith, she wasn’t that kind of girl. But then, she had been sure that Buffy wasn’t the type of girl to be having sex so loud, when people were right next door and able to hear everything. Not to mention the clatter of the headboard against the wall. Willow’s cheeks flamed red as she made her way downstairs to tell Giles that the Slayers would – hopefully - be joining them soon.


“Faith, you shouldn’t have just told her to come in.” Buffy playfully smacked the younger girl on the arm still firmly attached to her hip.


“Hey, if you’re gonna start with the kinky stuff, try spanking my ass instead, it’s far more effective.” Faith winked at the distressed girl.


“I might just do that.” Buffy winked back, not as distressed as she had initially been, standing in order to find her clothes.


The sight of a naked, supposedly prudish Buffy casually disentangling herself and standing by the bed, caught Faith’s attention. Apparently, Buffy was less worried about being naked in front of her now, which Faith was immensely grateful for.


She watched as the diminutive blonde padded across the plush carpet to the foot of the bed, her slim body glowing in the light creeping through the heavy curtains. She looked like a dream to Faith. A fantasy that had swept its way into the room, to snake its way around her, enticing her, calling for her.


Faith shot towards Buffy, too quick for her to react. She grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down on top of her, instantly wrapping her legs around Buffy’s smaller frame so she couldn’t wriggle away.


“Hey!” Buffy gasped, about to protest at being man-handled, until she realised just where she was lying; in between Faith’s legs. “Ya know, you only had to ask if you wanted me here.” She looked down, indicating their position as she leant on her elbows, her blonde hair falling into Faith’s eyes.


“That woulda been less fun. But I definitely want you here.” Faith pushed up a little with her pelvis, bringing their nude bodies together in more of a sexual way.


“Yeah?” Buffy smiled her cute little half smile as she pushed back into Faith.


“Yeah.” Faith slid her hands into Buffy’s hair, pulling her down so their lips were meeting.


She overwhelmed Buffy with the kiss. It was open and ravenous, leaving no doubt in her mind that Faith liked her sprawled between her strong thighs. Buffy had to admit it was a pretty fucking great place to be.


She could feel the heat passing between them. The heat and also the moisture of their recent lovemaking, and the new arousal that they were instilling in each other. Buffy groaned a little as she slid against the Slayer below her, their pussies sloppily kissing hungrily just as much as their mouths.


“Faith, we have to. . .get up.” Buffy spoke through the kisses she placed over Faith’s jaw.


“Hell, yeah.” Faith smirked, flipping Buffy over onto her back, straddling her as she bent forward to capture her lips again.


She felt the girl beneath her react to the pressure she was causing, right where she was saturated with her desire. Faith hungrily devoured Buffy’s lips with her own, smiling against them as she whimpered. It was so easy to get lost in the feeling pulsing between them. Faith wanted to get lost in it. She had been wanting it for so long now, she really didn’t think stopping was a good option. But Buffy was pushing her back slightly.


“Faith, baby. . .we have to get up. And I don’t mean in a sexual way. I mean, we have to go downstairs.” She smiled up at Faith’s disgruntled look.


“Yeah, but you’re so fucking. . .ungh,” Faith grunted lewdly, sliding her body against Buffy’s in an animalistic way.


Buffy almost forgot about anything other than just allowing Faith to ravage her. She had experienced something pretty soft and gentle with Faith thus far, and now she was hungry for a little more passion and heat. She knew, once they were more used to each other, they would be explosive together, but they had to go. As much as she wanted to stay and let Faith slide all over her, getting her hot and wet, her pussy claiming her with its scent, Buffy knew the others would be waiting for them.


“I want to continue this, Faith, believe me, but we really have to get going.” Faith pouted at Buffy’s words. It was adorable, and sexy at the same time. “Jesus, stop doing that, you’re making it harder.”


Faith grinned her wicked little horny devil grin. “What. . .I’m getting your little clit all hard for me? Guess I should do something about that.” Faith nuzzled Buffy’s neck as she began to slip her hand in between them, directing it to Buffy’s moist pussy lips.


“God, there’s nothing I want more right now, Faith, but. . .” Buffy took hold of Faith’s hand and kissed it gently, sitting up so the younger girl had no option but to dismount her. “It would be better if we did it at home.” She slipped off the bed, wrapping the sheet around her as she made her way into the bathroom, leaving an exasperated Slayer behind on the bed.


“Hey. . .did ya have to take the sheet? I like watching you parade around naked,” Faith called to Buffy’s retreating backside.


Faith smiled - all dimples and sexy, tussled morning hair - as Buffy stuck her tongue out at her girlfriend before closing the bathroom door behind her.


* * *


The two Slayers eventually made their way out of their room, leaving behind a mess of sheets and towels, and a distinct aroma of sex in the air. They had managed to keep their hands off one another long enough to get dressed, both girls grateful for the lending of some clean clothes by Cordelia.


They kissed outside the door before heading down to face the group, their lips brushing softly against one another, tasting the fullness, the sweet promise of more to come. Faith placed her hands delicately on Buffy’s face, deepening their kiss, holding her there to be shown just how much she loved her and wanted their relationship to be so much more than just sex, or even a fling of some sort.


Buffy closed her eyes at the tenderness Faith was capable of. She felt her heart swell. The events of their short time in Angel’s hotel rushing through her, lifting her even higher with the feeling of contentment Faith was instilling in her.


Faith pulled away eventually, when she felt her body tuning up again for another roll with a very naked, cute little blonde. She allowed her hands to fall to Buffy’s shoulders, waiting for her to open her green eyes so she could fall right into them.


There was no doubt that Faith was being more gentle with Buffy than she had ever imagined she could be with anybody. She couldn’t help herself, though. Buffy deserved it all. Her complete tenderness, and soon. . .the unrivalled carnal joining that she was sure would be their next experience. The thought sent shivers through Faith, and Buffy looked up at her.


“I felt that,” Buffy said softly as she smiled, lifting her hand to trace her thumb over one of Faith’s dimples. “What you just felt.”


“Yeah? What did it feel like?” Faith turned her head and kissed the other girl’s palm before taking the hand in her own.


“It felt. . .you just thought of something that turned you on.” Buffy couldn’t really describe it, but it had felt like their Slayer connection was now giving away more than just one another’s presence. “It kinda tingled.” She blushed a little without knowing exactly why, considering what they had shared.


Faith bent her head to whisper into Buffy’s ear. “I just thought about you and me getting all hot and sweaty, and how much I wanna. . .” Faith snuck out her tongue, licking the gentle curve of Buffy’s ear, “. . .taste you.”


This time it was Buffy who felt her insides shiver, and Faith’s eyes grew dark as she breathed heavily, kissing her way back to the blonde girl’s lips.


“Fuck, that’s pretty weird. But fucking hot.” Faith had felt the increase in their bond too.


They kissed more passionately, entwining fingers into cascading tresses, arms around slim waists, tuning everything out. Lost to one another, until Xander made his presence known by loudly clearing his throat.  


“Sorry, just passing. Carry on.” He smirked as he passed, pretending to hide behind his hand, but obviously waiting for the two attractive girls to continue what they had been indulging in.


Buffy pulled away from Faith, looking sheepish and like she had been caught taking the last cookie from the jar. Even though she knew everybody there was aware of their burgeoning relationship, she still felt a little awkward. It wasn’t everyday she suddenly started kissing girls, and touching them and. . .images of Faith, naked and wet beneath her, her fingers playing in the tempting folds of the brunette’s pussy as she made her way down her body to taste the flow of arousal clouded her mind, and Faith raised an eyebrow.


“Whatever you were just thinking, princess, tell me about it later. Or better yet, show me, ‘cause you just got me so fucking wet with what I felt from ya,” she whispered huskily into Buffy’s ear as Xander slowly descended the stairs ahead of them.


Buffy smiled and kissed Faith on the end of her nose. “I promise I’ll show you later, now come on.” Leading the way down into the lobby, Buffy practically skipped ahead.


Faith just shook her head, taking a deep breath to ensure she would make it down the stairs without grabbing hold of Buffy and taking her right then and there, against the wall, not caring if everyone watched her do it. 


“Ah, good to see you both err, finally up. How are you, Faith?” Giles asked, not quite looking the young Slayer in the eye as he fingered his glasses.


“Feeling great, G.” She grinned and stood next to Buffy by the big desk.


“Yeah, I betcha are,” Xander sniggered.


“What was that? Did you just squeak there or something?” Faith shot him a pretend death glare, although it was still pretty effective.


“Nope, not me. but err, I hear Buffy is pretty good at the squeaking. Or was that the bed?” he chuckled and grinned inanely, earning himself a slap round the head from Willow.


Both Slayers instantaneously got what he was inferring to. Buffy blushed furiously, but Faith felt nothing but pride. At least they’d all know just how serious things were between them, as Buffy just wasn’t the type to go around having sex with anybody.


“Just ignore him, he hasn’t had his favourite cereal today, so he’s playing up,” Willow explained, blushing almost as much as Buffy before a little smirk appeared. “Of course, it probably didn’t help to have two horny Slayers going at it when he was trying to sleep. Like all of us.” Willow was a little shocked at her own words, so sat down on the couch, promising herself not to say anything more.


“Oh God. You all heard?” Buffy asked, embarrassed to say the least; she didn’t like the idea of her private life being anything less than private. But then, it had been worth it.


“Yes well, um, I called the Council not so long ago and have been assured that there will be nobody lying in wait for us back in Sunnydale. I’ll explain all in the car. Anyway, I think we should get ready to leave now. That would be best,” Giles said quickly, pushing his glasses further onto his nose, and biting his tongue. He didn’t bite it hard enough however, and his playful side came out at the sight of a mortified Buffy. “Or at least better than listening to a headboard banging against a wall, when you really would prefer not to know what’s going on behind the door.” He hid his small smile, and turned to collect the few things they had brought.


“Well, what can I say, she digs me and we were just doing what comes naturally,” Faith said confidently, wiggling her eyebrows and flashing her bright teeth in the wide smile now adorning her features. There was no way she was going to feel bad for making love to her girl.


“Faith!” Buffy lightly backhanded Faith in the stomach and avoided eye contact with everybody.


“Hey, it’s fine by me if ya wanna get jiggy with each other. As long as I’m around to hear it, or better still, see it. . .” Xander said and wiggled his eyebrows just as vigorously as Faith had, “then it’s cool.” He quickly turned to follow Giles out to the car before Buffy could do something nasty to him, like tear his leg off and make him play fetch with it.


Willow followed suit, keeping her mouth firmly closed and her eyes to the ground. She was busy trying her best to forget just exactly what she had heard through the thin wall of the hotel. It was going to give her dreams. No, not dreams! She meant nightmares most definitely.


“I can’t believe everyone heard.” Buffy placed a hand over her eyes, recalling how loudly she had asked Faith to fuck her, and how distinctly she had called out as she had come.


“Yep, everyone did hear,” Angel confirmed as he stepped forward from the shadows, like he had been hiding there, just waiting for his moment to pounce.


Faith instantly felt creeped out by him, and jealously protective of her girlfriend. She put an arm around Buffy, looking the big guy right in the eye. She didn’t want him to make Buffy feel any worse than she did at being caught having sex.


“Yeah, well, that’ll happen when two people get together naked and wanna fuck,” Faith crudely stated, gaining an unhappy noise from Buffy.


“Faith, I’ll be out in a minute.” Buffy gestured for the other Slayer to make her way out to the car, not wanting to deal with the amount of jealous tension in the air. “Save me a seat next to you.” She threw that in with a sweet smile, to reassure her girl that she was still very much the only one for her.


“Ok, don’t be long. . .girlfriend.” Faith made sure Angel knew exactly what that meant, then headed outside with the others.


“I guess I’m going now. Sorry if I, we, made you feel bad,” Buffy said, not sure what to say to her ex that she hadn’t already. “I’ll call you.” Buffy moved forward and lightly hugged the brooding Vampire.


He looked down at her, knowing he was still in her heart somewhere, but also knowing that Faith meant the world to her. He couldn’t really feel bad about that, because Buffy deserved to be loved completely, like he could never promise with his curse holding him prisoner.


“You’d better go. Take care, Buffy.” He watched as she turned to leave. “Just remember, I’m always here for you, and I’ll always love you.” He wanted her to know. He wanted to make sure she knew that if anything went wrong between her and Faith that he would always be waiting.


“I know, Angel,” she said, smiling softly at him. “Bye.” Buffy walked out into the evening sunshine, feeling the ties of her old life falling away to leave her feeling free and ready to face the world, demons and all, with her true love, her heart. . .her Faith.



The End.




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